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The Media Bunker

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I have to agree with your comment Sammy regarding "quality over quantity", it is always the way to go. I wish that I had realized that a lot earlier in my life.

Anyway, a lot of interesting blurays on your wish list. Very cool stuff.

I haven't seen Dean and Aaron's vids on modern horror yet, but I hope to get to them.

Truthfully, I am an extremist when it comes to horror, and my own definition of what horror is. To me there is a big difference between true horror (something involving a supernatural element) versus a slasher thriller or psychological suspense film; but I'll be looking forward to watching to see what these gentlemen have to say on modern horror.

Anyway, it feels good to be watching your videos again Sammy; and there are a lot of other folks uploads I enjoy, like Aaron's vids I am way behind on and want to catch up on as well.

Stay safe. ~ Tim
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+The Media Bunker Oh wow, thank you so much Tim! Thanks for the kind words! You know, now that you mentioned it, there is a fine line between a supernatural horror film vs. a slasher / psychological horror film. By the way, is there a chance you might be doing a VR to this as well :D. I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter.
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The Media Bunker

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Sorry for being AWOL again Sammy, but I am starting with your current vids and working back again.

I have to admit the gym footage made me very nervous, as I know a lot of gyms have a policy against cell phone videos.

I was on the edge of my seat waiting for you to get busted. Lol :-D

Lots of great stuff at B&N. I just sent a friend over there because he has been wanting a copy of THE RED SHOES for awhile now, and he was able to pick it up at half price because of the sale.

Anyway, I hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start man, and I am now off to watch more of your videos that I have missed recently.

Take care. ~ Tim
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+The Media Bunker Oh boy, thank you for the heads up on the no camera policy at the gym. I gotta keep that in mind LOL. They haven't said anything yet, and I don't wanna hear it from them first. So thanks for the heads up on that policy. Yeah, I saw almost all of the Red Shoes one time and just really enjoyed the heck out of it. I gotta get that one into the collection. I forgot his name, but something Powell (Aaron turned me onto this British director), seems to make good stuff. Colonel Blimp is another by him that I want.
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The Media Bunker

commented on a video on YouTube.
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The hits keep coming.

Funny two popular pianist/singers back to back.

I think that it is fantastic that you are so dedicated to the artist that you really love (Chapin, Joel). I always have a problem picking favorites, and I envy folks like you Mike who truly connect with one or two artist that become personally important to you, and a part of your life.

Thanks for sharing; this vid series is truly great. Kudos!
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It is a cool coincidence that these guys come back to back, so close alphabetically. Billy and Harry Chapin have been the soundtrack to my life since I was a toddler. My parents always had tunes playing and Harry was my dad's favorite and Billy was my mom's. As I got older and really started to listen to the words as well as enjoy the music, they became so very important to me. Through grade school, high school, college, my twenties and now in my very late thirties, these guys' songs have meant more to me than I could ever truly explain. My tastes have expanded but I always come back to Chapin and Joel.
Thanks again for the nice comments, they do mean a lot. I hope you are well and I'll talk to you soon. Take it easy, -Mike
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The Media Bunker

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Great video Mike. I can't complain (or make fun of ;-) ) anyone that you included in this vid. All great stuff.

I especially have fond memories of many long nights of listening to Harry Chapin and Jim Croce albums; which ended after one of my many break-ins, this one in particular they stole all of my music (in all formats) and players (turn table, cassettes, 8-track, and CD player sigh).

Sadly I have never felt compelled to rebuild my collection, it was quite a blow,, but luckily we are blessed with A LOT of great music being available online these days,

Keep up the great work. I am very anxious to see what's coming up next.

Peace. ~ Tim.
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Thanks Tim, hope you are having a great weekend too! It's so cool that you got to see these guys. I know that the memories of the concerts I've been to are very important to me. It's bittersweet because they were such great times with people I really cared for, but then again, many of them are now gone from my life. Loss is a real bitch! Anyway, life goes on until it doesn't.
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The Media Bunker

commented on a video on YouTube.
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'Just wanted to update everyone that I continue to mend (though I feel like I am trapped in a FINAL DESTINATION movie, as since the heart attack I was back in the hospital over night with an "atypical heart episode", was then forced into a truck by a driver heading directly at me after he crossed over the double line. I then had a reaction to all the blood thinners I was on and couldn't stop bleeding and ended up back in the hospital for 3 or 4 days, and finally had a tire blow out on the Fourth of July on the freeway while traveling 63 miles per hour on cruise control; I was heading to a cookout with friends to celebrate Independence Day and nearly ended up flipping the car in the ditch and/or hitting a bridge support I was headed directed toward.

