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How to Increase Wordpress Image Speed by 400%
šŸ‘‰ The Importance of WordPress / WooCommerce Page Speed
šŸ‘‰ Page Speed Basics
šŸ‘‰ Faster sites get higher conversion rates
šŸ‘‰ What Slows Load Time
šŸ˜’ file size
šŸ˜’ image dimensions unnecessarily large
šŸ˜’ when images render
šŸ˜’ server / site hosting
šŸ˜’ image hosting

How to Increase WordPress / WooCommerce Image Speed
šŸ‘‰ Smush
šŸ‘‰ Lazy Loading
šŸ‘‰ Offload Media

#WordPress #PageSpeed
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Google Ads Custom Intent Audiences

1. Email Message: "Audience keywords in Google Ads is being upgraded to custom intent audiences"

2. What are Custom Intent Audiences in Google Ads?

2. Using Custom Intent Audiences in Display Ads (GDN) campaigns and YouTube campaigns

3. How to Create Custom Intent Audiences

4. Custom Intent Audiences vs In-Market Audiences - which should you use and when?

#CustomIntentAudiences #GoogleAds
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Session Quality in Google Analytics

Covered in this video (6mins)
- What is Google Analytics Session Quality
- Requirements for Eligibility
- Accessing The Analytics Session Quality Report
- Analysing Session Quality Data
- Using Session Quality Data for Remarketing Audiences

#GoogleAnalytics #SessionQuality
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How to Target Email Lists With Google Ads
- How to upload an email list to google ads
- Google Ads customer match audience sizes
- Google Ads customer match campaigns
- Using Customer Match and similar audiences
- Advanced Google Ads email list targeting

#GoogleAds #GoogleCustomerMatch
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Facebook First Party Cookies

You probably got a scary email from Facebook in your inbox about a cookie update, right?

Don't Panic!
This short video explains;
- First vs Third Party Cookies
- Updating Your Facebook Pixel Code
- Old Pixel Code Versus New
- Adding the Pixel to Your Site
- Facebook Integrations with WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and Google Tag Manager

#FacebookPixel #FacebookCookies
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Setting Up Shipping in Google Merchant Centre

This week's T-Time Show covers those narky issues with Shipping Policies in the Google Merchant Centre, with several solutions, depending you your eCommerce store's configuration.

- The Dreaded, "Missing Shipping Information" Error
- Why Merchant Google Merchant Centre Needs Shipping Information
- 4 Methods of Adding Shipping Information to Google Merchant Centre
- Adding Shipping Information and Rate Tables in Merchant Centre
- Adding Shipping Data to Your Shopping Feed
- Adding Shipping Data Using a Google Sheet
- Using Merchant Centre Rules to Set Shipping Labels

#GoogleShoppingFeedShipping #GoogleShopping #GoogleAds
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Does Domain Name Help SEO?

In this show, we cover three important questions when deciding which domain name, domain name extension and whether you should have multiple domains, or just one

- Does Domain Name Help SEO?
- Is One Domain, or Multiple Domains Better for SEO?
- Which Domain Extension is Best for SEO?

#SEO #DomainNames
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SOLVED: Google Signals in Google Analytics

You've probably seen a notification in Google Analytics to "Activate Google Signals".

In this show, we explain;
- What is Google Signals?
- Google Signals and Cross Device Tracking Improvements
- Google Signals Reports available in Google Analytics
- How to Activate Google Signals
- Google Signals and GDPR

Supporting Content
Google Signals Blog Post (by Google):

Activate Google Signals (Google Support):

Interpreting Cross Device Reports:

#GoogleSignals #GoogleAnalytics
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Email: Mobile First Indexing Enabled on Your Site?

In this show, we explain:
- What Mobile First Indexing Enabled Means
- Why Google is Going Mobile First (and you should be too!)
- What Mobile First Means for Your SEO
- Mobile First Best Practice

Google Webmasters Post about Mobile First Indexing Rollout:
Mobile Pagespeed Insights to test your site's mobile performance:
28 Tools to Help get Your Site Mobile Ready:

#MobileFirst #SEO #SearchConsole
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Parallel Tracking in Google Ads

In this video, we explain;
- What Google Ads Parallel tracking is and why you need to update the configuration in your Google Ads account.
- The deadline for Parallel tracking to be enabled in your account (30 October 2018).
- How to configure Parallel Tracking in your Google Ads account
- What to do about Parallel Tracking if you're using tracking templates

Additional resources;
Google Help on Parallel Tracking:
About AdWords Conversion Tracking:
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