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Thank you, +Netflix. The streaming king is now the largest position in the Beyers Family Portfolio -- unseating #Apple  -- thanks to gains on this trade, a four-bagger as of today's close:
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Khaaaaaaan! Wow. And it's up another 15% today!

Been on my short list for a few months. Shoulda pulled the trigger a few weeks ago. My bad. Perhaps now I'll wait for a post-hype dip.

Bravo, +Tim Beyers.
Call options were a brilliant move.
Cheers to your good fortune.
I wanted to badly pull the trigger and buy some in the 50's, but I was impatient and got burned when I but a ton for me @ 150 during the big sell-off and sold @ 110.

Congrats on the 4 bagger!   By the way I have a large position in apple, and I'm not selling ...I'm thinking about buying more.
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