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Let’s hang Google+ style. Join me next Tuesday, May 29 for my first Hangout. Send me your questions about The Memorial & US Open and I’ll invite some of you to join me LIVE next week. Use the hashtag #TigerHangout or comment on this post below. And be sure to add me to your circles....
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+Tiger Woods are you feeling more comfortable releasing the putter head since looking at tapes of your childhood work with your father? #tigerhangout
+Tiger Woods what do you think of golf being wide open now, whereas for many years you were the clearly dominant player? #tigerhangout
yea i agree with westbrook
and your playing much better the the next green jacket is yours
Since the US Open rewards an accurate tee shot and great short game what part of your game are you focusing most on leading up to the tournament? #tigerhangout
+Tiger Woods how close are you and Sean Foley to getting your swing where it needs to be to dominate again? #TigerHangout
When they make a movie about you winning your 19th major in dramatic fashion, who do you think should play you in the movie? #tigerhangout
Watched the 02' Open and noticed how deeply you meditated in your pre shot routine. I don't see that lately. Do you still include that deep focus like you used to?
What's the toughest US Open layout you've ever played?
#TigerHangout What is your strategy to reign no.1 seat?
#TigerHangout What is your favorite major to play in?
+Tiger Woods will winning a major help you get your confidence back in your swing? #tigerhangout
Do you think they should bring a event back to Michigan also have Oakland Hills in a steady major rotation? #TigerHangout
Tiger, question from my golfing 3 year old and big fan: given your success at the Memorial, what about the course suits your eye? And, with all respect to Jack, if you could redesign any hole which would it be and what would it look like?
Hi Tiger, I use a 5 wood when I play, How do you determine when to put the 5 wood or the 2 iron in the bag! oh and I am your biggest fan..hands down! keep up the good work..........
Can you tell us a little bit about how your foundation has evolved from the kids golf focus to scholarships, and is there anything you'd like the fan base to do to help.
With the evolving technology in clubs and balls these days, does power/strength have as much to do with a persons swing now? Is the accuracy of the drive more efficient then distance? #TigerHangout
Rae O.
+Tiger Woods no joke, you are on Google+. I hope you will find better engagement with your fans, instead of people yelling "You're the Man." I've had your name circled for some time and +Brooke Brown +Ryan Van Sickle and I had a Masters hangout on air, and you were one of the topics.

This is not like Facebook where you just post something and then never comment. This platform encourages discussion - conversation.

I'm in for #TigerHangout and welcome to +Google+

I was excluded from this hangout today and it was not Tiger picking people, it was a production company
Golf is a game of confidence and competence, so you have to have full control of your mind if not this will hurt you in your competition, you commit yourself to developing both your physical and mental skills.

I'm just wonder what goes through your mind right before you start putting the ball, does it always feel like it’s your first time or do you still get nervous. I know that Being Focused is the Key.
#TigerHangout +Tiger Woods
Tiger, How do you get ready for an event as big as the U.S. Open? #TigerHangout
do you set any goals on the practice range before you know you are ready for your tournament tee times?
You HAVE to have +Rae Ouzts in there! Golf, golf, golf.... She's your gal!
The wonderful +Rae Ouzts is a huge golf fan! You'd be lucky to have her. #Rae4Tiger 's Hangout! :D She loves golf!
+Tiger Woods I hope that you will select +Rae Ouzts to be a part of your hangout. She is very knowledgeable with golf & a great conversationalist. I know she would love to be a part of #tigerhangout .
Before teeing up. Remember Nike phrase.
"Just do it."
That's all it takes.
I vote for my friend +Rae Ouzts to be in a hangout with you +Tiger Woods! Who better than a female golfer who has used G+ since last year to be in a hangout with you? Nobody better!! :) Plus, if you check her page, there is a picture of her taking a picture of you on the golf course!!! :)
+Tiger Woods I know no bigger golf-geek on +Google+ than +Rae Ouzts!
You should pick her for your hangout, she just got back for a golfing vacation in Sunny South Florida!
+Tiger Woods great to see another well known person using G+ to actually interact! I'm sure a lot of people will want to hangout with you! The only golf obsessed person I know of on G+ is +Rae Ouzts she'd love to be part of the #TigerHangout
+Tiger Woods what is the difference in the posture and set up that Sean Foley teaches compared to what Butch Harmon teaches?
Tiger, do you think what you and sean foley are working on with your swing is beneficial ?? in my eyes you where and always will be the best golfer around, period...

