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Tim Buchalka

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Great little free course on how to publish an app on Google play.

Grab it while its free!
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+Johnson Lfeoluwa learning to program in Java would be a great way to understand it.  Is that what you mean?
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Tim Buchalka

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Just login to Udemy and click Add Discussion and leave your question there and I will answer you in Udemy.


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Tim Buchalka

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Hi Alexander,

No problems at all.  I totally understand where you are coming from.  I am in depth in detail with the new interface.

Really, right now, I am waiting for the final Android 5 firmware for my Nexus 7 to hit so I know I am on the final code base.  I believe its any day now  :)

Leave this all with me and I will get back to you.

I am a pretty determined guy.  I may not have all the answers right now, but you can bet I will get them and figure it all out.

Stay tuned.  Oh and thanks for the kind works on the course as well.  I really do like the the Android SDK in general (I've also done a fair amount of Objective-C iOS) - Yeah I know boo-hiss!!  :)

Seriously though, I much prefer the Java/Android solution!  And IntelliJ in Android Studio rocks (I was using early versions of IntelliJ in about 2003 when writing enterprise Java stuff!).

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Tim Buchalka

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Tim Buchalka

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Lets Make The Funky Squid jump is a new game and available for both iOS and Android!
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Tim Buchalka

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I just backed this awesome new service.  Looks great.
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Good morning!
Tim Buchalka:
I recently met a little trouble in learning your lessons(Learn Android App Development With Java Step By Step), use of
the process, I hope you can solve:
When I play video, matching subtitles only English to choose from,
but I would like to add international Chinese subtitles, which helps my
learning and reading, but also help your application to be able to attract
more consumers to use.
In google store, I stumbled upon an application: name: "Udacity",
which has about subtitles solutions, I am very happy, but we would like you
can do better than them, I added the following to use " Udacity "learning
video shots, I hope you can refer to your application as soon as possible
to improve, to better serve customers, thank you!

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Tim Buchalka

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Finally, after more than a week of it not working, Google have fixed the SDK in Eclipse again for new projects - update your SDK Manager to 24.0.2 if you are having problems.
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Tim Buchalka

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Get 85% discount off my new Android L SDK Video course with this link.

If you are wanting to get into Android development, and to take advantage of the new Android lollipop features in the new version, this course is for you!

The discount expires in 72 hours, so don't miss it!

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Glad to hear it! Enjoy the course!
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Tim Buchalka

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Get my brand new reskinning games ebook and VIDEO COURSE for free!  Details below!
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Tim Buchalka

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Got a game in the Apple app store?  Are you prepared for iOS 8?  Make sure you have updated your ad frameworks!

Plus I also discuss two great new features of iOS 8 to help you bring in more downloads.  Will you be using these?
Tweet This is a blog post to discuss new changes for iOS 8 that you should be aware of. Now quite apart from the fact that there are new iPhones that we have to worry about for our games, the most pressing issue right now is your ad networks. Simply put, you need to make …
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Hi Tim, I need some support re the Viral Social Slider as it's not functioning correctly but I cannot access the member's area or the support desk.
Could you tell me if it is still supported and updated and where I need to go to get both support and updates please?
Regards, Kevin Walker.
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Mobile Games Development, Reskinning, and Project Management
I'm a game designer, and creative director for Intrinsic Services Pty Ltd where I provide consultancy services for mobile games development.

In recent times my business has taken a turn into reskinning apps, that is replacing the graphics, sound and music from a game and effectively creating a brand new game.

This is such a new and exciting area of mobile games, that I created an entire blog to talk about it.   Visit my reskinning apps blog for more information which I aim to regularly keep updated.

I can help you in virtually all aspects of mobile games including managing your game to ensure it gets completed on time and on budget, through to providing development services.

My focus is on the Apple app store for IOS games, however I have successfully published to the major Android app stores including Google Play, Amazon's App Store, the Barnes and Noble Nook Store and Samsung's App Store.

Previously I worked full time as creative director and games designer for Funky Squid Games producing games for IOS and Android platforms.

I've been a gamer since the days of the ZX-80 and Apple ][e (font memories of Bill Budges Pinball).

I can remember writing my first ever game way back in 1980.  I never really pursued my passion for developing games until 2011 when I started dabbling in it seriously.

Over the years I've read many games programming books and learned many software development toolkits, but never really went for it.

Check out my corporate website for mobile game consultancy services.   

I've also posted in detail in the past on this game development blog if you are interested.

Bottom line is I was born to create computer games, I am having a blast, and I really hope the games we create are loved by the players!

If you are looking for someone to help get your mobile app to market why not drop me a line?
Bragging rights
I am doing what I am most passionate about in life, which is being helping mobile games into the hands of players. Life is all about following your passion. It took me many years to realise this, and now I am making up for lost time!
  • Mount Gambier
    Year 10 - Left due to illness (Asthma if you must know) - Don't worry I don't suffer from it anymore.
Basic Information
Focusing on Mobile Apps Services, including project management, reskinning, and software development
Project Management, Software Development, English as a first language :) Specific skills in IOS and Android with Objective-C, Cocos2D, Corona SDK, Lua, and Java.
  • Self Employed
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