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This is the new, updated, and improved circle of people who call them selves Anti-theists and people who actively oppose religion.

If you want to be added to the merry gang of modern day heretics, leave a message on the original post.

Circle. Enjoy. Share.
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Tim - I thought the circle included people who oppose and people who are religious. All willing to actively debate? Did I read the original description wrong?
Thanks for that circle share Tim! Feel free to add me at your leisure!
Ahh - yes - looks like I DID read it wrong. Oh well - great circle anyways.
Rubin, no, no religious people in the circle. only Anti-theists and people who actively oppose religion. I guess there could be religious people in there as long as they actively oppose religion.
+Tim Brooks - would be good to find religious people willing to actively debate with us.
Rubin, that is a great idea! I will start on that, I know a few already that may be interested.
I hate the word atheist because I think it gives unwarrented credence to theism... Anti-Theism sounds so much better.. count me in please.
+Rubin Dhillon I'm new here and just getting my circles established, but I'm already surprised how many apparent Believers follow obvious Atheist/Antitheist posts, then jump in about being offended by the posts. Seems they are at least willing to diss, if not debate. They could be called up with + links to them into potential debate circles?
+John R. Ellis , +Tim Brooks - I have found that G+ is an incredible community of mostly intelligent people who like to debate and more importantly - know how to. I have learned so much from people here and have, on occasion, had my perspective changed. You do find those on both sides of the religion subject that I would definitely not recommend debating - will turn into a full-on war.

However, just think how great it would be to have a constructive, educated debate with those religious people who think differently to us. I have had a few such conversations and would love to have more.

Thanks for sharing the circle.
Feel free to count me into this circle =)
I feel I belong here with you awesome folks.
Jason we have love thats for sure, but this is not as much for pages as people. That being said, if they comment on this post as the page then I will add them.
Stick me in here! I'm not a huge poster, but I'm certainly an anti-theist. And I love "debating"... :-)
+Tim Brooks This definitely sounds like my kind of circle! I rarely make posts about my anti-theistic ways, but I do aggressively oppose it in the comments on everyone else's posts. ;)
everyone accounted and added so far :)
Count me in with everyone who loved "Science Saved My Soul" by philhellenes on YouTube :)
Please include me in the circle. I enjoy nothing more than attempting to systematically rid our world of the cancer that is religion. It is a necessity if we are to move on as a species.
got everyone so far :)

I will be sharing the updated circle in the morning and will leave a post here when I do.
gotcha Geoffrey, ur in now
Its good to see so many people who are anti-theist! Add me :)
No, I have to re-post the updated circle, I will do it now and put a link to the post here so all the new people can share it as well, if they would be so kind :)
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