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My cousin recently released his second book! Check it out if you like zombies!

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I already shared this to a few people, but just in case the BBC is listening... #eighthdoctorspinoff
"Why the Eighth Doctor deserves more screentime in light of The Night of the Doctor."

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Movember progress... Doesn't look like much yet.

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Looking to hire a Senior Java Developer. Let me know if you are interested!

Does anyone else have trouble with the Hisense Plus going into a sleeping state after a few hours of inactivity? I turned off the screensaver and screen off timers, and I can't find any other settings for an automatic shutdown.

When this happens, I can start the box back up (faster than a normal boot cycle) by pressing the power button on the remote. Then my UVerse box displays an HDMI error, forcing me to unplug and replugin the cable. To say this is annoying would be an understatement. It makes the box more trouble than it's worth.

My other two Google TVs are Sony branded. They are first gen and I don't have this issue with them. The Hisense box worked great for a while, at first I thought it was overheating, now I assume that this is an update gone horribly wrong.

Anyone know of any hidden settings for shutdown?

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I agree with +Wil Wheaton. It's time to cancel my service with Verizon. Does anyone know the details of cancelling on a contract in this case? I still have nine months until my Galaxy Nexus is completely subsidized. My wife's phone should be up in September. Personally, I feel that this NSA issue is grounds for early termination fee exemption based upon Verizon's privacy agreement, however I'm sure that they will feel differently. Any advice?

It's not that I think that other carriers are any better. I just think that this is the perfect moment to send a message to the private companies complying with these orders. Would you rather pay the penalties of not complying or lose a significant number of customers?
Revealed: NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily
Sigh. Cancelling my Verizon lines tomorrow right now.

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Most surprising things that I learned from +Alton Brown's AMA on Reddit today:

1. You can find seasons 12-14 of Good Eats on Amazon Prime
2. Alton packs heat

Also apparently I'm supposed to eat at Empire State South: It's a farm to table restaurant just a few blocks from where we used to live in Midtown.

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Seriously? Why doesn't Google+ want me to read, what I'm sure is a lovely post, by +Koushik Dutta? I like the new layout and all, but that just seems silly.
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