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Tim Capper
Results Driven SEO Consultant and Google TC
Results Driven SEO Consultant and Google TC


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Plus Codes Showing in Google Maps.... 10 bucks to whomever spots the first Plus Code spam footer :)

#LocalSEO #GoogleMaps
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Video carousels are harmless… but are they by +Glenn Gabe
My latest post covers a big problem for some ecommerce retailers -> Trapped In Google’s New Video Carousels – A Dangerous SERP Feature For Some Ecommerce Retailers [Case Study].

In my post I cover a case study of a B2B ecommerce retailer that has lost ~$300K to $500K in revenue since being added to video carousels (for important category pages). And they can't get out, no matter what they try. It's killing them right now. Not good.

Check out how clicks drop off a cliff while impressions remain strong:

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Brand Accounts in G+ are borked today, leading to 404 errors. Remove the ?tab=wX and replace with a trailing slash / and you will be able to access Brand Account.


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GMB search queries are getting better with anomalies still heavily in the mix for some business verticals.

#GMB #LocalSEO

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Exploring Phang Nga Town

Charming Phang Nga Town makes an ideal stop as part of an overall trip to Southeast Asia or as a destination in itself when exploring the region of Phang Nga. Planning a trip here to this small town is a great way to meet locals and experience authentic Thai life and culture firsthand.


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Why Choose a Natai Beach Club Resort in Phang Nga

Thailand is an incredible area to see, enriched in culture, yet also thriving with innovative restaurants and modern shopping. However, when you're looking to get away, you may want a chance to not only immerse yourself in the culture, but also sneak away for serenity.

#NataiBeach #PhangNga

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Reasons to Try Paddle Board Yoga in Phang Nga

Paddle board yoga is the ultimate yoga experience. If you are already at the apex of form from practising traditional yoga, paddle board yoga is the step up challenge that yogis can try.

#Yoga #PaddleBoardYoga #PhangNga

Happy Birthday +Sasch Mayer

Have a good one!

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What has happened to the world.

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Do reviews impact ranking - yes, but its not who has the most
I haven't shared here in a while but thought you'd all find this interesting.
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