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I did not expect that there are dangerous USB cables sold. Always feared dangerous chargers...
Here are some pictures of the torn down SurjTech 3M cable that fried my Pixel.

This is a follow up to my review here :

Visual observations :
1. Red wire to G. Black wire to V. So wrong.
2. Missing SuperSpeed wires on the back of the connector. Only 4 wires in total. This cable was advertised as a USB 3.1 SuperSpeed cable but is entirely missing the TX/RX
3. Generally a poor job with the soldering of the wires.

Other observations using a multimeter : 
1) 10 kΩ resistor instead of 56 kΩ resistor used.
2) resistor hooked up as a Pull-down instead of a pull-up

#USB   #TypeC   #USBC  
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Just learned at #Fedora #flock that using taskotron to test Fedora is super easy because no heavy infrastructure is required. #flocktofedora

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Seems like I need to find a new home for #vim-latex
If you're sharing code via SourceForge and care about users or your good name: move! As fast as you can.
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