But for the golf swing to be successful, i believe its all to do with symmetry, if your club is in line with your hands 1/4 of the way into your back swing and the toe of the club is pointing to the sky, and then on the follow through it is in the same place, in the middle, when you strike the ball, the club face is goin to be square. but from what i have seen of your swing, you are in the correct position taking the club back but on the follow through you pull the club to your left, to play a cut shot. i dont know if this is something you are doing to counter something else, but i was looking back at your swing from 2000 and everything was symmetrical...

Its just i hate to see you lose in tournaments, i want to see your name up there, in 1st place by like 2 or 3 shots again like before. i was woundering if the way you are swinging the club had anything to do with it, e.g. at the players you wernt hitting all them short shots pin high like you usually do...

but going back to my question, do you think what you and sean foley are working on with your swing is beneficial?
Tiger, My main question isnt about your physical state, we all know you are physically one of the best athletes we all know. But I am more concerned about your mental state, I mean sadly if you look at trends you have slowly decreased in wins since your father passed. Do you think that he was that big of an influence on blocking out distractions? Or has just growing older given you more distractions?
have you ever wanted to try fly fishing? You have some awesome water in your area. If not, I think you'd like it, being able to double haul a fly rod requires patience and rhythm, just like a golf swing. I think you'd like it :)
Tiger you are my favourite athlete of all time and i wanted to know how you felt after that win at bay hill winning by 5 strokes it was a great way to get back into the winners circle.
I am pleased that you have chosen to play at The Greenbrier Classic this year. I still remember as a kid when the 79 Ryder Cup was played at the resort. When you add a new venue to your schedule, do you or your caddie ever visit the course prior to the week of the tournament?
have you played Olympic Club yet and if so, what were your thoughts about the course?
#TigerHangout When you know in your mind that mechanical swing thoughts are REQUIRED to eventually become comfortable and natural with your swing, how difficult is it to put up with the media and those people out there who simply do not understand how that works?
How many wins do you think you can pull out of your arse for the remainder of the 2012 season? #TigerHangout
What are some nutritional guidelines that you implement during a season and do they change during long periods off the course? #tigerhangout
I've been a huge fan since your US Amateur days, Tiger, although I don't play golf (anymore). However, I'd like to strongly recommend +Rae Ouzts for your #TigerHangout . I don't know of anyone on G+ (and I've been here since the very beginning!) who is a bigger golf nut here (and I mean that in the nicest possible way).

