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Product Owner for Web at eviivo


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Frustration with USB cable orientation will be a thing of the past

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Crazy that they did this

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Map: More than half of humanity lives within this circle

Amazingly, the numbers check out. The world population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, is roughly 7,083,460,000. The countries in the circle are ...

China: 1,349,585,838 people (per the Census again)
India: 1,220,800,359
Indonesia: 251,160,124
Bangladesh: 163,654,860
Japan: 127,253,075
Philippines: 105,720,644
Vietnam: 92,477,857
Thailand: 67,448,120
Burma: 55,167,330
South Korea: 48,955,203
Nepal: 30,430,267
Malaysia: 29,628,392
North Korea: 24,720,407
Taiwan: 23,299,716
Sri Lanka: 21,675,648
Cambodia: 15,205,539
Laos: 6,695,166
Mongolia: 3,226,516
Bhutan: 725,296

… which adds up to a grand total of 3,637,830,357, or roughly 51.4 percent of the global population. (The circle also appears to include parts of Russia and Pakistan, which I haven't included, and may have cut off a bit of northwest China.)


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Why am I not still here? Got withdrawal

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Can't...stop...listening....Omega - Gyöngyhajú lány

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Good 12k ride out round Bushey Park

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_World War Z zombies were autonomous agents acting on their own!

Wow!! Instead of animating all those CGI zombies in the recent Brad Pitt vehicle World War Z, they actually gave them a mind of their own and turned them loose.

Even the animators didn't know what they would do!

#cgi   #worldwarz  

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Apple's WWDC app is "flatter." A preview of what's to come from iOS 7? 

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Amazing photos curated by
How long until there's a buzzfeed post about this? ;-)
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