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My on-going quest to find the "perfect" RPG for The Tuesday Knights...
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I have no idea if you've tried it, but Wild Talents is a solid supers game, IMO.

It's extremely flexible, if a bit heavy during chargen, works quickly and smoothly in play, and it's VERY easy to tailor the speed of character advancement. Since it's a level free system, it's merely a matter of increasing XP gain to get an equal increase in player advancement.

You can equally easily shift starting power level by shifting how many points people start with.
+Tim Knight well, since I wrote it and it's only been out since last November, it's not surprising you haven't heard of it :D
+Joshua Macy cool! More reason to check it out when I get back on my PC this evening. And I'll know where to come if I have any questions 😉
+Joshua Macy Wow - 287-pages, not exactly "rules-lite". Shame there isn't a print copy available to make it an easier read (and Lulu wouldn't allow me to print it up as it was 'password encoded').

Love the pdf character sheet, though. That's a pitch-perfect design in my view; really says "comic book". Very nice!
+Tim Knight Well, it's not 287 pages of rules. I guess the password-encoded thing is something RPGNow does. I can give you a copy that doesn't include the watermarking, if you like. The character sheet was donated by a kind reader.
+Joshua Macy that would be amazing, thank you (my old eyes just can't cope with reading long documents on a PC screen).
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