Early morning #writing  at #ces2013  with extra large $5 coffee on the table nearby. Initial reactions to last night's keynote from Dr. Paul Jacobs of QUALCOMM:

1. A good performance. Jacobs offered a nice mix of product news with high-octane demonstrations of what's possible with the forthcoming quad-core 800 series. Best demo: Jacobs on stage with Guillermo Del Toro streaming a clip of Pacific Rim from an 800 series prototype phone.

2. Steve Baller's surprise visit was both funny and interesting. Jacobs spent a lot of time talking up the new Windows phone -- including showing off his own Windows handset -- despite Google being an important partner via Android. Is that changing? I doubt it, but I'm at least a little surprised Jacobs was so overt in backing Microsoft.

3. Every big speech has its awkward moment and Jacobs' came when Alice Eve took the stage. She was there to promote "Star Trek Into Darkness" (Eve plays Dr. Carol Marcus) and the accompanying app, which uses Qualcomm software to bring the movie's world into our own. Jacobs is quite big on this whole blending the real world with the digital. Welcome to the Matrix.

Anyone else see the keynote and want to weigh in?
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