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Okay so it's Black Friday. I won't be spending thousands on gifts today since, you know, we have to eat. But I can still dream about what I'd do if I had a fat budget for switching up my gear. Here goes ...

Right now, I use a three-year-old 15-inch MacBook Pro with a 21-inch external LG screen in my home office. On the road, I use my #iPhone  (3GS still) plus a #chromebook , accessing most needed services via the Web, and that includes writing in #WorkFlowy  and Google Docs.

But that's not my ideal. The more I work away from the office, the more I miss the beauty and feel of working with Apple's hardware. Which is to say what I really want is to have a MacBook Air running a slick edition of Chrome with full access to all of my Googly tools. 

At my desk, I'd upgrade to a  27-inch Thunderbolt display to pair with a 15-inch MacBookPro with Retina Display. I'd still be all Mac, but with a heaping helping of Google software.

Your ideal? Let's hear it. 
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