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Here is an example of how NOT to do blog curation - Watch how this guy rips of my content and tries to claim it as his own. This follows on from yesterdays pageone curator video. If you have not watched that video and are interested in blog curation, be sure to check it out here.
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Great post. I'm just getting into curation so I'm still learning but as a writer I know what it is like to have people rip off your work. So what exactly do you do now? Do you contact the site?
Thank you so much for this. This helped me answer all the questions I was confused about blog curation.
This is a great information source regarding the simple reasons why one should not do blog Curation.
I really appreciate this video thank you very much.
This was fun to watch and not to mention that it is very helpful
I'm very interested in this video and im very thankful that you took the time to build this one.
Great Share here, I hope many of my articles aren't being mutilated like this, but if so I hope Google catches them digital crooks.
I am still learning about blog curation, this helped me out a lot!
Nice video, Tim. This is exactly what we should try to avoid
Those are really great tips Tim. I hope to see more videos about blog curation. :)
Thank you so much for this. I'm pretty guilty about doing some of those stuffs you have showed on the video XD
I tried mimicking what you have done but the results where not so great...
Information and intellectual resources piracy should have a huge penalty.
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