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Tim Kirk
I believe in heroes.
I believe in heroes.

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Continuing to work on Hearts & Souls 2E, moving slowly forward. Health hasn't been great mentally so it slowed me down. However, I refuse to let it stop me completely.
Trying to find a way to fix a few outlier problems that I never considered in 1E (1E didn't have this problem, but it keeps stress too low to give the tug of war effect I want between player, success, drive, and relationships.)

Although, an example playtest run by a friend showed it may not a "problem" per se, just my struggle to keep it simple that it is hitting, and making me second guess myself.

Although I think it will be fun (in the playtest) to have my characters ex-wife take stress from my actions, and want to hire assassins to kill me, not everyone thinks of ways to use stress to make the game more interesting in the long run.

Still. I love the effect, if I can just scrape off the rough spot.

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Me rambling about game stuff.

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Thought I'd share, Green Ronin is looking for female dark fantasy author(s).
Since I don't fit the important criteria (being or identifying as female), it isn't a job for me, but I want to spread it wide for those who DO fit their criteria.

Rock on and make something awesome!

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Sorry to all and asundry. I've not been active here much. Part of it was the worry with various life issues (which you may know about.) Part of it was just depression issues, as well as finally getting actual sleep schedule of sorts.

It means I have less free time in some ways. Yet more focus, still moving (slowly) forward on H&S, I need to do a streamlining pass and pull out some inappropriate artifacts I thought made sense from playtesting but feedback (recent) encourages me to simplify them away.

I've been re-reading the "Wearing the Cape" series again, while the first book has some issues, its a rather interesting take on "single origin point, multiple outcomes." As well as later books improving mostly. The Fate powered (but very specialized version of Fate) funded, which is why the re-read.

What's your favorite narrative fiction of supers (Mine is still the D-List Supervillain series, but it doesn't have an RPG and I wanted to bring that up.)

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I consider "pulp" superhero enough to share here. Feel free to do the same.

Two-Fisted Tales Revised Edition Softcover + PDF marked down to $17.95 (+S/H).

I am so behind on everything, I think I'm being lapped by clothes.

Slowly hammering forward.

I am still about, just got so much going on (life circumstances, illness, trying to get writing done.) I've not had much time to do much but whine on facebook. Heh.

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