Best of luck in the Memorial, and at Olympic Club!
For practicing, how much time do you spend on the range and how much of it is spent actually playing? Good luck in your upcoming tournaments!
Does Olympic suit your game? If so, why? #tigerhangout
Tiger, do you ever think about changing your swing back to the swing you had in 2000 or does your knee surgery come into play when changing your swing? #tigerhangout
Tiger, do you think you will a) ever go back to the scotty cameron or b) put a ping grip on your Nike putter?
Tiger, I know you like focusing your practice on the upcoming tournaments you are playing in; however, how does practice change when the focus at Muirfield lays more on hitting the hard, fast greens accurately while the Olympic Club will focus on tight shots off the tee with a strong ability to work the ball in both directions? #tigerhangout
Tiger you are one of our "Modern Legends" that the kids follow each week in our junior golf programs. They wanted me to tell you good luck! #tigerhangout #growjuniorgolf
Tiger, you have been my favorite player since I could follow golf. I know learning a new swing takes a lot of reps. How much longer do you think it will take till it becomes natural for you? #tigerhangout
Hey Tiger, just wondering how you determine the proper posture at set-up? Light it up at the US open!
What do you think that you will ever get to into the same position that you were in, in 2005-2006
Wow - questions all over the map and not tied at all the posting! Tiger, I've been out to Congressional a few times since you started this tourney with AT&T and I've been impressed by how you've involved the Wounded Warriors. Is there anything you do through your Foundation for the Veterans that you care to talk about and what do you suggest for your fans to do for Veterans as well? Thanks! I'll come play a hole (or a round) with you anytime buddy! (-:
Tiger, do you think playing in the Byron Nelson or Colonial tourneys is a possibility for you in the near future? Texas would love to have you play here!
How close are you to being where you would like to be with your game? #tigerhangout
Jim Liu
Being a native Californian, what's your favorite course in California? Where does Olympic Club rank? Also, is it your view that when making a swing coach change, you are upgrading? For most of us, comparing one teacher's ability to another is difficult, but would like to hear how you go about the selection process.
Given that you'll be coming out to SF for the US Open at Olympic this year (excited to see you in person!), I'm curious to hear what are your favorite courses in the Bay Area and which ones should a non-pro golfer check out? Tear it up this summer! #TigerHangout
#TigerHangout , what is your practice routine before a tournament, and do you prepare differently when playing a major?
Best of luck!!
You are my all time favorite Athlete period.. No questions asked.. Huge fan of yours.. Question - How do you like your chances @ the US open this year?. Second Q - Do you really read all the different media articles written by bozos having no clue what it takes to compete at the level you are playing - Do you have a laugh at them sometimes, while reading? # TigerHangout
Since 2008 you haven't been inside the top-80 on Tour in GIR from fairway bunkers. Can you name a specific reason why this is happening because e.g. in 2006 and 2008 you led the tour in that category. Can it all be caused by the swing change, or is there another factor that plays into it?
Hi Tiger, This is a hard question to word, but so often people mention your mental toughness when you are in pressure situations. How much of it is mental toughness versus confidence that you are always going to do well in a pressure situation since you always have in the past?
Hey Tiger, I am a big fan. I just wondered about the current state of your game. I have seen you come out and play and I've seen glimpses of "The Old Tiger". Even at the Masters, there were some shots you hit that were excellent. We saw it all come together at Bay Hill. Do you feel you are at the stage where you can put it all together again or are you still working on the fundamental changes involving your swing.
Hey Tiger I have been following since you have turned pro...Since competition on the PGA tour has become tougher so you think your chances of breaking Jack's 18 majors record still in reach?...Do you think you could be the dominant or at least close to the dominance that you once had on tour?..What is your favorite U.S. Open tournament that you didn't quite win?....Hope everything is going good...stay true to who you are #tigerhangout
Hey Tiger, I was wondering what you thought about things. Such as, do you think you could become the greatest golfer? If not, how close do you think you will come? Also, how do you think you will matchup against the others? #tigerhangout
you don't need the long ball game to dominate... less distance, less wow, more calm... surpass jack! you HAVE to!!
What's your favourite course? Why? If you had only 1 round of golf left, who would like you to partner you? #TigerHangout
#tigerhangout What is your favorite drill to do during practice? Do you have any certain ones that you do every single time you practice? I hope you win the US Open!
Tiger Woods, You are my favorite golfer!
Tiger, in your book you say that you "snap your left knee" to get an extra 40 yards, i know that the book was written i while a go and i was wondering if the aforementioned 'knee snap' caused some of your knee injuries
How excited are you for golf to be included in the Olympics in 2016? #TigerHangout
Tiger have you been between the 20XI and the One Tour D?
I'm a big supporter of the Tiger Woods foundation and believe in its mission and focus on kids. How can we as fellow golfers help promote the support as well as other philanthropic causes in our local communities especially through this wonderful game of golf? What would be the legacy your father and your family would want you to leave for generations to come?
What do you do to stay motivated on days when you wake up, you're tired....but you know wedge shots, driving and putt practice await? #tigerhangout
You should start screwing around again....You were pretty good with your game when you were doing it.
Hi! Tiger Woods,
Rae O.
So excited to participate in the #tigerhangout and I didn't even know it was posted on Facebook and his website. Now I feel really lucky. +Jesse Wojdylo
Have you ever wondered what you would be doing right now if you hadn't become a professional athlete? Would you have been able to impact as many people's lives in such a positive way through your foundation, if you had been able to create such an entity?
Any ideas on practice round times at the Memorial?
Awesome, looking forward to it. What's you're favorite hole on the US Open course?
Hi Tiger, I am from the Netherlands (flat country and lot of wind). I have always wondered: I see golfers taking some grass, throwing it in the air to look at the wind direction. That is only an indication of the wind direction and force very near you. The wind high up and far away, where your ball is, is very different. So what does it tell you? Tnx
Hi Tiger, we in Australia have been lucky to have u playing here at least once a year for the last three years. Will u be touring Australia again this year?

