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A couple of factual errors in your report:

1) DSpace and Fedora didn't merge into one project. They are still separate projects under the umbrella management of DuraSpace, which now also includes VIVO, another community source project. 
2) Community source projects don't by default use waterfall. In fact, two projects I have been on leadership for both used Agile: Fedora and Kuali OLE. 

The fact of the matter is that software development at any scale is hard to sustain, let alone at enterprise scale. And within the higher education sphere, resources - particularly cash - is becoming scarce. Community sourcing is as much risk-sharing methodology as it is project management methodology, so I think it is a bit inaccurate to lump the idea that Kuali's change in direction for sustainability means community source is dead. At least I don't see Kickstarter throwing in the towel on its focus on community source.  Because at the base level, isn't that similar to the description of Kuali members - most of them giving some amount of money into a project to seed it?  The difference is sustainability - and that isn't necessarily a project management issue or software design. Sometimes it's more about economics and/or the mistiming / mismatching of priorities of the community. 

Writing a one-pager on the #KualiOLE development cycle while listening to @ingridmichaelson. I wonder how many of the lyrics will make it into the paper...

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This article has given me significant pause. I really am blissfully unaware of what effects my consumerism has globally. That makes me feel sad.

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This is awesome. +1 for references to Dan Brown and Words with Friends.
Giggled despite myself. +1 for Kimbo Slice reference.

I like the idea of G-Talk working with Google+, but it's clogged my list of people I chat with everyday. I created Circles for a reason.

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I spit up laughing when he said "Jesus is trending right now". LOL :-)

Catching up on 6 weeks of email takes a very long time... and is also quite embarrassing when I need to send a reply.

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A fantastic editorial on the legacy of Steve Jobs, and not just as a technology guru. Best line: "...good ideas know no rank."

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The video is hilarious, and represents pretty accurately what the campaign seasons turn out to be.

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My wife's sister thinks my wife is a superhero, and shares why here. I certainly agree.
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