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Clever Phishing Scheme via SMS

This started yesterday on another phone on my plan. The phone holder got a text from shortcode 9329. It said: Your username is __. Thank you

Then this: From 9380174963@
Great! Your recent order #118360 generated a 330 Gift card applicable to your account, to activate ( )

I was phished exactly the same way today. Same shortcode msg to begin with, then this from shortcode 6245: Fantastic! The order #829676 generated a 592 Gift card applicable to your account, login at (

I think this is what's going on. The scammer gets a mobile number. They somehow trigger the carrier to send a legitimate response to a query for account username. Then they immediately send a text to the same number so it looks like they're related.
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Tim Chambers

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Domain Services Marketing

Saturday I registered a .xyz domain with GoDaddy for only 99¢ the first year. How could I resist! It gives me a platform to experiment with. Coupled with cheap hosting from (only $7/mo!) I have options. It's been many years since I've registered a domain. Here's the first in what may be a series chronicling my experiences with cold-calls.

First I'd like to give a shout-out to for their polite and personal inquiry yesterday.

What a contrast with the scammer sleazeball telemarketer who had a robot call me from 7049700408 and claim "front page search results for my business on Google." I thought I was politely asking about their business, but the agent hung up on me. I just want to say you fermentable oligosaccharide. You crusty botch of nature. You roast-meat for worms. You autotrope. You anthropophagus. You cercopithecus. You coelacanth. You belemnite. You abecedarian. You anacoluthon. You anthracite. You diplodocus. You doryphores. You ectoplasm. You guano gatherer. You macrocephalic baboon. You nyctalops. You ophicleide. You ostrogoth. You pachyrhizus. You phylloxera. You pithecanthropus. You rhizopod. You ectoplasmic byproduct. You sea-louse. You vermicelli. You visigoth. You tardigrade.

I hope 7049700408 is so poisoned that they have to give up the number.

Cross Browser Compatibility. Internet users have wider choice of browsers when it comes to surfing the net. It is our responsibility as designers and developers to ensure that websites we have created are compatible for most of the commonly used browsers these days.
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Tim Chambers

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Presidential Choices

Musings on the spreadsheet downloadable from the official FEC page [1]

In 2012 no Donalds received any votes, but Mickey Mouse received 14, all in Rhode Island. That's twice what Donald Duck got in 2008.

"None of the above" was represented by "None of These Candidates." I think that's an official choice in Nevada because 5,770 votes were cast for it.

Oregon counts "Miscellaneous" votes. 13,275.

Maryland has "Other." 8,788

AL, AK, DC, IA, MN, NE, NH, NY, NC, ND, PA, RI, VT, VA, WI, and WY report "Scattered." Wow. Total 49,444.


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Tim Chambers

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Russian House at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (#MIT)

My home away from home 1981-1983. Interested in connecting with anyone who lived there. Nothing substantial on the 'net. Today I did find a couple videos:
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Russian House closed in 2005. It reopened as iHouse in 2007. Source:
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I joined today. My Emacs "home page" is attached. I'm afraid you all might treat me like a heretic. I appreciate the theological parody of this community, but I think a philosophy of Emacs is good enough. Unlike my real-world theology, here I am an Emacs materialist who does not believe in Emacs divinity.

As I say on that home page, I wouldn’t recommend using Emacs unless one has an instance running all the time, uses emacsclient to edit from shells on the same machine, and uses TRAMP to edit remote files. Emacs is a UI to the OS. For quickly editing files I myself use vi or, occasionally, gedit. I refuse to use Emacs without my customizations.

I am hoping to find other heretics here with whom I can develop a shared Emacs philosophy.

I got a start a long time ago when I wrote "DISCUSSION: ergonomic editing interfaces." My "meaty" post, in which I have planted some seeds of my philosophy is
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Tim Chambers

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Request for export choice to be remembered or a sorted list.

I keep a copy of my GTT data on Google Drive. I select Manage data > Export time entries. The choices include Gmail, Box, Android Beam, Save to Drive, and many more. They don't seem to be sorted, though. The order seems random. It's not even sorted by frequency of use.

Ideally, I'd like GTT to remember my previous choice. But even if the choices were sorted like Chrome does for the Share… menu, that would be better than random.
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Tim Chambers

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On Go, Google, golang, Googling, and other randomness in two short paragraphs

It occurred to me this morning that Google had an obvious reason for naming their language Go. It's the first two letters of the company's name. TIL Francis McCabe invented Go! a decade earlier. And that he asked Google to change the name.

And another thing. As I mentioned elsewhere [1], Go is a useless name for Googling. That is most ironic. But so is C. And TIL Ken Thompson (UNIX) was co-inventor of Go. At least golang is a unique search term, unlike clang [2]. Goo wouldn't be much better, but it would be more fun to talk about.

