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Nexus 5x  - 
I've no idea what the support experience is like for Nexus owners in the US, but here in the UK I can say that it's pretty damn poor.

My N5x spontaneously developed a boot loop this morning as I arrived at work. With no access to recovery mode and a cycle of reboots varying between constant (requiring power off via the fastboot menu) or intermittent (8-10 minutes after successfully booting) I've had to spend nearly 7 hours discussing the issue with no less than 3 Google store support staff.

All of them were very polite and as helpful as could be. None of them took ownership and proactively contacted me, leaving it up to me to chase the issue up repeatedly.
All of them asked me the same questions (was it dropped, was there water damage, etc, etc). None of them checked the notes that I hope were made detailing the problem solving I had attempted to do, and had explained at length to each person I dealt with.

So now I'm stuck with a Blackberry of questionable reliability from the back of the drawer like some kind of caveman until my replacement device shows up.
Current order status is Pending of course, so it's anyone's guess when it will actually arrive.

So, 3 staff members + 7 hours for one RMA, with up to 5 days wait for resolution.

Compare this with Amazon who I had to deal with earlier this month (it's not been a good month for technology here). Automated process + 10 minutes processing + 1 day for a full refund.

I know who I'll be buying phones from in future.
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Tim Anslow

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Happy New Year people.

Hope you have a great night and a great year ahead of you.

In the words of Brad Paisley:

Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.
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Tim Anslow

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Merry Xmas &/or happy holidays to you all.

Whatever you're doing and whomever you are with I hope you enjoy it.
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Tim Anslow

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+23andMe what happened to the Android App - it seems to be no longer available in the Google Play Store?
I asked some time back but got no answer?
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Tim Anslow

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When you check your tracking and your Nexus 5x is out for delivery
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Tim Anslow

▶ Troubleshooting Help  - 
A while back I installed the Zed code editor app; subsequently I uninstalled it. 
Since then, I've been plagued with a notification on every start of my chromebook which I can't figure how to get rid of.
I was able to find a "config|.zedstate" in my Google Drive which I deleted, however that seems to have made no difference.

It's beginning to irritate me now, and I'm getting no help in the app's Google Groups or from appeals to their Twitter account so any suggestions the community may have would be much appreciated at this point..
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Thanks +Patrick Lerou - I've not really dabbled with offline files much as I tend to use my phone for almost everything and the Chromebook as a dumb terminal to remote into various home boxes when they need maintenance.
Lo and behold, offline files had a ".zedstate" file which had no delete option. I went the 'Clear Local Data' route mentioned here!topic/chromebook-central/gPGrPR0s9HQ to get rid of it.
A reboot shows that I'm finally free of that pesky notification.
Many thanks
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Tim Anslow

Discussion  - 
Hi - joined with a question I'm afraid.

Since implementing a Fortigate 60D with 5.2.3 a few weeks ago the system log shows an hourly entry reporting numbers of files dropped by quard.

The entry provides no real information as to the cause, and I'm struggling to locate information online that indicates whether we should be concerned about this.

I've found reference to the quarantine daemon in the CLI manual and methods of debugging however I can't determine what options are available to use with the diag test application quarantined command and am concerned about running such commands blind in a production environment.

Can anyone offer some advice on the following:
1. How can I determine the reason for this behaviour?
2. Should I be concerned about this, or is it typical?
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The moment I posted:
The quard event frequently reports 100s of files dropped within the previous hour - I think it's safe to assume that it's not related to the Sandbox functionality.
I should have guessed I'd be wrong.

I'd assumed that the firewall would be smart enough to not attempt to upload any more files once it reached a defined limit with a defined expiry time. However running diag debug appl quarantine -1 gave the clear indication otherwise.

Thanks all for the guidance - I'm just rather disappointed that the debug information "FortiCloud sandbox daily limit reached" isn't logged under the system event log Reason field. 
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Tim Anslow

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It begins...
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Tim Anslow

Apps & Games  - 
Looks like Android Pay is really coming to the UK after all.

I've been able to enable and update the app this morning, and have it persist after a reboot for the first time.

Still can't add a payment card, but that's no surprise at the moment given the lack of official announcement.
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+Tim Anslow Gonna have a go with your method and see if it works
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Tim Anslow

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You can always rely on Parcelforce - I don't think I'll be seeing my Google USB cables today.

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Tim Anslow

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That's a painfully honest change log..
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I've had to send my X2 in for a power button repair under warranty, so switched back to my X1 in the meantime. The X2 was on 5.0 and the X1 is on 4.4.

Switching across really emphasises a few things for me:

1. I miss the bigger phone that I thought I'd never get used to.

2. I miss the Lollipop goodness: smart lock, notifications, etc.

3. Motorola royally cocked up the 5.0 release for the X2. I'm running the same apps in the same way and I have no network / Bluetooth delays affecting notifications etc, I can hear Assist notifications when driving, no more UI lag or randomly closing apps because of the memory leak.

I may well keep using the X1 when the X2 returns until the promised 5.1 update at this rate.
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I have no issues apart from the network lag/no response problem. I find flipping airplane mode on fixes it temporarily but it doesn't last long, especially if the network is congested. It is a real issue that urgently needs fixing. Restart makes it better for longer but is still temporary.
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Ageing as disgracefully as I can..
Hey, how're you?

I'm active on G+ most days although I tend to comment and contribute more than I post during the week at the moment, although I'm trying to change that (so bear with me). Although I'm on a few other networks Google+ is where I tend to be most active and feel most at home.

I was born and raised in the UK but do my best to travel as much as time and money allow. I'm always keen to listen and learn about new places, cultures and traditions.
I've worked as a software developer since 1998 (more by accident than design) after a short stint teaching law. I never post about my employer or the specifics of my working day because I do my best to separate my work and personal life.

What I'm interested in:
  • Gadgets (the more pointless / frivolous the better)
  • Tech
  • Travel
  • Animals (yes, the occasional cat picture is likely..)
  • Android 
  • Motorbikes
  • Music
  • Films
  • TV
But of course none of this defines who I am - so talk to me and find out for yourself.

Bragging rights
Tougher than a set of Ford Transit doors..
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