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This is some nice 3D printed Medieval gaming scenery on kickstarter. Upsides:
-looks great
-digital rewards so no shipping/delivery hassles

-I'll need to get access to a 3D printer (well I have wanted one for a while, but not really had a proper excuse...)

Google photo autoback up- what a load of invasive rubbish. I did not ask for it, it just appeared, and reappeared every time I reboot, and it has taken me more than 10mins to figure out how to remove it from my PC.
No thank you google. I like your products, but I want to be able to choose what I get and not just randomly give you all my photos.


Well, installing a Skinomi screen cover on my Pebble time was really easy and already looks good 10mins later. Pretty much necessary, as the screen seems distressingly easy to scratch (I have a very tiny one after a week, and there are some horror pictures online)
Not the cheapest (plus I had to get it shipped from America), but the curved screen reduced the options, and this was the only one that seemed to cover the whole glass, not just the LCD area (why would you do this?!?). If you get one, watch the video, as it makes installation really clear, as you have to spray a solution on it as part of the install.
The pack comes with 6 skins and a lifetime replacement guarantee, so they must be pretty confident I won't need it.

#pebbletime #skinomi  

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just bought Papers, Please from the steam sale (50% off). Stopped playing after an hour as it was too stressful-  very strange but great game, I will have to play more another day.

"hot and recommended" appears to actually be "vaccine FUD". The first 8 hot and recommended are all vaccine related (I did not scroll any further), and 7 of those are posts by people in denial of reality. Whether it is measles is harmless, the mercury levels will kill you or (and this was my favourite) a lawyer's view on vaccines (I am hoping for a follow up- an accountant's attempt at open heart surgery...). The 8th post may be too, I just could not stomach reading it by that stage.

No-one I know promotes this kind of drivel, so who is recommeding it? I wonder what the vaccination rates are for kids whose parents work at google?

Why is my home page full of anti-vaccer misinformation? What have I done to deserve this? It is one of the most annoying things I can imagine, and what is worse that I can do nothing about it in any meaningful way- there are no downvotes and if I comment, it will just promote it further.
They seem to believe some paranoid conspriacy theory, that reads like a parody, but sadly isn't. Thank you google for marking it has "hot and recommended"

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If you are interested in a particuarly damning indictment of Wakefields MMR research, this British Medical Journal (BMJ) article is very good. If you look at nothing else, the popup chart (scroll down about half way to find it) shows that the full claims in his article did not match the medical records of any of the 12 children.

While it must be truly upsetting for the parents of children with the disorders Wakefield investigated, fabricating the results and thus misleading the parents in the study,  and subsequently many other parents around the world, about their origins is nothing short of criminal.


that's a new one- someone has just signed up for a netflix account using my email address and their credit card details...
Free Netflix? not so much...I would rather just get my email taken off the account and let them get theirs added.

Unfortunately Netflix seem to have no email contact (chat here we come) and there are no additional contact details in the account to reach the owner.


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trust me to back a quality smartwatch....

I don't even have mine yet so I cannot confirm first hand how terrible it is, but my expectations are very low....

It's safe to say I won't be buying any more products from Kreyos....
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