[1] (
[2] "How to Properly Google for C" (
Ugh. Medium is a brilliant idea, but it totally sucks as a searchable brand name. [1] Ok, forgiven. Moving on.
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Tim Chambers

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As wrong as the Thermians got it by watching our analog TV broadcasts, a good story could be written about aliens who tap into wireless IP packet streams leaking out of the atmosphere and satellites, and how they come up with an interpretation of us from those.
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A very interesting story indeed😮
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Tim Chambers

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Disappear for a while

Listen! This audio Thought for the Day by Martin Wroe, less than 3 minutes long, extols the benefits of going offline. Perfect timing! I heard it on my way to a trailhead. Now I'm sitting in the parking lot writing to you before I enjoy a hike. Are you a fan of Radiohead? The podcast opens with their latest marketing gimmick. They disappeared from the internet. (Their absence was only temporary.) The podcast goes on to remind us of what life was like before smartphones. Before email. It talks about nuns who "help store up the world's collection of silence and stillness." I love that! If only "for an hour or two." Join me? In spirit?

Follow-up using
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Tim Chambers

EscMetaAltCtrlShift  - 
"I have no idea how to CLOSE emacs, so I'll close the window. ;)"

But. It's. Right. There. On the screen.

UPDATE: I've recorded a 30 min video with developers from the project as well as Dustin from Ubuntu about HOW this ...
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+Tim Chambers К сожалению шутка не моя. я всего лишь перефразировал шутку одного ведушего телешоу про автомастерскую.
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Tim Chambers

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I bought a 32Gb SanDisk last year. It was pre-loaded with some mp3s.

Cleaned up trying to be more semantic for search:
EmceeT YayAreaSlapz SteadyFocuzed
EmceeT YayAreaSlapz TheClapSong
"Michael McEachern" "Easier As Us"
"Get It Right"
"Slap Stick" "Heartbreakin blues"

Original file names:
01%20-%20Michael%20McEachern%20-%20Easier%20As%20Us.mp3 aka 01 - Michael McEachern - Easier As Us.mp3
Get%20It%20Right.mp3 aka Get It Right.mp3

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I'm not into chocolate or the rest of the chic, self-indulgent "because I'm worth it / I deserve it" vibe. I wouldn't come by myself, only with chicks (don't tell my wife). Perfect for before of after a chick flick. This place is overpriced for the portion size. I don't like the flavor of their recipes. Still, three stars because if you're into this sort of thing you'll get what you pay for. I like the hug mug. And the service is excellent. Good advice. Attentive. Today all I ordered was toast. It was completely under-cooked and cold. C'mon? Wife gave me the rest of her omelette & potatoes. Both were perfectly done. Delicious.
• • •
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I was on vacation and found this place googling for Cajun restaurants in Little Rock. This is an error -- probably keying off the chef's "New Orleans training," but I'm very glad I found this eatery. The chef was patient with my ignorance -- Acadian food has French influence and focuses on local ingredients. He changes the menu every six weeks. Because I walked in expecting Cajun, he offered to blacken my orange roughy. It was prepared to perfection. The others in my party had chicken, pasta, and salmon. We all had the roasted corn pesto chowder. Everything was delicious. Beautiful presentation. Creative combinations of ingredients. I never had the opportunity to taste wasabi carrots before (served with the salmon). I loved them! Other have praised the deck. I was apprehensive because the restaurant was completely empty at 6:30 p.m. on a Saturday night, but it was only because everyone was on the deck. We chose to eat inside and had it all to ourselves. The service was flawless!
• • •
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I agree with all the previous reviewers, but I will give a warning: Be prepared to be underwhelmed by the sauces. I tried all five. Two are mustard-based. They were delicious, but I'm not into that. Maybe on onion rings, but that's not what I ordered. The mild was mild. I'm not into that. The tangy was tangy. My favorite by a slight margin. The hickory was tasty, but mild. One of the mustard sauces was spicy, but not spicy enough for me. And too mustardy for meat, unless you're into that. I'm not. What's missing from this BBQ place is a fiery red sauce. I'd even settle for "hot." I want to end on a positive note. There are many. This place earned its "Excellent" rating from me. The meats were delicious! Tender! I had the "burnt ends." Never heard of them before. It's the top inch of the brisket, cut into one-inch squares. One side is crunchy. The rest is tender and cooked to perfection. I had three pork ribs. Dry rubbed. Tender, meaty, and tasty. For sides I had baked beans cooked to perfection. Slaw is a dry style. I like mine more creamy. The side salad with lemon vinaigrette was also delicious.
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Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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