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Tim Byrd
Penguin/Putnam author. Often barefoot, prone to irony, interested in everything.
Penguin/Putnam author. Often barefoot, prone to irony, interested in everything.

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The Hill reports that "Hillary Clinton is solidifying her lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the race for next year’s Democratic presidential nomination, according to a new poll. The CNN/ORC International survey released Monday found that Clinton has an 18-point lead over the Vermont lawmaker among Democratic primary voters nationwide."

Which is funny, because she had a 30 point lead last month, a 40 point lead in July, and a 50 point lead in June. So the fact that she's "solidifying" her lead over Sanders with 18 points is really great news for Bernie Sanders.

That "solidifying" lead also shows her with only 42% support from Democratic voters. Forty-two percent. That's down from 69% in April. That means she can't count on the vote of 58% of Democrats at this point. Her support among Democrat women has also plunged to 42% from 73%.

Sanders, meanwhile, has gone from 7% in April to 26% now, and his numbers are steadily rising while Hillary's are steadily falling.
But yeah, let's listen to the establishment talk about Hillary "solidifying" that lead.

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You can't really look forward to the Republican debate on's all about looking backward.

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I keep finding that I have opinions about whether the recent Mad Max is Feminist or not. Opinions which impact how I read things and respond to things. 

This is troubling because I HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE.

Whatever the movie is or isn't, this is a reminder that it takes virtually nothing to form an opinion (in fact, it might be even easier in the absence of information). Worse, it illustrates that once that opinion is present, the instinct is to defend it. Especially because this new phantom opinion almost certainly aligns with opinions I have elsewhere.  A phantom opinion is never going to challenge my existing beliefs, it will only sharpen their blades. 

Which is totally messed up, but a useful reminder to myself to keep an eye out for other phantom opinions  looking to draw blood.
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