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Ok Time for a opinion brawl....

D-star or Yaesu "fusion"?

the local RACES/ARES/SKYWARN group down here in florida standardized on Yaesu's fusion as it has the group watch function that lets the coordinator see where everyone is.

But that is only once every few months operation, for day to day what should I standardize on? I already have a DMR radio for the repeater here in Orlando, but you cant buy nice DMR radios that have HF and VHF/UHF to have a unified base station like the other two.

What is your choice in digital and why?

Well that was unexpected.

I have tried the powerline networking gear in the past and always disappointed, you either got dial up speeds or unreliable.

So on a whim I tried the latest iteration of this technology and I have a solid 100mbps link across the house.

the HomePlug AV2 networking spec actually works! It's marketed as gigabit, but I knew better. and I think that is where the bad reviews are coming from. All the packaging is filled with marketing BS. These are 100mbps devices, you will never get 1000mbit data rates on powerline adapters. Even their program for configuration and diagnostics lies.. "650mbps link!" yet a fine transfer clearly shows... 100mbps max

I am personally using the TP-Link TL-PA8010KIT that is $35 on amazon. 

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It's out! The team discovers a hidden danger right under their noses while Ashcan heads out with his holy water and silver in hopes that what he thinks are werewolves will not eat him.

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It's that time again kids!

The team runs into someone unexpected and ashcan discovers something that is very disturbing.

I've been a homeowner for nearly 20 years, and a tech type of guy. so this year is my first step inside of renting in todays networked world and it's annoying.

Cant run wires, so my office is wireless off of the main wireless router at the TV set. this means signal strength issues for the whole office as well as incredibly low bandwidth to everything. The promises of the AC routers and their gateways are simply not up to my standards of what I consider stable networking. I have tried everything I can think of, and I still pine for having a hard wired cat6 cable.

No matter what they promise and no matter what the online reviews say, Wireless from a single router is not going to cover even a 1400 sq foot home with reliable and fast networking.

Half tempted to simply run an ethernet cable in the wall and across the attic space and just not tell the landlord. cover the old work boxes with a blank plate when I leave and I bet he will never know.

I know, it could be worse. I could be in an apartment complex where there are 6,500 wireless access points all poisoning the 2.4ghz and 5ghz spectrum.

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So it's time to let the cat completely out of the bag.

The magazine will be Free for all, available from Timeline Ltd. Early access will be available for Patreon Backers. We are absolutely looking for content, so if you have an adventure, a faction, a new 5 armed glowing purple radiation beast, Vehicle, etc.. This is the place to get it out to the rest of the Morrow world and earn yourself some Fame.

Patreon donations for early access will only be to cover expenses for making and publishing the magazine. we will accept limited advertising. No it will not end up as 50 pages of ad's and 2 pages of content.

The Team from To Morrows End are creating a lot of the content for the first issue, but all of you are welcome to write for the magazine. All the other game systems out there have some form of publication to get a lot of information out there, and the Morrow Project really needs one. You can help build this community and get more people interested and playing.

As if I did not have enough irons in the fire...

We are looking for someone willing to write an article once per quarter for publication in a quarterly Morrow Project magazine.

It's going to be released in PDF form and free for everyone but first release to patreon backers. some of the podcast players are writers and two are experienced GM/DM/PD types that have great tips. My part in this is simply publishing the adventures I already wrote for the podcast as well as vehicles and possibly fully flushed out NPC's per issue.

Looking for playtips/ PD ideas and tips/ small adventures/ etc.

If anyone is interested, contact me. we are looking at releasing the first issue in late Jan to mid Feb 2017.

Backer early release is just to try and raise money to cover bandwidth and hosting costs.

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After a short delay it is now LIVE! Will the team defend the town? Will Alex accidently burn the place down in her drunken state? All this and several other tactics that thwarts the GM's plan in episode 10!

The next episode of To Morrows end will be Delayed for a week. My office is in cardboard boxes as I spent the holiday week flying to Michigan and loading up a house into a truck and driving it back south. Right now I cant find anything, so I will be doing a marathon editing session this weekend to get the next episode released.

Sorry for the delay, but darn life gets in the way of the fun stuff.

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Moving for a Job, Facts that nobody actually tells you....
Recently I accepted a job in a different city for a higher pay and a better opportunity.  I read all the articles on line and did it all the way everyone says you should do it.   And ended up discovering that most of these people out there have never actual...
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