Day 2 of #Chromebook  week is underway. Day 1 recap:

* Apple's USB to Ethernet dongle works well enough, but hard wiring into the  network didn't produce nearly the speeds I expected -- or which I get on my Mac. Perhaps translating through USB 2.0 makes a difference?

* Samsung's VGA port is custom, which means you can't go buy an acceptable plug-in dongle at Best Buy or MicroCenter. You have to order from Samsung, and that's presuming they have the right part. The rep I spoke with wasn't entirely sure if they even make the part anymore. Not awesome. (On the plus side, it seems the newer models have plug-in HDMI.)

* Plug-in USB works really well. I'm typing from my regular Mac keyboard and using my Logitech wireless mouse to navigate between screens no problem. External hard drives show up in the Chromebook's "File" app.

I'm mostly satisfied with the experience so far, with the only major hitch being my inability to plug into an external monitor.
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