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This makes my inner 8-year-old very happy.

#starwars #ateam
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reminds me when a girl asked if I wanted a free kitten and I said "No thanks, I'm full."
Sounds more like he has a conjoined twin inside him to me. Kuato lives!
That is just EPIC! Very well done!
I had a little more hope for this...meh
Little ceasear pizza forestville
wat about pizza? I WANT SOME! lololololol
Would have been better than any of the sequels
i don't like star wars THAT much. i've seen parodies, thought
your inner 8 year old? you have to be a child to enjoy star wars?
not really a star wars fan,but i could get into it
AMAZING!! I hope someone edits the 3 movies down to 45 mins and makes an episode!
no, u could b a person who found some old star wars tapes in the closet
it still would have been killed off by lucas's greed for merchandising and the need to knock out a prequel script as quickly as possible.. perhaps we should tell the Arab world that G Lucas has Mohammed starring in the next movie so we can sit back and laugh whilst they put a price on his head
The Han Solo P.I. link (above) is also AMAZING!
Ron C
This makes me very happy! Awesome!
Ou Ija
+1 A-Wing Team
Include R2 in there that's the only way C3P0 is going to be included on the A-Team
The explotion at the beginning reminds me of McGyver lol
kool nice to know
but you know what is wierd same thing to me
Very good and like you said my inner always love to see and more
Wow. So awesome for a child of the 80s!
Waiting for the Airwolf version ;)
I guess a battlestar galactia version woule cause some sort of recursive error when they got to Starbuck
This is so well done. Perfect scene selection. Genius.
i supposed that it was a joke! to have much alien on earth....
Holy crap. This is by far the most popular thing I've posted to my feed (which is not surprising; it's fricking awesome). The one thing that sucks is that I can't find any way to contact the YouTube author of the video. I guess the best thing I can do is to ask that people subscribe. They have a bunch of other awesome videos, too.
Eating a kid. Is an old BLOOM COUNTY cartoon joke. 
Needs Hannibal and OB1. Also where is Decker can be the guy on Death Star.
I had my doubts when I saw the title, but that rocked. Nice job!
Brilliantly crazy! Love it :-)
wats an a wing team?
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