I played through the #Diablo3 beta last night; it only took a couple of hours, and I was underwhelmed.

I built a Monk and the character seemed ludicrously overpowered, never once really getting in trouble; wiped out the final boss on the first try. Also, the sense of menace that I recall from D2 was missing. It felt slow, but then I seem to recall that early-stage characters in D2 did as well; I only got up to level 10.

I liked:
- The fact that there’s a time-of-day readout, so you don’t accidentally stay up till 3AM
- The lack of skill-design choices that you don’t fully understand and might turn out to be irrevocable. But does this mean you have less scope for a fully custom build?
- “There is no cow level” sign on the sign-in. I bet there is, really.
- Beautiful graphics.
- Visual wit in the monsters; the fat guys that you have to kill twice, one way or the other.
- It ran well on my late-2011 15" MBPro with 8G, as long as you don’t mind the fan blowing all the time. Beautifully on the big Mac Pro with upgraded video card, of course.
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