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Oh man...these guys are incredible!!! Check out this crazy-amazing video from my new favorite band!
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Very creative down to earth production.. Good Stuff!
I told ya ... U may also check out the "from me to you" cover song of the beatles by them ... one of my favorites of em
This is great! They're not quit Pete Seeger, but that's ok. By far the best cover I've heard though.
Love this group. They have several other exceptional music videos on their channel. "Somebody That I Used To Know" is a personal favorite.
Finally watched the Somebody That i Used to Know cover this morning. (See earlier post: I was so blown away that I started digging deeper into their Youtube channel and found this gem. Lots of great stuff there, and they have a great sense of humor.
Yeah I spent a morning just pouring over their videos. SO much talent!!!!
I OD'ed on this song when my sister was on a Malvina Reynolds jag back in the eighties but I have to say this is the second best version I've heard after Angelique Kijdo's. ;-)
That was an interesting video. It was good.
+Tim Clary Yeah, isn't the body paint odd, I showed it at school, and my Professor freaked out, because she thought they would show things, but I memorized the song by heart.
Or you could read the comments before you post, +Brain Puddle...but thanks anyways.
they kinda look like these guys.
Awesome band. Follow them on Facebook.
The setting makes this cover. Pretty unique! Their Goyte cover is also amazing.
Yeah, +Ambra Vanderpool I went on a Weeds kick on Netflix for a while. I loved how they did a different cover version of the theme song for every episode.
Good voice, you could visit children's in school, and kindergarteen love to sing this song.
Thanks to everyone who found this on the What’s Hot? list. Stick around and circle me up, I post interesting music videos fairly frequently as well as my own original drawings and paintings.
Happy to, +Ricky Soltis, this is the one of the most inventive videos I have seen since OK GO!
Its awesome :D, never heard of them before :O
Great to hear that old tune again ... and great to know that its all comingaround again.
LOVE IT LOVE IT !! also check out their Goyte copy, its fab xx
Love it. Ticky Tacky boxes...and they all look the same...and the boxes made of ticky tacky....are all stuck in my head!
Very cool. Like some others have said, you need to check out their cover of "Somebody That I Used To Know" if you haven't already. A very neat video.
Wow will you look at the set! Amazing ammount of effort put in, love it.
Lol... +Eric Moore, you are about the 10th person in the comments to recommend that video and if you scroll up you see that I posted it earlier was watching that one that led me to find this new video. (smh)
Tim, good find. This video needs to have a "viral alert" that if you watch it, the Ticky Tacky Boxes will get stuck in your head...
Also, I watched the "Somebody that I used to Know" video. It had 78,655,838 views. It was incredible. Here's the link. I'm not sure if it will work OK this way. I guess you can cut and paste the link into your browser that way:
Unfortunately, this SME-music-content is not available in Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights....
That is unfortunate. Hopefully things will be different in the future.
This was the opening song for Weeds.
I seem to remember the original Malvina Reynolds video had pictures of the sprawling housing developments south of San Francisco in Daly City. Of the course the last little boxes are the ones we're buried in.
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That is awewome, although seeing Sara Sin in there makes ke wonder if The Creepshow is over. Oh well. I'm ok with it if they put out more stuff like this and their cover of Gotye.
P. St.
.. nice.. ! .. first time hear about them though..
Gerard butler really will do anything for money.
Wow!!! This video is out of this world. I enjoyed the song as well but I have to say that the video made it even better. I still can believe it. Hahaha..... BOXES!!! 😂
I Sure hope they don't fall to the one hit wonder.
boo Jay
These guys are the next gen Ok GO!

It's going to be tough to top their Somebody That I Used To Know performance though.
You are all incredible!!! I never heard so interesting sound like you are doing....amazing and fantastic!! Share it all over ther world!! LOl
Ray from Brazil
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