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Video I put together about the Google Plus Conspiracy Code, which we are launching tomorrow. Any and all comments welcome!
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Thanks +Andrew Skelly - Exciting times ahead with traffic but most definitely a change in direction is needed for many people still stuck in the old ways. Thanks for your kinds words :) Incidentally we firmly believe the OTO needs to be discussed and put out in the open and not hidden away!
Wow Tim I am still trying to get my head around Google+ but it's great you've grabbed the bull by the horns :o)
Thanks +Martin Hurley this is one beast you want to tame and I think we have done a solid job of that.

A lot of people (myself included till I really started using it) underestimated the power of google plus, but no more - Now it's out in the open!

Well I need to go get some shut eye. Thanks for dropping by, I'll check back in here in the morning :)
Hi Tim,

I was just wondering if you had the two Google+ WordPress plugins from your WSO at Warrior Forum for sale separately from the WSO, or can you only get them as the OTO for the WSO right now? If you can get them separately, how? :-)

Thanks for your time, and be well!
Jim Pinkerton
Wow so much fabulous content grabbed it glad I was on your list! Know you guys rock just need to work my way through it all now :-)
+Jim Pinkerton sorry they are only available on the WSO at present. Given the main product is so competitively prices I think it's still a bargain. +Emma Burford thanks so much for your kind words!
I got mine. Thanks Tim I'm sure you worked hard on it. ps you now owe me a weekend of brainstorming and idea sessions. :o) Let me know when you are free...
I am in. Already soaking up like a sponge ;-)
Just watching it at the moment- a great course!
Going thru it now Tim... Quality Material Mate!!!
Tim, I bought your lesson yesterday and to be honest, this is one of the best investment I've ever done! Right now, I am still watching your video at the moment for the 3rd time.
+Tim Buchalka Tim, I found that the "<!-- Place this tag in the <head> of your document -->" was giving me trouble until I moved it from the Head to the Body.
Hi +Tim Buchalka I'm about halfway through this course, I'm enjoying it very much. Thank you for putting this together, can't wait to see the GPlus Pages vids.. Thanks, Darren
I just got the GPCC and oto2 and cannot thank you enough for all the info that goes with the whole package. Sitting down with a pack of ginger biscuits and coffee to take it all in. Have to many T shirts do you own Tim? :)
Glad you are enjoying it +Kev Webster !   Hope you get a lot out of it, and as to how many?   Lets just say a lot  lol
Hi Hector, we are not launching version as the current one is still very relevant.  We are looking to add a few bits here on there on what has changed though.
Glad to hear it +Hector Herrera  !   you will get better and better results with the more you learn I am sure.
Thanks +Hector Herrera thats a program we recommend from John Pearce.  I am sure you will like it, it's top notch!
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