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Tilly-Jayne Kidman
Fashion Marketing Student & Fashion Blogger
Fashion Marketing Student & Fashion Blogger

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I'm On YouTube!
Hello to the world of YouTube! I finally bit the bullet and created my own YouTube channel. This is something that has been on my agenda since, hmm, let me think - around 2013! I even filmed a haul back then but I was too nervous to share it and that's abou...

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Postcards From Paris Part One
Oh hey! Sorry things were a little quiet around here last week, I was a little in over my head with work work work. As you'll know if you follow me on Instagram , I spent a few days in Paris last week and despite the downpours and bitter chill in the air, h...

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Help I'm Having A Quarter Life Crisis
Next month I turn 25. Twenty five years of age . A quarter of a century. The wrong side of my twenties. Sailing towards 30. Fuck! Perhaps to some of you this won't seem so bad (espesh if you're over 25 and think I'm being a big old drama queen, guilty) but ...

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Edinburgh Vegan Eats
As y'all know in December I hopped on the train up to Edinburgh for a long weekend away. You can find my hotel review HERE and my weekend post HERE but now for the good stuff. One of the main attractions about Edinburgh for me was the banging vegan food sce...

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Packing For A Weekend In Paris
It's finally time for my first trip of 2017! You can have a peep at my full 2017 travel plans here if you fancy a nose. So I'm heading off to Paris for a weekend with Charlie, he actually surprised me with this trip for Christmas and I was over the moon. As...

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P.S. I Love Jord
Well well well, here's a turn for the books. For once I was able to get behind the camera and shoot rather than awkwardly pretending to walk and practice my best nonchalant poses.  Charlie's made an appearance a few times on here but it's been a while since...

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2017 Travel Plans
I realised I'd briefly touched on my travel plans when I was reflecting on all things 2016 but hadn't really gone into depth or you know, rambled about it for 300+ words. I already feel like 2017 will be a year of change for me, but in a good way! Generally...

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A Weekend In Edinburgh
This post is a little overdue but better late than never?! So last month Charlie and I took a festive trip to Edinburgh, this was my first ever trip to Scotland (bad, I know!) and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I'd had Copenhagen in mind for a festi...

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On Being A January Cliché
I'm a big old January cliché. This month I joined the gym, yep, I'm one of those eager New Years gym joiners that the regulars sneer at and pass comments over social media on (mainly looking at Facebook, my Twitter is mostly full of supportive sistas). Oh m...

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December Favourites
Eeek, a few days later than usual but my Christmas haze meant that I totally lost track of what day it was and what planet I was on. Anyway I thought I'd still post as I'm trying so hard to stick to this monthly roundup and it's technically still the first ...
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