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Tim Behrens

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Great mix of sight and sound.  Really beautiful.  I'm subscribed and thankful to have a chance to see your art.
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Tim Behrens

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Just had a fun conversation with +The Music Pulse, +Mark Ferrasci, +Tim Jones, and +Paul Platt, about collaboration in the online world.  Here is our latest effort.  Grateful to be a part.
New Original Song featuring +Paul Platt  and +Tim Behrens 
Lotta fun doing this one
We talked about it tonight on "My Show" with +Mark Ferrasci 
Bayou Blues
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Dark Forest - Frax HD exploration #1 with iOS Sounds
I'm getting rolling with another 10 week round of songwriting over at G-YAWS.  I haven't been in much of a lyrical mood this week, so decided to focus on music.  I created the animation using Frax HD and music with sounds almost entirely from an iPad.  Tons of fun, and I'm pretty sure there will be more.  Thanks for watching!

Dark Forest - Frax HD Exploration #1 with iOS Sounds

#fractals   #frax   #ios   #music   #orchestration  
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Cool graphics and animation.  Sound was nice too.  :)  
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Tim Behrens

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Looking forward to getting some tunes together for this.  So far, it's looking to be a great collection of musicians around the web, doing what they love in support of a great cause.  Excited to see it all unfold.
Say Hello to +Tim Behrens, our newest artist to join the Traveling Guitar Foundation Music and Art Festival on April 4-6, 2014! #TGFMAF   #SaveMusicinSchools  

Tim Behrens is a Kansas City based singer/songwriter and composer who has been writing and performing for over twenty years.  His music encompasses a broad range of styles and formats, from acoustic contemporary folk to orchestral pieces for film/television.  

Since it's beginning days, Tim has been an active part of the Google+ musical community, collaborating with musicians from around the world.  He has contributed music to various causes, including Virtual Photo Walks, the Travelling Guitar Foundation, and, most recently, a March of Dimes compilation album (yet to be released).  Tim has co-hosted the Song Lounge with singer/songwriter James Olmos, brining together musicians from around the web to discuss their respective paths and explore the ups and downs of creative process.

Tim is currently focusing on songwriting and a number of new collaborations, but is thankful for the online world and the opportunities it gives to perform and share.
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Thanks for the kind words, +Robert Caldwell!
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Not only does this sound like a great fit for +Sean Cowen, who has been an incredible supporter of the music community here, I think it would also be a huge opportunity for +Sweetwater Sound.

The Sweetwater Project: Can You Help Me Out a Bit?

Many of you who have known me for a while, know that I'm a huge music lover. I always have been. There was a time when that love disappeared for a while. But when I started +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS over 2 1/2 years ago, that love rebounded in a huge way. Every single Friday night has shown me that love all over again, and our page and community is stronger than ever!

For four long months now, I've been on a long-term layoff. I've struggled to find just the right job in my area. Now, there is a tremendous opportunity at +Sweetwater Sound which is right in my backyard! 

The position is all about social media and marketing (my strengths) and I want to ask each of you to help me in a big way today.

1. First, I'd like to see if we can try trend #sweetwatersound ! I want to show the VP there the POWER of Google+!

2. Second, I'd like to ask if you'd consider attacking some of the posts on their page (feel free to add it also if you like) with comments (and mentioning I sent you there). I know you are all incredible, and you know I don't ask too much for myself that often.

3. Third, I'd like to ask my very best friends (who have known me here for some time) to consider sharing our story - how we met, the things we've done together, how my music page has affected you, the impact I've made on you etc - directly to the man at Sweetwater who can make a difference. He's Jeff McDonald, Vice President of Human Resources. His email is: That's public, so I don't think it would be a problem if he received a few great letters on my behalf. (It would be terrific if a few Googlers weighed-in!)

4. Lastly, I would consider it a personal favor if anyone helped spread this post for me. The last time I was in a jam, so many of you were incredible, helping me to trend #GetSeanAJob that +byron rempel  started on my behalf. Well, this is now the longest layoff of my life, and my need is urgent: I need to work again, and I know I could make a huge impact for Sweetwater, here and across all their social media platforms. If you do decide to share this, thank you, and you know I have nothing but love for you all!

#workingagain #seekingwork #musicindustry  

images via Sweetwater, Google image search

Position: Social Media/Digital Marketing Expert

Sweetwater is seeking an experienced social media and digital marketing specialist to join our creative web marketing team. Your primary focus will be nurturing relationships and conversations with our customers throughout the internet - including Facebook, Twitter, google+, Instagram, forums, blogs, and other customer and music-related websites. You will help coordinate display advertising, giveaways, news stories, and other partnership opportunities with our network of advertising and affiliate partners. You will have a key role in identifying and evaluating new online opportunities.

We are looking for someone with great energy, intelligence, creativity, strong writing skills, and a deep understanding of social marketing and etiquette. You must also have a significant understanding of and a true passion for pro audio gear and musical instruments, and have the gift to share that excitement sincerely with our customers. 

