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How to optimise your video content for Facebook...

The human brain processes information in images and video much quicker than text and can recall it for longer, which means video content is a great asset when used correctly.

If you’re thinking of adding video content to your Facebook business page…
• Make sure your videos are optimised for mobile viewing. People are 5 times more likely to watch Facebook videos on a phone.
• Add captions or commentary to your video - 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off and captioned video ads can increase video view time by 12%.
• Keep videos under 60 seconds – nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 1-minute long.

If you would like further help and guidance on how best to integrate video into your social media strategy, simply contact us on 01903 327 002.

Data Sources: DIGIDAY UK / EyeView / Animoto

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New Zealand Police’s most entertaining recruitment video, yet!

With over 70 real cops, the police band, police cats, helicopters, and stunts this recruitment video is one of the best we’ve seen.

With over 1 million views so far, we can’t help but think this recruitment drive will be a big success!

Great work New Zealand Police!

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The benefits of using a Facebook pixel…

If you’re using Facebook ads, or plan on using them in the future and want to get the most out of your budget, add a Facebook pixel to your website.

A Facebook pixel is code placed on your website that triggers cookies to track users as they interact with your website and your Facebook advert. By adding a Facebook pixel you will be able to:

• Monitor how people interact with your website and track conversions from your Facebook ads.
• Optimise your adverts to achieve maximum results based on the data you collect, improving the quality of ads you run as well as improving the targeting of the people who see them.
• Build new lookalike audiences for future adverts of people who have similar likes, interests and demographics to people who are already interacting with your website.
• Remarket to qualified leads - showing targeted ads to people who have already visited your site.

If you would like more information, please call us on 01903 327 002 or visit

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Fast mobile sites get more customers…

How long does it take for your mobile site to load? 3 seconds? 10 seconds? These few seconds could be the difference between keeping visitors on your website or losing them. Simply put, people just aren’t willing to wait.

According to Google most mobile sites lose 50% of their visitors while loading and 46% of people say that the most frustrating thing about browsing on their phone is waiting for slow pages to load.

See how your website load time is performing with this free tool:

If you would like further advice to ensure your website is as ROARsome as can be, please call us on 01903 327 002 or visit

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The first of the BIG Christmas TV adverts has arrived and as expected it contains all the ingredients you would expect for a ‘feel-good’ advert; perfect for this time of year.

A loveable character, an emotional storyline where good conquers bad and of course the all important hero that saves Christmas.

It’s a thumbs up from us Marks and Spencer. A very clever partnership with the world’s best known bear! #LoveTheBear

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6 themes to increase your social media posts shares…

We all love it when one of our posts goes viral (who hasn’t done a happy dance?), but this doesn’t happen by chance. To gain those likes and shares, it’s important to make your social media content as interesting and engaging as possible; as well as creating content specific to your audience and their needs.

Here are 6 themes to follow to increase your social media shares:
1. Gives – offers, discounts or deals that everyone can benefit from.
2. Advises – offer useful tips or practical advice that everyone can relate to
3. Warns – warn about dangers that could affect anyone
4. Amuses – funny pictures, memes and quotes that will appeal to a general audience
5. Inspires – inspirational quotes that motivate people or share real-life stories of achievement
6. Amazes – post amazing pictures or facts

If you would like further advice to ensure your social media is as ROARsome as can be, please call us on 01903 327 002 or visit

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When a well-known brand changes its name, it’s always interesting as marketers, to see how they roll out their new branding and more importantly how their customers react.

After watching the new Thomson rebranded advert introducing the Tui name change and their new slogan, ‘We cross the T’s, dot the I’s and put U in the middle’, we must admit we are big fans.

We love how they have cleverly used the Tui logo throughout the advert to visually show the name change, as well as reinforcing their proposition and underpinning how important their customers are – key factors when going through a rebrand and wanting to retain existing customers.

It goes to show sometimes a simple yet effective idea can have just as much impact as an ‘all singing, all dancing’ affair.

Watch the advert for yourself >

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Did you know 40% of emails are now opened on mobile first?

When writing subject lines and email content, it’s always important to bear in mind how your customers will be reading your email – desktop, tablet, mobile etc.

With the average mobile screen only fitting 4-7 words max before it cuts the sentence short, it’s important to keep your subject lines punchy and to the point. Where possible include a strong keyword such as ‘sale’, ‘offer’ or ‘video’, which are known to boost open rates; or at the very least hint at your main message in the first half of the subject line.

If you would like your email marketing to be distinctive and stand out from the crowd call us on 01903 327 002 or visit


Data Source: ContactMonkey

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How are your customers key to your marketing?

When thinking about creating a marketing campaign it’s important to know and understand your customers.

They are the ones buying your services or products, and so, by knowing their likes and dislikes and what matters to them, you will be in the best position possible to ensure your messaging and what you’re promoting or selling can be of value to them.

TopTigerTip: Build an experience for people who aren’t sure about how they would use your product or service. Find ways for them to interact with your brand in a way that creatively spells out how it can benefit them.

We can help you create a positive brand perception with your customers through distinctive marketing campaigns that stand out from the crowd.

If you could like more information please call us on 01903 327 002 or visit

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How new Google regulations could impact your website…

Did you know that from next month, any website that takes data from the user in any way, such as filling out a newsletter sign up or contact form, must have an active SSL certificate (a method of data encryption) installed on the domain, turning you from an http to a https site.

Without it, any user visiting your site and filling out the form will be notified that their connection is not secure in the URL bar of their browser and will more than likely seek help elsewhere…namely your competitors!

If you would like further advice to ensure your website is as ROARsome as can be, please call us on 01903 327 002 or visit
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