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Apple ][ - Sabotage
One of the earliest games for the Apple ][ that I remember playing by myself was the game of Sabotage . After a fair bit of training, I loaded the 5 1/4" floppies into the machine and turned it on, listing to the clunking of the drive heads in the floppy di...

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Arcade - Moon Patrol
On of my all time favorite games is the arcade masterpiece Moon Patrol . Moon Patrol brought together good music, interactive game-play with multiple areas of focus, and driving a moon buggy.  A six wheeled moon buggy with loaded guns! There were two main a...

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Arcade - Joust
One of the best two player games of the golden age of the arcade was the game of Joust . Joust put the player (or players) against wave after wave of flying knights armed with lances. The players rode an flying ostrich or a flying emu. The computer players ...

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Apple ][ - Castle Wolfenstein & Beyond Castle Wolfenstein
In the History of video games, Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein , marked the first time I remember of a computer making somewhat analog voices. We used to play the games on the Apple II, and the shouting of the guards over those apple speake...

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Ding! 40!
It happened!  I have chalked up 40 trips around the Sun. It's been interesting so far! It will be exciting to see what lies ahead.

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Atari 2600 - Missile Command
Early arcade games had different genres of input methods. The arcade version of Missile Command used a giant trackball to move around your cursor, which would direct and range the flak cannon anti-ballistic missiles. In the game Missile Command , the player...

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Apple ][ - Your Tour of the Apple IIGS
One of the first mouse based games that I got to experience was the very appropriately titled, Your Tour of the Apple IIGS . This introduction/game was designed to usher the user into the era of graphical based computing. The tour was essentially and introd...

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Atari 2600 - Bezerk
Battle against the robots in some distant future! Bezerk , for the Atari 2600 was a bit of a nightmare scenario, where the player is stuck in a maze battling robots, and being chased by an invincible bouncing smiley face robot. There were different versions...

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Atari 2600 - Pitfall!
Pitfall!  The game that took Atari's everywhere by storm. The must have console game of  1982! Pitfall was a one player game that had you tromp-sing through the jungle, finding gold bars and swinging from vines. You could match your reflexes against snakes,...

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Atari 2600 - Combat
Possibly my favorite game for the Atari 2600 was Combat .  A two player competitive game.  You could compete against you component with tanks. There were more options as well, such as: tanks with barricades, tanks with more barricades, tanks with bouncing b...
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