Twitter stat overload! (via +Rachel Bremer)

Twitter Numbers
We are averaging 230 million tweets a day
That’s up 110% from the beginning of this year
Another way to think about this is that we are now generating over 5 billion Tweets a month

We now have 100 million monthly active users around the world
Since Jan 1, 2011, this number has already increased 82%
Our active users are now growing faster in 2011 than they did in 2010
US growth is neck and neck with overall global growth
And, we are on pace to add as many active users in the next 4 months as we added in all of 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 combined (26M)
50 million people (half of our active base) log into Twitter every day
In 2011, this number has increased 105%.
Over 55% of our active users are mobile users

Active users are getting value from content.
40% of our active users have not tweeted in the last month
Over 400 million monthly unique visitors to
This number is up almost 70% from the beginning of the year

Of those 100 million...
Every team in the NFL is on Twitter and more than 50% of NFL players
75% of NBA players
82% of the US Congress and 85% of US Senators
87% of the Billboard Top 100 Musicians of 2010
93% of Food Network chefs
100% of the top 50 Nielsen-rated TV shows
and in the UK:

396 British Olympic hopefuls:!/BBCSport_Ollie/olympics/members
35 out of 46 regional UK police forces
More than 40% of British MPs are on Twitter as well, according to Tweetminster:!/tweetminster/ukmps/members
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