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In today’s proposed HTTP status code 451 news; the UK Open Rights Group’s 451unavailable dot org, with media coverage from Digital Trends at and Vice at
Courts can order your Internet Service Provider to block certain websites.
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Maxx D
Nice idea, but if it bothers courts, they will simply add to the order that a specific code such as 404 or 410 must be used.
Courts are generally not bothered, but I can see plaintiffs wanting to keep things secret, given the number of times they try to utterly gag respondants whilst a case is underway.
This is about two things: transparency and breaking a problem down into bite sized chunks.  Transparency because it makes it clear WHY a website cannot be served to the user.  Bite sized chunks because, taking Maxx Daymon's comment as an example, if courts do start forbidding the use of the 451 code, then people can start campaigning about that - which would then be a more specific (and smaller) change to bring into effect.

Still lots more work to be done though. :(
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