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I'm trying to configure my phone to take actions based on two conditions, one of which is whether or not my watch is on charge. I can get AutoWear to recognise and react to the watch being connected and disconnected from power but occasionally, if I move too fast, the event isn't registered by AutoWear. Then I must reconnect the watch to power and re-disconnect it to get the event recognised.

It occurs to me that I need to be checking the state of the watch rather than for a CONNECTED or DISCONNECTED event. Is it possible with AutoWear to check and report the charging state of the watch rather than to look for charging events?

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View from our balcony. Thanks Bethan for the Champagne.

I've purchased AutoWear a few days ago and it isn't working. I think it is communication between phone/watch rather than the plugin.

I needed to trigger tasks when both my phone (Moto X 2014) and my watch (Moto 360) are on charge. Since AutoWear wasn't available last November (I wasn't really comfortable running alpha), I purchased Jarett Millard's Tasker Plugin for Android Wear. It worked fine.

Soon after, Android 5 was released for the Moto X and, being impatient, I went through the reset process a couple of times to try to speed up the upgrade. Needless to say, that was a waste of time and the upgrade happened in its own time. At around that time, the Tasker Plugin for Android Wear stopped recognising when my watch was put on its charger. Jarett couldn't think what the problem might be so, while he investigated, I purchased AutoWear. When that didn't work either, I started to suspect that there is some communication problem between my watch and my phone.

Moto X: Android 5.0
Moto 360: 5.0.1
Tasker: 4.6u3

Does anybody have an idea where the issue could be? I don't know how the watch/phone communicate so I can't diagnose or resolve properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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A major road nearby is being closed every weekend for the next few weeks and I'd like to update the map to highlight this but the road is locked and can only be edited by a level 4 editor. How do I get the update applied?

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We walked all the way there and all the way back. Hot chocolate, the drink of explorers. 

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This weeks Featured Destination are the islands of Malta and Gozo - Just a short flight from most European cities, these two small islands in the southern Mediterranean are wrapped in the regions’ warmest and clearest waters, and is one of the few European destinations where warm water diving is possible year-round.

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Underwater Wifi using sound instead of radio waves. The article mentions that the team hopes the sensors could be used to detect and solve environmental issues. Like dolphins with hearing problems or whales with migraine?

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Waiting for Omid Djalili to take the stage.

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Not just another flashmob :-)

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Livvy will be running in the T38 100m final this evening at 21:18 BST. Look for her in lane 9 and shout at the telly. She will hear you. :-)

Go Livvy, Liphook is proud of you.
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