Do you think that being near your birthplace, Cypress, gives you an advantage during the U.S. Open? Also, do you have any tips for short game and ball striking? Finally, what 's your daily practice routine and how do you keep from getting frustrated on the course? Good luck +Tiger Woods in the upcoming tournaments. Win some majors!
#TigerHangout - Best of luck on winning number #15
+Edward Stash It is getting hard to continue to hear how close you are to your game without the wins. I guess my question would be instead of working so hard on a great swing, which you already had. Why are you not working on your putting harder. It appears to me that for whatever the reason you are missing more putts now. We all know that you win when you make putts not hitting long drives. By now I'm sure you have heard this thousands of time and have used it yourself when you holed one from a long distance. You drive for show but putt for dough!!!!!!!!! Look back and see how many putts you missed in the two tournaments. We love seeing you at the top of the leader board. Heard all the excuses time for action. +Edward Stash

Any tips on how I can help my two young boys (ages 8 and 4) get acclimated to golf? I don't want to force them to play it but I would like to introduce it in a way that will be fun and exciting for them.

Which of the remaining 2012 major venues sets up the best for your game?
tiger,you my biggest fan pga tour golf ever!!!!!!!!!
Dear Tiger Woods,

RE:Tiger and Health,

I was wondering do you drink alcohol?
I do not myself.
I was wondering do you smoke?
I do not myself.
Since you are so conscious of your health
My guess is that you do not either.
Love your golfing.
"Golf is Tiger and Tiger is Golf"

