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Tim Lai
Author of the webcomic Lemon Inc. A hip and swanky guy.
Author of the webcomic Lemon Inc. A hip and swanky guy.

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This is Vyvy’s Story: vyvydoan: Pink Lemonade (Line-Work) Original || VyVy Doan Had to come up with an image for one of my classes in my program (ILU404 for “Independent Illustration” at Seneca) in an hour or so, and I decided to use the C.A.N. again. He seems to be my default idea whenever I’m in trouble, but to add that extra “umph” of conceptual idea, I ended up personifying him as me (boobs and all). The characters beside him are symbolized versions of the two most influential people in my life right now. What do the symbols mean? It’s not a complex idea, but the reason I won’t reveal it is because you’re not supposed to get it. Sure, you can try to make sense of it, as I already have since it’s my story and concept, but that doesn’t change the fact that the story itself, everything from the problem to the plot to the characters, made very little sense to begin with. So the idea behind the image is that no matter how I tell the same story, it’ll never make real sense. It has and will always be on the borderline of “WTF HAPPENED?” #ourstoryseneca

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Do people still use Google+? Should I be using Google+?

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Thoughts on motivation and writer's block to wrap up the year: … 
Please read and share. Thanks!

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Following our first contributor meeting we have decided on the theme, deadline for submissions, and tentative release date for the second issue of The Seneca Collective.

Given that the next issue will be released at the beginning of the new year we decided that the theme for the next issue of The Seneca Collective should be "NEW BEGINNINGS".  You may interpret this theme in any way which you would like whether it involves the new year, a new rivalry, a new romance, a new semester at Seneca or even a new issue of the zine itself! Remember, the theme is only there to provide inspiration. Feel free to ignore the theme altogether. If you’d like to get an idea of the type of content that we publish in the zine then take a look at the first issue. Keep in mind that we’re open to and actively encouraging people to submit new types of content!
The deadline for submissions is DECEMBER 23RD, since we don’t want anyone to be working on stuff over Christmas if you celebrate that. This still gives you a week after winter holidays start at Seneca to work on your submissions. The tentative release date for the second issue is January 6th 2014, although this is subject to change.

Here’s what you need to know to submit:

Submissions are only open to those who are currently attending or have previously attended Seneca college!

Submissions will be printed as BLACK/WHITE/GRAYSCALE because colour printing is insanely expensive! Please keep this in mind for your submissions! In some instances we may accept submissions with VERY LIMITED colour. Please consult us about this.

Submissions must fit within a 5.5” by 8.5” page (double paged spreads are allowed, just make it 8.5” by 11”).

Submissions must be submitted as high res JPEGs or TIFFs and be AT LEAST 300 DPI; 600 DPI is preferred.

When you submit any sort of submission, we’d love it if you include a little doodled self-portrait for the contributors page. Grayscale photos are also acceptable for the contributors page.


Please try and avoid all copyrighted media! We’d really like to not get sued! Any copyrighted media included in submissions will be denied. This does NOT include fanart. You can submit that. Just don’t submit other people’s work.

E-mail all submissions to SenecaCollectiveZine(at)gmail(dot)com, or use the submission form.

Each contributor will receive some copies of the zine to distribute however they’d like! We’ll have to be able to give it to you at the school, however; we will not be sending out copies in the mail, as that’s rather expensive. If you cannot receive your copy for whatever reason, we’re also putting together PDF versions of the zine, so we can e-mail you one!

We want to get as many submissions for this issue as possible so please help us get the word out by reblogging this on Tumblr, retweeting our posts on Twitter and telling everyone you know in Seneca’s visual arts programs about us.

-Amanda Sandland, Tim Lai & Armin Karimloo, Editors

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The Seneca Independent Illustration students are holding their grad show from December 12th to December 19th at Gallery 1313 in Toronto. Opening night is on the 13th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Come and enjoy art and refreshments! While I am only in the Art Fundamentals program at Seneca College for the moment, my brother will be among the graduating artists. For more information on all the artists and the event see the website: You can RSVP here: Please share this with anyone and everyone you know.

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Added photos to The Independently Together Art Exhibit Opening Night.

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The Seneca Independent Illustration students are holding their grad show from December 12th to December19th at Gallery 1313 in Toronto. Opening night is on the 13th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Come and enjoy art and refreshments! For more information on the artists and the show visit the website:

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I totally forgot to post this here. Although I also kind of forgot that Google+ was a thing for a while. This video with an interview I did at ConBrovo has been posted online. Other artists who are also interviewed in it include +Adriana Blake, +Andrew Gregoire and Stephen Daymond. I win the award for "most awkward interview" and "most ridiculous hair". Fortunately their editing made my interview somewhat less awkward.

Con Men's Artist Alley: ConBravo 2012
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