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Gay stamps coming out in autumn

+Timo Berry, a graphic designer that I know, designed a Tom of Finland (aka Touko Laaksonen) stamp sheet. It's great when you can advance values important to you through your work - like appreciation and open-mindedness.

+Washington Post: “ 'The sheet (of stamps) portrays a sensual life force and being proud of oneself,' said graphic designer Timo Berry, who selected the work that will be printed on stamps released this fall."

Itella postal company: "...Tom of Finland, who is considered one of the most well-known Finnish artists around the world."

#stamp #EroticArt #Finland

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Meditative movements

Looks mesmerizing :)

French Juggler Creates Optical Illusions Using Four Rings
French juggler Lindzee Poi manipulates a quartet of juggling rings so as to make them appear as if they’re rotating around one another in the video “Amelymeloptical Illusion”. Set to “Comptine d'un...
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Data analysis

Have to listen the rest of +Avinash Kaushik 's interview later - already in the beginning loved the idea that a Google Analytics evangelist really appreciates the value in the qualitative data :)

Edit: Few notes after listening the whole interview: Kaushik is more interested in "why" than "what". He wants to understand and make others want to understand - instead of asking for one single simple trick to save the business. He's not obsessed with data, but is more concerned with user experience and business results that follow. Great responsible expert, who refuses to give a simplified answer even when requested for one.

#data #analysis #GoogleAnalytics
If you have 30 mins, here is an interview you might enjoy.  

Some of the topics we discuss key digital marketing strategies, how leadership should deal with responsibilities, and of course optimal analytics strategies to truly rock digital.

I hope you find it to be of value, I welcome your feedback.
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Game mechanics in education

EDUCAUSE: "Game mechanics reinforce the fact that failure is nei- ther a setback nor an outcome but rather an indication that more work is needed to master the skill or knowledge at hand."

#education #gamemechanics
7 Things You Should Know About Games and Learning | EDUCAUSE

Educators have long understood that the interactive dynamic of games has the potential to benefit teaching and learning, and recent years have seen considerable activity surrounding the use of game mechanics in higher education. A diverse matrix of approaches use gaming principles, fully developed games, or other aspects of what some describe as “gameful learning” to increase engagement, enhance learning, and explore new models of education. Game mechanics reinforce the fact that failure is neither a setback nor an outcome but rather an indication that more work is needed to master the skill or knowledge at hand. Games can be highly motivational and engaging for students, and they have the potential to demonstrate that learning can be measured not just by grades but by competencies.

The 7 Things You Should Know About... series from the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) provides concise information on emerging learning technologies. Each brief focuses on a single technology and describes what it is, where it is going, and why it matters to teaching and learning. Use these briefs for a no-jargon, quick overview of a topic and share them with time-pressed colleagues.

In addition to the 7 Things briefs, you may find other ELI resources useful in addressing teaching, learning, and technology issues at your institution. To learn more, please visit the ELI Resources page.
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Developing devices

How to test how easy and intuitive some device is to use? Do you want people say: "Even a child can use this!"

#technology #UX #UI #UserExperience #UserInterface
I have to say that this is one of the more useful "kids react" videos -- because the kids actually give pretty good UX feedback. You can see which things are and aren't obvious for them to operate, which things do and don't make sense to them. (And some of them give explicit feedback which is actually more useful than I've heard from many adults) 

There's a lot to be said for handing your device to a kid and seeing what they do with it.

h/t +Jaime George.
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Public photos

from The Finnish Museum of Photography :)

"The key goal of The Commons is to share hidden treasures from the world's public photography archives."

#photos #photography #commons
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Time to change passwords

It seems there's good reason to have a hard look on your accounts and passwords again!

Found via +Al Remetch

#datasecurity #password #privacy
Change Your Passwords Now

What's being called the "one of the biggest security threats the internet has ever seen" - the Heartbleed Bug is pretty scary. 

For all the non-techies out there it's basically a weakness that affects a whole lot of websites and may have exposed your data (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) to people unknown. 

Visit the page below to see a working list of affected sites and whether or not you need to change your password on those sites. 

