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Tim Carney

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Is this the Tim Carney with the washington examiner? I'd guess so regarding these posts all to articles you've written. I say post a picture and make yourself known, I think you'd have lots of support on Google+ .... especially after the crazy outburst by Tamron Hall.
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Tim Carney

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  • Washington Examiner
    Senior Political Columnist, 2009 - present
  • American Enterprise Institute
    Visting Fellow, 2012 - present
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Washington, DC
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Senior Political Columnist, Washington Examiner; Visiting Fellow, American Enterprise Institute; Author "The Big Ripoff" and "Obamanomics"

Ideological Disclosure
Last updated March 14, 2014

In case it doesn't come through in my writing, here's what I believe:

I'm a Catholic, and I like to consider myself an orthodox Catholic. My wife and I try to raise our kids according to Catholic teaching.

I describe myself as both conservative and libertarian. Some people object to one or the other labels applying to me. I have described my political prescriptions as "free-market populism" and "libertarian populism."

The political argument on which I spend the most time, energy, and thought is that big government--in the form of regulations, subsidies, mandates, et cetera--frequently benefits the big and politically connected, hurting consumers, small competitors, and taxpayers. Folks often describe my beat as battling "corporate welfare," and "crony capitalism." This is the subject of both of my books.

Financial Disclosure
Last updated March 25, 2014

My full-time employer is the Washington Examiner. The Examiner is owned by Clarity Media, which is owned by Philip Anschutz.

My secondary employer is the American Enterprise Institute, where I am a visiting fellow. I understand AEI to be funded by corporations, individuals, and foundations. I play no role in fundraising. I have spoken to representatives of non-profit foundations that donate, but never with corporate donors.

Here, to the best of my knowledge, are all the other organizations that have paid me or provided me paid travel or lodging in the past twelve months or with whom I currently have an agreement to do work:

Federalist Society, speaker. I speak on lobbying, the revolving door, corruption, the law, and growth at Federalist Society student chapters. Some of my speaking in past years has been part of a series sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. I don’t know anything else about FedSoc’s funding. Federalist Society pays me an honorarium and reimburses travel costs.

National Journalism Center speaker. I speak to NJC interns about reporting and opinion writing. NJC is a project of Young America’s Foundation. I don’t know anything about YAF’s or NJC’s funding. 

Regnery Publishing author. I earn royalties from my 2009 book, Obamanomics. Regnery is a division of Eagle Publishing, which was recently acquired by Salem Communications. 

Intercollegiate Studies Institute speaker. I earned speaking fees for speaking to college students and was paid for an article I contributed. I know nothing about ISI's funding.

Atlantic Media freelance contributor. I wrote an article for the Atlantic website, and they paid me for it.

Reason Magazine freelance contributor. I have written two magazine pieces for Reason, for pay.

The Fund for American Studies. TFAS administers the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship. As a former fellow, I sometimes mentor current fellows, and receive payment from TFAS for this. All I know about Novak Fellowship funding is that some part comes from donations from past fellows. I also serve (unpaid) on the board of visitors for TFAS's Institute for Political Journalism.

Mercatus Center, George Mason University. I spoke at a conference hosted by the Mercatus Center and the Institute for Humane Studies in March 2014. Mercatus paid me for the speech, and covered my travel and lodging at the retreat. I also attended a small dinner hosted by Mercatus in D.C. The only thing I know about Mercatus Center funding is that the Charles Koch Foundation is a donor, but I'm told their funding base is far broader.

Hillsdale College, I am scheduled to present a paper at a Hillsdale-sponsored conference in fall 2014. Hillsdale will pay me for my participation in the conference, and will cover my travel and lodging to the conference.

Investments, Liabilities, etc...

I do not own securities in any specific companies, industries, or commodities. All of my investments (retirement accounts with Vanguard and Great West [plus some money stuck with Charles Schwab]) are in broad-based mutual funds, such as index funds -- mostly stocks, but also U.S. Treasury funds.

Owning a home in the DC area, I suppose I'm "long" on big government. 

My home mortgage is with Wells Fargo. My college loan is with Sallie Mae. These are my only debts.

I received less than $500 in interest income this year from my bank accounts.


My wife's only outside employment is freelance photography for families, individuals, and her high school alma mater. This is less than $5,000 a year. My wife sold some camera equipment to Penn Camera in 2013.

My brother John writes columns on finance for the Wall Street Journal's "Heard on the Street" page. 

My brother Brian manages corporate communications for Rivada Networks, a telecom company dealing in wireless broadband.

My brother Mike is a lawyer at a small firm in Louisiana. My father is a self-employed lawyer in New York, and my mother is his paralegal/secretary/boss. I know nothing of their current clients or cases.

  • St. John's College, Annapolis
    Liberal Arts, 1996 - 2000
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