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Said goodbye to the Kodak PlayTouch video camera last night. Initial problems with video at CES blossomed into bricking. All attempts at resetting and recharging failed.

Next step: upgrade the video capabilities on my iPhone 4S. Neat app called "ProCamera" adds zoom fine-grained control over video quality. Joby's GripTight connector should help me connect to the tripod. Any other tips? What do you use for transforming your smartphone into an awesome camcorder?
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I have nothing (yet) to add to the equipment list Evan compiled a couple of months ago, but my plan for the weekend includes exploring the video capabilities of my own 4S. I'm eager to hear what you come up with.
(though I already like the Joby's connector better than the one Evan recommended, because my iPhone lives in a Lifeproof case because I'm a klutz...)
Interestingly, +John Rosevear, the connector can be found at REI. I suppose we two aren't the only klutzes who fear destroying a phone on a rock somewhere. 
Not sure if iphone users do this but when it comes to Android, people have ported camera software from other phones. For example I have the note2 camera for my sgs3. 
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