HT +Mashable 

#heartbleed   #security  
Heartbleed: A look at which companies have issued a security patch to fix the Heartbleed bug.
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Original content creators

by +Circles Circles Circles - yours truly included :)

It's pity Google has done it more difficult to check if you're in a shared circle or not. Suppose they haven't figured out a better way to limit excessive circle sharing. 

#circleshare   #publicsharedcircles  
Circle of  ORIGINAL CONTENT Creators* 

This circle is dated April 7th,, 2014? 

 Thank you for creating art, ORIGINAL CONTENT CREATOR, and sharing it with the rest of us. 

Those included in this circle are active creators of original content who also re-share this circle and encourage others to post creative personal work. 

This Circle is shared every Monday. Those included are our choice. They are NOT automatically added. 

To be considered: 
1- Add the theme page to your circles 
2- Ask to be included in the Original post 
3- Re-share this circle in your stream 
4- You must be a maker of ORIGINAL work 
5- We will check your stream before adding you 

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#originalcontentcreators     #circles   #circlescirclescircles     #circleshare         #circleshare  
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Thank you for the re-share. 
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Tiina Niskanen

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Productive project meeting

Hilarious :)

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Administrative work (Metropolia), Social Media, Community Management & Content Curation (Summer Photos), self-studies (eg Google's Digital Analytics Fundamentals)
social media, languages (mainly Finnish, English and Swedish, little German and Chinese), photography (hobbyist)
  • Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
    Programme Coordinator, 2013 - present
    Programme Coordinator in "Welfare and Human Functioning" at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, fixed term 27.11.2013 - 7.10.2014.
  • Community management, content curation
    2012 - present
    My voluntary work here in G+ consists of having being a Community Manager for the Weekly Photo Project 2013 and being the Content Curator for the Summer Photos theme page.
  • Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
    Career Services Coordinator, 2008 - 2013
    I'm on 6 months notice as of 3.10.2013 principally without obligation to work - so I'm open to new options - hopefully with something to do with social media.
  • EVTEK University of Applied Sciences
    Career Services Assistant, 1998 - 2008
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Espoo, Finland
Espoo - Helsinki - Stockholm
Social media, photography, learning (SMO, CC, OER) - serendipity, openness.
If you only wish to follow my photo stream, check the

Ready made photo products like cards, prints, canvases, phonecases and phoneskins - see my Society6 , Redbubble and Fine Art America profiles.

Originator, curator and Community Manager of the +Weekly Photo Project 2013 , +Summer Photos  and +Metropolia Career Services (launched 21.12.2012, 6.6.2012 and 8.11.2011 respectively). 

Interested in: 
- social media as means and phenomen
- empowerment, citizen activism, local democracy
- open educational resources (OER), open courseware (OCW), open data, open government, open licencing (use "CC BY" for own photos)
- sustainable development, slow life, downshifting, work-life balance
- different art forms (currently especially photography)

After purchasing my first smartphone summer 2011 (second hand Nexus One) I've taken an increasing amount of visual memories - mostly in passing and in a hurry without a tripod. In February 2013 a friend of mine lent me a Pentax K100, which I try to practice with. In January 2014 I change my mobile for a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. There seems to be more than just the weight of the gear and technical issues at hand that hinder me: adopting the identity of a "real" shooter instead of a "mere" androidographer.

From January 2013 I've revived again my interest in music and started to build playlists in YouTube.

Blog posts:

Bragging rights
As a non-public figure got over 1 000 new followers in less than a fortnight (23.12.2011 - 3.1.2012) in Google+ - due to snapshots posted with Daily Photography Themes hashtags, I thought at the time. After I got over 11 000 new followers during 12.4.-30.5.2013 without any change in my G+ behaviour, I wondered if that was the case after all. If the raise is just due to changes in the algorithm for the suggested users list (SUL), there's really nothing to brag about :)
  • University of Helsinki
    Social Psychology, 1989 - 1997
    Social Psychology, Sociology, Nordic languages, Practical Philosophy
  • Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
    Social Media, 2011 - 2011
    Social Media course 9-11/2011 organized by Metropolia and Yle (Finland's national public service broadcasting company).
  • Google Analytics Academy
    Digital Analytics Fundamentals, 2013 - 2013
    Basic course in 10/2013
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