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Here's the new set-up. Pretty cheap, actually: $33 bought the small tripod (to the left) plus the GripTight that's holding the iPhone. A screw-in connector at the bottom fits the plug-in level that inserts into the SLR-sized Gorillapod. 

+John Rosevear, I have the 4S camera set up to reverse the lens so I can see  what I'm shooting before I hit the record button. Software is called ProCamera. 

I'll post a review at some point. For now, I find myself wondering why I ever bought the PlayTouch. Lesson learned.
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I like this Tim and can't wait for the review.
Hey +Rick Massuch, here's your review:

1. The tripod works great and a different app -- MoviePro -- offers a lot of additional functionality to optimize the video. The file sizes get huge, but I'm otherwise pleased.

2. Reversing the picture to use the FaceTime camera create a huge loss in quality. Your best bet is to use the primary camera.

3. The GripTight is surprisingly stable so far. Here's hoping to holds up when I take my video set-up to South By Southwest in March. 
Thanks Tim.  SXSW experience will be interesting.
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