Yours faithfully,

William Finnegan
Tiger, what has been your most memorable US Open experience and why?
Hi Tiger, I think this is great you're doing this. My question is I know you are in the middle of your swing change. However, do you think this will be your last one? Do you see what you are doing with Sean Foley as getting you to the level of mechanics that you are looking for?
Given the amazing scrutiny you deal with week in and week out on the PGA Tour, what advice would you give Rory McIlroy who has missed cuts in back to back weeks now as the #1 ranked player in the world. He's now starting to get criticism he probably hasn't received before.
Tiger, watching some of your younger years on tour, you seemed to have so much more fun playing golf. Do you still enjoy playing as much as you did back then, and if not how do you get back to just enjoying the wonderful game of golf? Good luck Tiger!
What's your favorite memory of the U.S Open? #TigerHangout
Hi Tiger, How do you train to be a consistent good ball stricker?. Keep the good work and don't loose your focus, you're almost there.. gplus://app/stream/search?query=%23TigerHangout
Hope you continue to stay healthy. I am a PGA Pro in Orlando and was in a severe car accident just down the road from Isleworth. Rolled the car 6 times. Broke my humerus in 2 places last Sept and they had to put a rod in my arm. Dr. said I wouldn't play again, which only made me fight harder. Now I am playing better then ever even though it took a while. Keep on fighting the battle like you do and I know you will conquer. My question is, people keep on criticising your play, however, like me do you believe that the tour is just leaps and bounds better then it was 10 years ago? I mean there used to only be one fearless guy on tour, now you have many.
Hey Tiger, hope all is well. How do you think this tournament ranks among the others in regards to the course and the field? #tigerhangout
Tiger, what do you think the most challenging hole will be this year for you at the US Open and how do you plan on approaching it?
Tiger, when the passing of your father, do you think it has affected your game at all and your personal life due to the non stucktured that your father gave you when he was alive and in your corner?
Do you think Elin will bring Sam and Charlie to be there when you when your 19th major championship?? #tigerhangout
Hey Tiger. I am a 13 year old kid who has been a fan of yours for many years. I don't really have any questions but I want to start by saying thank you for influencing me to play golf. Since I was a little boy, I have been watching you play golf and I have seen you win many of your 72 tournaments. Secondly, I would like to thank you for making the TWLC. i have been there forover 4 years and it is amazing over there. I hope one day you will come over and teach us a little on golf. And lastly, I would like to thank you for partnering up with Stacy Stark and creating the Tiger Woods Foundation along with your dad. I have been on the team for 4 years now and it has been great!!! So I hope you do well at the US open this year.
Amit B
What is the pre-shot mental exercise you think works best - has yours changed over time.
I am a huge fan and watch golf because of you, and love watching so much that I just started taking golf lessons. The instructor told me I am already ahead of average. I wonder if it might be due to a combination of a) my natural athletic ability, and/or b) the stability and flexibility I gain from my specialized fitness regime that I created to prepare me for golf. My question to you is, a) do you think that being a great golfer is something that you are born with, and b) do you have any special fitness exercised you do to help your game?
I live in Dublin, OH...going to be fun to see you at the Memorial!
What kind of golf tees do you use? Wood or plastic? Any design characteristics to increase ball speed?
#TigerHangout Is your game better than it was at your three previous finishes and what will you work on the most before you play in my home town of SAN FRANSCICO? I know that you'll be great Tiger!!!!!