An ideal candidate will have significant experience with online marketing and be able to share examples of successful ideas and campaigns you have executed for other brands. 
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Tim Behrens

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Here's my song for the week, ending week 1 of a new ten week challenge. It's funny how long that week hiatus felt to me. It was a really good reminder to me that the discipline of continuity is a really good thing. I did take a bit of a break, and then found it hard to get back into the swing of things. In any case, this song did come from the phrase 'this is the end'. I looked up words in the thesaurus that were about ending, found some expressions that resonated. It kind of led me to having a late night. My ears were shot, I was frustrated, a bit down on myself. Everything was quiet, except for that buzz in my ears, the one I got from playing music too loud when I was younger. Anyways, this was the result that came to me just before bed, and I polished it up the following evening. I'm actually going to take this one to workshop and am excited to see how it evolves.
Midnight Buzz
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Beautiful song...
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Tim Behrens

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Should be a fun conversation tonight on +The Music Pulse.  I've met some amazing people through Google+, and had the privilege of working with a number of them.  We're going to talk about collaboration in the online world.
We have a very special show planned for you,

Join us next Thursday The 27th, as we talk to Tim Jones and friends, about there recent forays into artist collaboration.  Find out more about how Tim's recent set of collaborative works came about with some of the most respected  Indie Artist's on Google Plus.

+Paul Platt, +Tim Behrens +Rob Michael & +HEATHER FAY  have all added there immense talents to some of Tim's songs as of late.

  I thought what a great conversation it would be, if we couldn't get them all in a room, to talk about the subject.  Go over some of the nuances of what it took for them to work with each other,  how did this project affect them as individual artist?   Each one of these folks are very well known and respected here on the Google Plus platform.

 Each of them having major talents and large fan followings of there own.  But what happens when you take this individual talent and have to work with someone else?  This is just some of the things we will be touching on when we get them all in the room together with me this next Thursday night..

Good Stuff!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by The Music Pulse. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Artist Collaboration Is Alive and Well On G+
Thu, March 27, 9:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Tim Behrens

commented on a video on YouTube.
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This is really incredible.
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Very nice. 
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Tim Behrens

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My song for the week.  This week's theme was 'Against the Grain'.  I have a more orchestrated version in the works, but may not make the deadline.  Opted for a live performance, just in case.  

'Against the Grain'
I don’t mean to differ
Or choose a troubled life
It’s just the lines they were feeding me
Never felt quite right
Told me to settle down, some small town
Plant my roots and grow
Tried not to listen, all this listening’s left me low
Against the grain ain’t easy
It’s just the only thing I’ve known

Well, I don’t mean to wander
Pretending I’m still young
It’s just that the song they were singing me
 Left so much left unsung
Told me I should nine to five, wear a suit and tie
Set my sights on gold
I tried to fit the pieces to a puzzle made of no
Against the grain ain’t easy
It’s just the only thing I’ve known

 Nothing has been easy, the world’s not been kind
I face the winds that seize me, keep an open mind
 Been writing my own story, finding my own way
Carrying all the sign posts, the messages that block my way
Tried all the motions left me nothing I could show

Against the grain ain’t easy
It’s just the only thing I know

'Gainst the Grain'
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Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Freelance Designer, IT Professional
Songwriting, Music Production, Web/Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Systems Support
Basic Information
June 16
Other names
Some call me Tim
Multi-Instrumental Singer/Songwriter, Composer, iPad Musician, and Digital Enthusiast

I am a multi-instrumental singer/songwriter who has been writing and performing for over twenty years.  My primary instruments are guitar and keyboard.  I also love using the iPad as a playing service and production tool.  I'm very interested in midi orchestration, sound design, songwriting, and creative process.  

I have played in a number of midwest based bands, most extensively as a guitarist for Dream West and Kansas City-based Half Price Buddha.  I have also been fortunate to be a session musician for a number of local folk artists.

For a number of years, I was a freelance graphic designer, and still very much enjoy creating web graphics for small businesses and websites.  I currently split my time between music and working as IT professional.  My technical background has helped my design and musical pursuits greatly, and I always enjoy consulting with others to help them achieve their creative ends.

The online community at Google+ has given me some great opportunities to perform and network.  My work has been used for organizations like +VirtualPhotoWalks, +theTravelingGuitarFoundation, and on a March of Dimes compilation album (yet to be released).  I have performed for the Artist In the Plus music festivals, the TGF Music Festival, Billy Wilson Show, the Circle with Terry Lynn Melody, the Song Lounge, and also enjoy sharing music through StreetJelly.  I always enjoy meeting new people and talking about how our creative goals can benefit one another.  Please don’t hesitate to say hello!

Circles I'd Like To Be A Part Of

Singer/Songwriters and Composers
Acoustic Musicians
iPad Music
Poetry and Lyrics
Graphic Design
Technology Enthusiasts
Amateur Photography

Bragging rights
My iOS Music demos have been featured on a number of my favorite sites, including,, and I recently won a scoring contest at iPad Musician and came in 2nd place for a musical competition hosted by Shiverware. My prize was an iPad mini retina! I have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with a number of well known musicians at Google+, including Tim Jones, Paul Platt, Kate Butson, James Olmos, Kirk Rustman, Matt Gibson. There are so many great folks to know here!
  • University of Missouri–Columbia
    Psychology, 1992 - 1996