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Tim Cross
Teacher, Technician, Teflon!
Teacher, Technician, Teflon!


We are looking to roll out Team Drives across our medium sized Academy Trust and wondered if anyone has any experience /best practice, which will help us make best use of the tool?



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A great idea for our younger children! Good to see Google continuing to invest in the younger market with a focus on security and safeguarding.
Google is planning to launch a version of YouTube for children (via @mashable) -

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The future of desktops?
Will the desktop PC of the future actually use a keyboard or mouse? HP hopes its 'smart mat' will replace them -

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Some good evidence of student feedback. I like how much the students feel they use it in lessons.
Here is the December 2014 Chromebook Survey from The Streetly Academy: 

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Great piece of research from Tablets for Schools.

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A few years ago I would have not thought this a realistic possibility, but having seen GAFE in action I can see how it will begin to snowball!
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Quite simply the most consolidated article oh why to consider Google Apps in an Enterprise environment... (for all you doubters)...

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A fun game but a great way to help improve student skills in search!

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Some really good ideas in here.
Your votes are in and the #GoogleEdu episode of The Apps Show you wanted to see is now live!

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A good resource for teachers to help sift some of the wheat from the chaff...
For those of us in the UK, Google Play for Education has finally arrived!  Google announced today that GPfE was officially released.  For those of you who are wondering what to expect from this centralised resource for provisioning and managing classroom apps (both Android and Chrome), here are a few screenshots to give you a flavour...

One of the nicest aspects is that teachers will be able to do this themselves - and safely - without needing to bother their IT department.  It feels well though-out and consistent with Google's design, both in terms of the UI and the workflow. 

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Remote Desktop for Chrome, an interesting way to offer support to users? +Michael Lecomber +Michael Allen +Connor Hill
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