Golf isn't as exciting if Tiger is not on!That being said, My question is: When are you going to start enjoying golf again? And don't say when you start winning. You don't need the money so relax. Have some fun. I'm not saying don't practice or not to pay attention to your form or forget what your coach tells you to do. I'm saying you can be happy, content, fulfilled, etc if you never win another game. It saddens me to see such a talented and gifted person so miserable. I hope you at least see this so that you can give some thought privately to this question. Therefore, I am not judging, condemning, or expecting my question to be answered. You may not even see this post because it doesn't follow under the safe category that you would answer. It isn't even any one's business. But I have wanted to tell you this for years & I figure this is the best chance I have. When I'm not content with what I have and where I am in life, I am not a happy person and throw my own embarrassing temper tantrums.I have been and will continue to pray for you. I am real impressed that you do alot to help under priveleged kids. If I had the money, I would send my 8 year old son to your camp in a heart beat. He loves you and golf. He loves to go out whacking, playing a 9 hole course, and has taken a few lessons. when you were winning alot we would watch you frequently on tv. Thats a feat to get my ADD son to sit for any length of time. He's not bad for an 8 year old. He can hit it about 60 yards. Golf instructor said the best thing to do at his age is to just let him whack. At miniature golf he can get a hole in 1 at least once per course and can get par on most holes.
+Tiger Woods golf is growing globally like never before. Which countries do you feel will dominate the sport 10/20 years from now... and what are these countries doing that makes them likely to achieve such dominance? #TigerHangout
Tiger as you know, the olympic athletic club only has 2 back to back par 5s. As you are known to relish in Par 5s, does having only 2 par 5s affect your game plan at all. Do you plan on placing the 2 iron or your 5 wood in your bag? #TigerHangout
What time does this #tigerhangout start?
#TigerHangout You'll work all your golf stuff out no doubt. But enough about golf. What are you playing on Xbox Live these days and how about friending some of us to play. Battlefield 3 is awesome and Medal of Honor is coming soon. See you in the hangout
When's the last time you played the Olympic club course? #TigerHangout
#TigerHangout Hi Tiger, I wanted to know how confident you feel in your swing compared to the masters last year
A question on your foundation...are computer programming languages taught in the learning centers, and if so which ones? #TigerHangout
Hey Tiger, im a 15 year old boy with a love and passion for golf. You are my hero and inspiration for everything! I have done 2 research papers on you and have been idolizing your swing for years. I know your gonna beat Jacks Records, without a question. How confident are you going into Memorial, knowing you won there so many times? #TigerHangout
Your No. 1 fan.
Good afternoon Mr. Tiger Woods,
There are way too many questions I could ask, and to choose only one is very difficult, so I'll ask a simple question that I really want to know. What kind of ball marker do you use, and do you use the same one every tournament? Best of luck to you next week-end and I can't wait to see you in person at AT&T National!
#TigerHangout Tiger Woods with all the winning tournaments behind you, do you get as excited with each win as if it was your first time win?
Dear Tiger, When it come's to Major's do you get ready for them in the same way you do at a regular P.G.A. Tournament .
Do you receive putting coaching, or do you do that yourself. Whats your favourite shot to play, how did you choose your new coach?
My name is Atsuko Yakeishi. I live in Japan. I've just joined google+, because I want to talk with you. Can I join Hangout though I am Japanese?
Hey Tiger hows things,
Over in the UK we recently had a mini heatwave (strange, I know ha ha) I was hoping to be part of this hangout thing and i'm really new to google+. My question is, with all the distractions you have at your level on the course (the heat, crazy fans, cameras etc) how do you refocus on the shot in hand I ask this because at the weekend during my round I found it harder and harder to stay focused as the day got warmer. #TigerHangout
Tiger, considering how easy, at least by US Open standards, last year's tournament was at Congressional do you expect the USGA to comeback with an over the top set up at Olympic Club to raise scores? #TigerHangout
Would love to get a chance to be on the course with you, because you will win this one for the military. Im a disable Vet but I love the game of golf. Hope to see you soon......
Well, knowing that it is not Tiger in here, makes it kind of a marketing thing eh?
+Mike Pedersen Tiger and his PR team continue to repair is image. My issue like you say is that more often than not, it's not Tiger actually posting this but his team.

