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Tim Anslow
Ageing as disgracefully as I can..
Ageing as disgracefully as I can..

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I've no idea what the support experience is like for Nexus owners in the US, but here in the UK I can say that it's pretty damn poor.

My N5x spontaneously developed a boot loop this morning as I arrived at work. With no access to recovery mode and a cycle of reboots varying between constant (requiring power off via the fastboot menu) or intermittent (8-10 minutes after successfully booting) I've had to spend nearly 7 hours discussing the issue with no less than 3 Google store support staff.

All of them were very polite and as helpful as could be. None of them took ownership and proactively contacted me, leaving it up to me to chase the issue up repeatedly.
All of them asked me the same questions (was it dropped, was there water damage, etc, etc). None of them checked the notes that I hope were made detailing the problem solving I had attempted to do, and had explained at length to each person I dealt with.

So now I'm stuck with a Blackberry of questionable reliability from the back of the drawer like some kind of caveman until my replacement device shows up.
Current order status is Pending of course, so it's anyone's guess when it will actually arrive.

So, 3 staff members + 7 hours for one RMA, with up to 5 days wait for resolution.

Compare this with Amazon who I had to deal with earlier this month (it's not been a good month for technology here). Automated process + 10 minutes processing + 1 day for a full refund.

I know who I'll be buying phones from in future.

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Looks like Android Pay is really coming to the UK after all.

I've been able to enable and update the app this morning, and have it persist after a reboot for the first time.

Still can't add a payment card, but that's no surprise at the moment given the lack of official announcement.

Happy New Year people.

Hope you have a great night and a great year ahead of you.

In the words of Brad Paisley:

Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

Merry Xmas &/or happy holidays to you all.

Whatever you're doing and whomever you are with I hope you enjoy it.

+23andMe what happened to the Android App - it seems to be no longer available in the Google Play Store?
I asked some time back but got no answer?

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You can always rely on Parcelforce - I don't think I'll be seeing my Google USB cables today.


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When you check your tracking and your Nexus 5x is out for delivery
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That's a painfully honest change log..

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A while back I installed the Zed code editor app; subsequently I uninstalled it. 
Since then, I've been plagued with a notification on every start of my chromebook which I can't figure how to get rid of.
I was able to find a "config|.zedstate" in my Google Drive which I deleted, however that seems to have made no difference.

It's beginning to irritate me now, and I'm getting no help in the app's Google Groups or from appeals to their Twitter account so any suggestions the community may have would be much appreciated at this point..

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Hi - joined with a question I'm afraid.

Since implementing a Fortigate 60D with 5.2.3 a few weeks ago the system log shows an hourly entry reporting numbers of files dropped by quard.

The entry provides no real information as to the cause, and I'm struggling to locate information online that indicates whether we should be concerned about this.

I've found reference to the quarantine daemon in the CLI manual and methods of debugging however I can't determine what options are available to use with the diag test application quarantined command and am concerned about running such commands blind in a production environment.

Can anyone offer some advice on the following:
1. How can I determine the reason for this behaviour?
2. Should I be concerned about this, or is it typical?
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