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Ever wonder what all that "stuff" in Task Manager is referring to? Did you know that most of the tabs have dozens of additional pieces of information on each process that you can view? All true... and all explained, in excruciating (but understandable!) detail right here!
Task Manager is an amazing tool, full of hidden features. Here's every single thing you can do in Task Manager, complete with screenshots.
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Hi, I was told you help with computer problems, is this the right place to post 
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Tim Fisher

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21 Things You Didn't Know About... Hard Drives
Did you know the first hard drive came out in 1958? and that today's are 300 million times cheaper? Here are 21 things you didn't know about your computer's hard drive.
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Tim Fisher

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Have a Windows program or app that isn't responding or won't close? You can force the program to quit using Task Manager. Here's how to do it...
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Tim Fisher

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Details on the updates included in the Patch Tuesday September 2015 release by Microsoft (September 8, 2015), plus what to do when they cause problems.
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Tim Fisher

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From Acer, to Dell, to Toshiba... all the latest on which computer models can be upgraded to Windows 10, what issues you might run in to, and links to the latest Windows 10 drivers available!
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Hi tim, i recently had a win 8 hard drive crash, it would not boot to was determined that it requires a new hard drive. My cousin got a new laptop with win 8.1 preinstalled so we tried putting his hard drive in my laotop and everything loads fine, but it does not detect any wireless networks. I tried installing my lenovo n580 wifi driver but that did not help either. My laptop is lenovo n580 500gb win 8.0 preinstalled His laptop is a lenovo g50 45 1tb win 8.1 preinstalled. Why did windows 8,1 hard drive seem to work fine on mine but not the networks and how do i fix.
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Tim Fisher

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"And you get an update! And you get an update!" #channelingoprah
Details on the updates included in the Patch Tuesday March 2016 release by Microsoft (March 8, 2016), plus what to do when they cause problems.
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+Tim Fisher, interestingly, KB2952664 was NOT on Microsoft's official list for this push (yes, I found it).

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Tim Fisher

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Tech Support won't tell you any of this, but I will. Here are 5 secrets I learned from my years as a tech support agent at several companies.
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I am a Windows 10 user but my wife has just acquired a Samsung Galaxy Android Lollipop tablet (her first device) and we would like suggestions on where best to get advice. We have a problem now and received a useless response from Samsung support. I am used to getting help from a variety  of  Windows sources (forums, etc) but so far have not found much that is similar for Android.  
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Tim Fisher

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A big list of free meals and other freebies for Veterans Day 2015. Participating restaurants include Chili's, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, & more!
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Tim Fisher

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Turning on your Mac only to discover that it won't start up correctly can be a nightmare. These troubleshooting tips should help you get your Mac up and running again, so you can get back to work or play, as the case may be.
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Tim Fisher

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A full tutorial for the Reset This PC feature in Windows 10 & 8, the built-in tool that lets you factory reset Windows, with or without erasing data.
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Tim Fisher

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Factory reset any Windows 10 PC? And keep your files?! It's true!
Reset This PC is a fix-it tool in Windows 10 & 8 that lets you reinstall Windows again, choosing to keep your files or remove everything. Here's more.
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I tweet about tech/science stuff. General Manager and writer for @lifewire. I also build stuff. Tweets are my own. Grawlix professional.
I write about computer support and other technology issues for Lifewire, as well as on some other websites and print publications. I'm also the author of Windows 8 Basics In 30 Minutes.

I also run a local technology support/consultation business that services small companies in my area but I'm not taking on any more clients right now.

Before that, I worked in technology support and maintenance at my previous careers in the Information Technology and Telecommunications industries.

Feel free to email me with feedback on my Lifewire content, but please comment on my Help Me! post on Facebook to get help with a computer problem or ask a tech related question. I post a new one almost every day and it's a great way to get personal help.
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Spent a month in Colombia adopting my son. Go there if you ever get the chance - it's beautiful!
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Timothy Fisher
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I'm really good at fixing things.
  • Lifewire
    Computer Support Expert, 2006 - present
    I write original content as an expert for Lifewire. My main focus is on computer and technology support topics in the form of troubleshooting guides, tutorials, and reference material. I work for Lifewire on a freelance basis.
  • Target
    Systems Engineer, 2004 - 2009
    At Target, I provided 1st and 2nd level support to 500+ local distribution center (DC) clients. I administered and supported Cisco-based network devices, Windows and UNIX servers, wireless equipment, and several related technologies. I helped implement and author the DC-level IT support knowledge base system and also developed a SharePoint-based self support system. I assisted with roll-outs of new technology including wireless systems, Windows-based tablet devices, and similar upgrades. I also pulled and terminated new low voltage wiring on occasion.
  • Birch Telecom
    IT/Telecom Technician, 2000 - 2004
    At Birch Telecom, I installed and provided on-call, on-site, telephone, and remote support for PBX, voice mail, router, switch, VoIP, and other network and telecommunications hardware. I also provided computer and network training to telephony technicians. Far more often than I would have liked, my job was to pull and terminate CAT6/5 and CAT3 cable in both residential and business environments.
  • Paradigm Digital Systems
    IT Technician, 1998 - 2000
    At PDS, I built and serviced Windows-based desktop computers for home and business clients. I was also involved in several large networking wiring jobs.
  • Lifewire
    General Manager, 2016 - present
    I am the General Manager of Lifewire.
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