The messages are too polished and lack personality. He could take the time to learn how guys like Bubba, Rickie, McDowell and other golfers use social media to genuinely interact with their fans.
Hey Tiger....just wondering how you feel about the huge galleries that follow you (they are still the BIGGEST in golf...I know because I was a part of them at Bay Hill,The Players and I can't wait to see you again @ the Bridgestone Invitational). Do they get you fired up or do they make you nervous and what do you do to stay focused on your next shot?
Hi Tiger. I have been a big fan for a long time. My question is how good do you want to be.

As someone who literally dominated the tour in the past but is now facing more of a challenge, how much do you factor this towards the rest of the field increasing their standard and to your own personal challenges in golf?

Like any competitive successful athelete, your mindset is always about being the absolute best you can be. How much better can you become and do you think you will ever rise to the level of being able to dominate the PGA tour one day?
Hi Tiger I'm wondering if you could a major this year. Because I want you to win?
Tiger, Good Luck i would love to see you come to Houston. Do you have plans to open a TWF school here in Houston? Will you retire when you break Jack's record or add to the Wood's legacy?
Tiger,i think you will win the open and go on streak and take(yea i said take your #1 ranking back!!) Go get em Tiger...
Tiger I know you keep a pretty strict diet and workout regime but when on a break what would be your favorite meal?
Also I know you like sports but what other activities do you like to do for fun in your down time.
I can help you win more tournaments by reading the greens, making more putts, winning more championships on the tour, holding up more trophies, getting back to #1 world ranking, and getting to 19 majors. Just let me know when.
+Tiger Woods Can you describe your daily preparation for a PGA Tour event? #TigerHangout
+Tiger Woods Are you concern about either the front or back nine? Any particular hole number you feel good about on this upcoming open?
Hey Tiger- big fan of yours here. I've always been curious as to what your daily schedule is like on tournament days? I know you do a light workout, but what else does the day consist of? If you have a late tee time, how do you fill up your day? And a quite off-the-cuff question; do you shower before your rounds? I don't know if you're supersticious or not and have always been curious as to your daily routines on tournament days. Best of luck. I'm pulling for you to win at least 5 more Majors.
Tiger, it is apparent that when you are at the driving range there is no stopping you with putting your swing through all the paces and getting what you want out of every shot but not so at tournament time. What do you feel is holding you back? Do you feel rather than just more and more practice and reps its more of a mental block now? Given your talent I strongly feel it is now more in the mind of believing you can do in a tournament what you can literally do with your eyes closed in the range!
Tiger - How long do you think it will be before you are able to "feel" your way around the golf course again with the swing changes you have made? It still looks a little like your playing a bit of "golf swing" out on the course. When was the last time you played a round of golf and just went out there and tried to just hit all diff kinds of shots and flights and experimented a little ?
Which are your top three favourite US Open moments? Best of luck this summer! #TigerHangout
How will your new VRs Forged Long Iron come into play at the Memorial and US Open? #TigerHangout
I'm fairly new to the golfing world and have been doing research on how to get spin on the ball,There are lots of different opinions on how to achieve this and occasionally i get a subtle spin.Any advice from yourself would be deeply appreciated.Mark. #TigerHangout
Hi Tiger, Which facet(s) of your game do you think you have to improve or change the most to enable you to win one or more of the majors this year? Good luck - I will be at the Olympic Club to cheer you on. #TigerHangout
As fans, I think we are all interested to know what you do for fun outside of golf. On a weekend when you aren't playing or practising, what do you do most often? Kids, other sports, friends, cars, travelling? Thanks
what do you need to do to be high in the leaderboards this week? Because we all know you can!
Are you finding yourself in the zone lately? As we approach Memorial and US Open, under what circumstances can you get yourself into the zone? Your passion for winning is your trademark that separates you from other great pros. However, you cannot force the zone, so get comfortable, relax, have lots of fun and the zone will find you.
#TigerHangout ...You ever coming back to Houston to play the Shell Open plates at Redstone?
Do you have any special rituals, or superstitions, that you perform before each tournament? #TigerHangout
Rae O.
Tiger did not pick the fans, the production company did
#tigerhangout Tiger, what do you expect conditions wise from Olympic Club?
How do you like your pairing with Haas & Couples? Looks like Couples wants to keep a close eye on you? LOL
Rae O.
+Tiger Woods I suggest your next hangout be a teenage boy and girl, 3 men of all ages and 3 women of all ages who can each play one hole with you. That would be entertaining and helpful for all levels of golfers. +Brooke Brown +Patricia Hannigan ?
Rae O.
Didn't the hangout just seem like Tiger reading posts off of Twitter or Facebook or emails? There was nothing new in it. Gee, we learned an Stanford athlete is going to try out for the Olympics, great connection. Roger Maltbie was not necessary for sure. I'm glad I choose to keep my job and thanks +Google+ or +Pixel Corps or +Tiger Woods for never confirming to me I had to be available and online for over two hours on a workday when so many of us struggle to keep our jobs. I would not have submitted myself if I HAD KNOWN THE RULES! (not that there were any given.)
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