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#ingress is back!  I’d stopped playing, because there were just no portal keys being dropped, and if I can’t paint triangled tesselations on my landscape, I can’t see why I’d do it.

So I’m on vacation in Regina, Saskatchewan, and glanced idly at the map and noticed a few new portals, including a still-unclaimed one not far away. I’ve played most parts of the game but never claimed a new portal. So I drove over, deployed, hacked, got a key. Went to another one that was on the route, hacked, got a portal key.  Went to new other-side portal, smashed, deployed, got a portal key. Went to a medium-level portal on our side, no portal key. 3 out of 4 is good enough for me.

Meanwhile, back home in Vancouver, things have gone seriously sideways, it's chaos, portals are decaying back to grey.  Lots of good work to be done when I get back.  

Simple picture is Regina, complex one Vancouver.
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Interesting. Some parts of Manhattan are such battlegrounds that it's open season even for newbies after the old adversaries blast each other's holdings. Portals left wide open just because people run out of time and resonators.
+John Mifsud submit new portals in your area! Take a picture with gps tagging enabled and share-> email to Niantic. It's a good way to identify interesting micro-local waypoints and expand the game.
So, out of just four hack attempts you got three keys?

Perhaps you should stay in school until you've learned a little more about statistics and projections.  Seriously man, four is nowhere near enough to be a representative sample.  I've gotten more keys from breaking links in the past week.  Their drop rate from hacking is still well below 1:3.
3/4 is good enough for me :D I've been a bit put off with all the traveling my relinking takes the past few weeks. Knowing that keys drop more often is a def plus
Prash D
I've noticed that the key rates are higher on new areas you visit. If you hack a certain portal enough times in the past for it to know you're local it won't be so friendly.  I've gotten multiple keys for portals not within my normal zones.  Maybe this is what you experienced. 
Portal keys dropping when you sever a link started last week as far as I know. Now if the client will just show us what key we just picked up...
Prash D
As far as I can remember portal keys dropped when links got decayed/destroyed...its definitely not a new behavior.
I never saw it happen even once before the change on the 20th.
at least hack one more round and see that it hasnt changed.. 
1/11 today
+John Mifsud Hey I'm here in Miyazaki. I live here and really want to play #ingress, but there is absolutely nothing in the city. I'll start taking pictures and emailing, but I need to know what the best email is for sending ideas for portals. I'm assuming someone at Niantic?
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