#ingress is back!  I’d stopped playing, because there were just no portal keys being dropped, and if I can’t paint triangled tesselations on my landscape, I can’t see why I’d do it.

So I’m on vacation in Regina, Saskatchewan, and glanced idly at the map and noticed a few new portals, including a still-unclaimed one not far away. I’ve played most parts of the game but never claimed a new portal. So I drove over, deployed, hacked, got a key. Went to another one that was on the route, hacked, got a portal key.  Went to new other-side portal, smashed, deployed, got a portal key. Went to a medium-level portal on our side, no portal key. 3 out of 4 is good enough for me.

Meanwhile, back home in Vancouver, things have gone seriously sideways, it's chaos, portals are decaying back to grey.  Lots of good work to be done when I get back.  

Simple picture is Regina, complex one Vancouver.
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