I gotta admit I am a little bit jumping waiting to see what will happen next. Lol :-D

Anyway, thanks for all your kind words and support, they truly mean the world to me.

Stay safe, be well, and God bless my friends. ~ Tim.
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The Media Bunker

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I like the idea that you're going for, the behind the scenes feel, but I believe a large part of whatever system you create may actually involve the character creation process.

The characters would have to have a very deep background to draw on to make them interesting and playable; as well as a network of family, friends, trainers, wrestling contacts (promoters they may have worked for, wrestlers they have worked with in their past, et al.) to help develop story hooks to move the campaign forward.

Without this wealth of material, you basically have a nebulous newbie wrestler traveling around without any attachments, or drama, in their life, and I fear that players might inevitably slip into simply focusing on creating their wrestling persona (rather than a well rounded human being who happens to be a performer), and worse, getting ahead in the business (i.e., power playing and Monty Haul-style reward chasing) may become their main focus.

If you can develop an RPG that truly captures both the performance/business and daily life aspects of the professional world Matthew, I think it would be amazing.

I'm rooting for you and I hope that you will pursue this and keep us posted on your progress.

Great vid, awesome idea.

Kudos & good luck!
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The Media Bunker

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I have to admit that I was completely unfamiliar with this film before watching your video Sammy.

Thanks for the heads up.
The Media Bunker's profile photoFalagar's profile photo
+The Media Bunker Hey Tim! Thank you for still being a pal and viewer of my videos, it's much appreciative. Even though there was a minor rant near the end, it is still a really good "feel good" film, especially when it comes to "sticking-it-to-the-man" as they say :D.
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The Media Bunker

commented on a video on YouTube.
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DUDE! Anyone who loves The Godfather, Batman, AND Halloween can do no wrong in my eyes.

You ROCK! Lol :-D

Have an amazing weekend, and good luck. ~ Tim.
Michael Tocci's profile photoRyan Eagle's profile photo
Thanks Tim!
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The Media Bunker

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I'm glad that you didn't feel obliged to apologize for liking John Denver. I have always been a fan and it irks me when he is written off by some people.

A lot of great artists in this one actually Mike; Neil Diamond, Dylan, etc.

Do you find enough time to rewatch/listen to all of these as much as you would like to?
Michael Tocci's profile photoThe Media Bunker's profile photo
+Michael Tocci It is a wonderful feeling when you come across something in your own collection that you have lost track of, or haven't thought about in years. It is almost like finding an unexpected gift.

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The Media Bunker

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Thanks for the heads up, much appreciated!
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You're welcome...did you buy anything?
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The Media Bunker

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Air Supply? AIR SUPPLY?!?

I am going to have to rethink my subscription bro.

Just kidding. Lol :-D

Seriously Mike, a lot of great stuff, especially Johnny Cash (gotta love "The Man in Black"; and June Carter Cash and The Carter Family also), but almost every one you showed are singers/groups that I love.

BTW: I am A-Okay with Glenn Campbell (as I remember, his show started as a summer replacement for THE SMOTHERS' BROTHERS SHOW; another fave of mine). I always enjoy Campbell's singing (though I thought he was miscast in TRUE GRIT).

I am very sorry to hear he is ailing. Prayers go out for him and his family/friends/fans.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what pops up in "Part 3b".

Stay safe and have an amazing weekend. Best wishes to you & yours. ~ Tim.
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The Media Bunker

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Hey Shawn & Ash. Looking at the comments, I believe this video needs a sequel with Monsieur Driscoll & Monsieur Gloy hooking up in Google Hangouts and videotaping a discussion of your differing views on this series.

Any chance of seeing that happen?

Anyway, stay safe guys, and Happy Hump Day!
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