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Have you checked out the Google Plus Conspiracy Code yet? Interested in hearing your opinions. Happy to answer any questions you may have about it.
I thought I would discuss a little bit about what the Google Plus Conspiracy Code is to give you a feel for whether it's something that might be of value t
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Just working my way through it! So far, so good!!! Packed with detail too.
Thanks +Dan O'Neil hope you enjoy it ! Yeah its got a lot of detail in there, thats for sure.
I have still going through it - I've set aside a couple of ours 2 day to finish it off as it is extremely valuable stuff. +Tim Buchalka have you seen White Board Friday today by SEOMoz?
Hi +Brian Parnall thanks for the feedback! Enjoy it. And yes I did watch that today, the 6 things you should change to stop getting caught with the over optimisation penalty? Great video.
Thanks Tim! Digging the content, solid, easy-to-follow structure...thanks tons. I would suggest adding a "Next Video" link to each page to smooth transition for users.
Hi Tim--went through the whole course in one sitting! Tremendously valuable, one of those courses I will study in great detail and implement this week. Thanks again.
Hey +Tim Buchalka ... Just a quick note to say "full marks" for a great educational program. Like +Tom Davidson-Marx, I, too, went through the whole course in a single sitting. I literally took the whole day off from programming and writing yesterday so I could take in your lessons. I'm rarely impressed by a WSO (literally), but yours was worth both the price and my time. I'm less enthusiastic about your OTO, but for non-techies, I it has a lot of value. Great job, Tim!
Oh, one more thing, like +AgileMedia Guy suggested, I also recommend a "Next/Prev" link AND your full left-hand navigation on all pages. It's a PITA having to go back to the main page to get to a video. Cheers!
Thanks +Tom Davidson-Marx +David Bynon for your feedback. Glad you got a lot out of it. I'll sort out those links tomorrow! Great idea. It's funny when you are so heavily involved in a project you don't see the forest for the trees.

That "Next Video" functionality is so obvious that it should have been implemented.

And yes +David Bynon I agree, if you have the tech skills the OTO is maybe less needed, but with that said as a former software developer I'd rather have a plugin do it for me :)
+Tim Buchalka I'm with you man, its about time and I'd rather a plugin that spend the extra time messing with the code
I was getting ready to do a sub-course in Profit.FM about the hard way of setting this up. I would much rather use a plugin myself. Makes the entire process so much easier. Good product guys. Hopefully most people won't actually use it. :)
HI +Mike Johnson thanks for that, appreciate it! And yes I hear you about people not using it - It's a bit of a secret weapon :)
just starting to work my way through the videos Tim. I've had a google plus account for a while now, but have not used it much...
Tim, thanks for putting this together and selling it so cheap. I am really enjoying it and can see the benefit.
+Mtn Jim Fisher sounds great, the videos will teach you exactly what you need to know to get the most out of Google plus. And +Will Cunningham appreciate that, and am glad you are enjoying it!
Well, +Chis Misawst it is still a viable selling platform, but not by just blasting out links - I mean really, how effective is that on any platform.

A lot better to get to know people, engage with them, find out their interests and share yours, and also share what you are good at (your products) not in a "shove it in their face" type approach but more a sharing, and genuinely trying to help out type of approach.

Works a lot better.. And yes it is also good for SEO :)
Hi +Tim Buchalka obviously, I got through some parts of this video series, thanks to the bonus video 1. I had a stagnant G+ account and I must say I am envious of +David Bynon and +Tom Davidson-Marx who were able to go through this series so fast.

Nonetheless, I am so grateful that you and your brother developed these videos and gave me the opportunity to learn and implement the G+ system into my internet marketing
Thanks to you and your brother for this product. I am still going through the videos and hope to apply this system with my own marketing. Thanks for the detailed information within the videos, it has a been a huge help! Looking forward to great results!
I'm going through all of your videos right now and am pleasantly surprised that you were thorough. Now I don't have to ask the stupid questions!
Thanks +Dita Irvine glad to be of service and sounds like you are getting through it ok - there is no "right" pace to complete it, whatever feels right for you.

And +Mark Lucas great to hear! Glad it's been helpful, +Marcie Mower you can just use the service as your personal profile and add links from it to your business page (assuming you have access to the advanced version). So name it just your personal profile that will work.

+Brandon Hart glad you are getting a lot out of it. We did agonise about whether we want into too much detail, but I think thorough is a good thing!
In my opinion it's the vision and understanding of what Google+ is that most people are confused about. Your series definitely helped me to see that. I read an article that +Guy Kawasaki posted this morning on "Why Ford Believes in Google Plus". It's interesting to see how Ford plans on using its "engineers, designers and other Ford employees with intimate knowledge of our products" to create a more personal experience with their customers.
Hi Tim, I'm halfway inside the G + Conspiracy Code course and as usual you deliver the best of the best thanks so much I'm really happy that I'm on your list this would have taken me weeks if not months to learn self +Tim Buchalka
Interesting +Brandon Hart, yes people don't seem to have a clear idea on what they are trying to achieve. Google plus will evolve and get better and better over time. +L Axel Lundberg thanks so much for that, glad you are getting value out of it!
I purchased it and have just completed video 4! At this point I felt ready to set up my main account so I could follow along and set up Google+ for Business. Without your training +Tim Buchalka in those tutorials, I can assure you, I'd be LOST and doing everything wrong right now! For anyone who would like to set up Google+ correctly, these tutorials are a MUST! I can't wait to move on, but now am stuck having a blast here! Haha!
+Tim Buchalka - working my way through the material now - great stuff so far and I haven't even got to the plug-ins yet...
I'm also studying the walk thorough. Very interesting! Thanks!
Great work on the course +Tim Buchalka, I found it well structured and easy to follow, cheers!
Thanks +Tim Shrieves and +Anthony Buchalka good point - Traditionally +Matt Cutts, Google are not the best at training on their services (no offence intended, maybe they are too busy building great products).

+Google Australia and +Larry Page, its clear people are loving this course, so drop me a line and I'll set you up with access - Maybe this can be an official Google+ course to help out anyone new to Google+ ?
Good idea! That would expand your circles a bit ;)
It sure would +Mike Taylor - Just imagine how many other people would get their hands on the training. Would be awesome!
Hey +Tim Buchalka - you mentioned in the training about holding a webinar tomorrow - Tuesday at 7pm EST (Midnight BST in UK). Haven't seen a link from GT Webinar. Is it still happening>
Hi +Caroline Jones - Webinar has moved to Thursday 7pm EST - Sorry about that, we just sent out an email about it.
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