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Love ! Love ! ❤️❤️❤️ happy birthday ! Such beAutiful pretty light filled cake! 
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Tim Eisler

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McClure's Beach
Point Reyes National Seashore

This is a favorite beach to visit when I need to escape the crowds of city life. It's seclusion and natural beauty provide a wonderful place to relax and let go of stress, as the sounds of the waves and fresh air envelope me. On this winter day, the fog rolled in and shrouded the scene in a soft blanket of serenity. 

Thank you +Mary Gotsi  for encouraging  me to stay engaged with G+! This is the beach I mentioned that is well worth the long drive and short hike. Though I left my camera at home, and ignored my phone all day as I soaked in the view for memory, I also remembered to take a quick shot on my hike out.
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Thanks +Jennifer Thompson! I know you can appreciate a place like that, growing up where we did!!
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Tim Eisler

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Thank you +Mary Gotsi! I am getting much better thank you. Spring has brought some warm weather and I'm getting out on the bike more. Now I just need to get out and take some worthy pictures to share!
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Tim Eisler

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Chi Chi Sticks
Chinese Fortune Sticks

After a meal to celebrate an occasion, my wife's family would bring out the Chi Chi Sticks and everyone would have their fortune told. She was recently re-united with this ancient set and the tradition was revived on Saint Patrick's Day, which happens to also be her birthday. Each player must carefully shake only one bamboo stick from the can. A number on the end of the stick corresponds to the correct fortune to read. The book has seen many years of use, but the fortunes seem to still work.

For +Know-how and traditions by +Jean-Louis LAURENCE.

And for +Jules Falk Hunter who has a similar looking, but very different game called Jack Straws, that I confused with my wife's game. I wasn't even close, except that they both inherited the game from their grandmother! Jules, I finally got around to taking the picture I promised!

Here's Jules' game of skill, taken by a skilled photographer:

#know -howandtraditions      #games   #iphoneography      #foodfriday     #nikcollection
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That's funny +Natty Netsuwan! You must have been destined for that particular fortune till your sister broke the pattern!
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Tim Eisler

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Beer and Ink

Our local Albany Tap Room celebrated it's first birthday last night. What a fun group and great beer!

#iphoneonly #beer #tattoo #ink
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Your tattoos? :-) +Tim Eisler 
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Wave goodbye to 44 and hello to 45!

I am so grateful to know so many wonderful and talented people! Thank you for all the good wishes!!

#iphoneonly #beachphotography #grateful #thankful 
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Beautiful !!! 
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Tim Eisler

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Sunrise Strokes

My daughter found her passion in rowing for crew. Despite the early hour on a weekend, we support her enthusiasm to be on the water, working hard with a team. And I've seen a few beautiful sunrises I would have otherwise missed while sleeping in.
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Thank you so much +Christianna Pierce!
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Tim Eisler

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Team Oracle going fast on foils for the win! — at America's Cup Race Course.
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How are you, +Tim Eisler?
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Tim Eisler

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Spring Cycling
West Contra Costa County, California

With no traffic around and sunny hills of green grass and yellow blooming mustard before me, I took the opportunity to take a picture while riding my bike this weekend.

For +Leading Lines Monday  by +Pam Boling +Andreas Levi +David Murphy +Elle Rogers +Michael B. Stuart +Simos Xenakis

Shot in TIFF mode with 645 Pro, cropped and converted in CaptureNX2, adjusted with NIK plugins.

#leadinglinesmonday   #cycling   #spring   #nikcollection   #iphoneography  
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how are you +Tim Eisler ..... I miss your posts!
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I am a full fledged one person GIS shop for a small city. I also help my wife with her jam and drink mixer manufacturing business.
Cartography, GIS, SQL, .NET
  • City of Dublin
    GIS Coordinator, 2002 - present
  • Kensington Marmalade Company
    Co-owner, 2006 - present
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Maker of maps and marmalade. Geographer, outdoor enthusiastic, and amateur photographer.
I am a geographer and an outdoor enthusiast who appreciates the quality of hand crafted products. I enjoy cycling, sailing, telemark-skiing, kayaking, photography, my GIS career, and my beautiful wife and daughter.
  • University of California, Berkeley
    Geography, 1987 - 1992
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