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Pet peeve of the day:

Searching for a fix on google and top 10 answers are youtube instructional videos.
I cannot cut and paste from a you-tube video and I don't want to listen to somebody drone on before getting to the point. There are better formats for sharing this sort of information than a video.
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There are better formats for you. Some people dig instructional videos.
For some things (visual, hands on) they make sense, especially for long and complicated tasks (I've used some for complicated tasks in software like blender or how to do lost wax casting - stuff like that). For short, simple tasks, it's more hassle than it's worth.
 A block of text can be read as and when you need it, copied and pasted in to a window and read alongside - it's portable, semantically useful information. An instructional video showing you how to play a particular song on a guitar (of which there are many) is too much information in an inappropriate format - tabulature is as simple as possible and is easy to print out or view on the screen.

A video (like a phone call) intrudes and demands your attention rather than just giving you the information.  You can't use it, you have to sit still and absorb it.

But as +Michael Richter Said ''. Problem solved.
Yea, all of that is your personal opinion. But as you said, it's an easy problem to solve.
Google search seems to be getting less and less useful. Now with the inclusion of social BS it's getting even worse. I dunno, I find Bing insufferable.
I'll have to give it a shot. Google still finds what I want it to usually I just have to wade through to much BS.
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