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So how to you awaken your team?  do you make it uneventful and calm or do you almost kill a player by awakening them in chaos and danger?

I have awakened teams in the bolthole with all systems failing and the nitrogen not purged, their very first act is to make it to the purge valve before they lose consciousness in total darkness and with only what is in the freeze tube.   I have also let them feel as if everything was calm but as soon as they initiate the launch sequence to open the bolt hole it floods with water.

I have also went the other way,  Morrow project administration mess-up,  a recon team waking up with an unexpected new team member who has a Hamm suit and a 20mm rifle.  Or awakened instead not to a bolt hole, but to a regional response center with other teams not yet awakened or some already gone giving them a permanent base as it is being ran on geothermal and not a reactor.

I typically use an awakening that matches and sets the tone of the whole adventure.   One time I actually had the team awaken to everyone in their MARS unit dead except for the remaining 3 the bolt hole was compromised decades before by a natural disaster and it is the middle of a raging winter storm in the furthest north reaches of Minnesota. (the team was never told what they were assigned to except they were special forces security detail)

Note, my teams all have a small bag in their freeze tube with them the following.

Kit includes
1 US survival AR-7 .22 survival rifle with 2-8 round magazines.
1 very Short range micro survival radio, range 8 kms. One channel only
1 space blanket, OD on one side, silver on other
1 Light weight OD rain poncho
2 Large heavy duty trash bags
1 Water filter straw
2, 1 gallon heavy duty Ziplock bags
1  Naglene bottle with stainless cup nested on bottom. (smaller stuff in the kit is packed inside this bottle)
10 iodine water tablets
1 Magnesium Flinter
1 Set KFS (Knife, Fork, Spoon)
1 large Folding pocket knife
1 very small Knife sharpening stone
20 m of OD para cord formed into a belt.
1 small waterproof notepad and pencil
1 Signal whistle
1  small LED flashlight
1 Folded local map
1 Compass
2 3600 calorie Emergency food bars.
4 bandaids
2 blood clotters
1 epi-pen
1 ace bandage
10 butterfly closures
1 6 oz bottle of gel alcohol (hand sanitizer)
4 doses anti dierreaha
4 doses painkiller
7 doses of high potency antibiotic (1 complete treatment)
1 pack of 6 tongue dissolving energy strips (each equal to a can of red bull)
4 pieces of hard candy (300 calories each)
6 feet of OD duct tape wrapped in a flat pack
30 feet fishing line with 4 lead sinkers,1 bobber and 2 small hooks

This entire kit fits in a very, very  small grab and go bag with the largest part, the rifle when comllapsed is 18 inches long and is strapped to the outside of the bag.
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Tim Gray

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This is considered "acceptable" by my local subway...  "Sandwich Specialists"  Indeed.....
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I thought the art was flavor. What flavor did they add wink
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Tim Gray

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Some Insanity for monday..  RSR makes a Turbo kit for my BMW motorcycle... 
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now thats a project!
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Tim Gray

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#BMW #K1200LT #ibus
So this weekend I started working on my 2003 BMW K1200LT motorcycle and was considering how I can steal signals from the Handlebar controls to send channel change info to my Sirius radio that I want to put on the bike.   I was going to just hack into the wires and snoop on the contact closures but I decided to do a little searching first.   It seems my bike uses a standard BMW stereo from Becker and it can use a standard E30 cd changer, in fact it was an option for the uber top of the line model.   These stereos use a communication system called "ibus" and it has been completely and utterly hacked. 

So I am going to build an arduino project to emulate an ibus CD changer to the BMW stereo and send channel prev/next IR commands as well as preset prev/next (using the disc change commands)  using a simple arduino IR library...   but this got me thinking even more......

What if I put a Raspberry Pi in place and emulate a changer, but instead play mp3 files from a USB drive?  I can have the raspberry PI play mp3's for disc 1 and then send controls to the Sirius when Disc2 is selected, and then switch to an AUX input for Disc3, etc...

So it seems I have a summer motorcycle hacking project in the making....
For some i-Bus protocol info.
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I ride a lot in rural areas of michigan and when I go into the Upper half of the state you are outside of Cellular coverage, let alone any data coverage most of the time.  Plus, the last time I used the Sirius app for a week, I went way over on the data cap of my cellphone plan.
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Tim Gray

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Hole cut and reinforcing installed.

#bmw #k1200lt 
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It's a #FridayMiracle   Wrote a program and sent it off to the AV company in NYC to upload to the system.  Zero problems except for one very small one,  their  non programmer was actually a very skilled guy that knew what he was doing.  20 minutes and it went smooth,  He's out the door and customer is happy.

Typically I get the new guy that barely knows how to boot a laptop to help with program uploads remotely....
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This right here makes me very excited.  It means that a couple of my motorcycle projects can be made far more robust by creating a  real board that I can just snap the Pi into and secure it. I know I'll be one of the first to order a couple of these in June when they are released.
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Tim Gray

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That moment when you get the payoff for being an AV and automation pro.  

Demonstrating the system to the customer and they interrupt you by saying, "Oh MY!  That is so cool!" That is when you know you did it right.
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+Chris Nicholson and +Jim Stolzenbach on jobs we overlap.
Minions Say TaaDaa:
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Tim Gray

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#bmw #K1200LT   And it's installed and working great.  Now to clean everything up and get dust and dirt off of the dash from all the cutting and filing.
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Love it. 
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Tim Gray

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Getting ready to cut into the dashboard...
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Sweet!! More photos. 
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I've been a technology guy for all my life.  My father taught me algebra and Electronics starting at 8 years old. I build my own projects (solar panel sun tracker) at 10 and learned about computers and their power.  My father gave me my first computer at age 11, (Kim-1, I had to build it to make it work) and learned assembly language as my first programming language. Went through the Vic-20, C64, Co-co, Ti-99a, etc until the IBM PCjr  hit the scene when I was in high school. Until then I was content with the Altair 8080 that the school had and the TRS-80 model 3 computers  It all escalated from there.  I always enjoy tech, and dreamed of the automated home forever.  Crestron gear gives me a hand firmly in that automated future world I dreamed of. 

Today I program Executive board rooms, Conference rooms, Entire Buildings, homes, and theaters using a multitude of technologies.   Still use my computer programming and electronics and enjoy a LOT of I.T. work and I.T. and I.S. consulting on the side.  This stuff is second nature to me, and I really do enjoy it. I am happiest when I have a challenge in front of me.
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