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Played an 18 hole practice round at Olympic Club today... Join me now for my LIVE Google + Hangout. Youtube link is
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Only closed to some :)
I hope the cut shot is working well
Hey Tiger, how are you? I hope well. I wanted to ask "you to win the Memorial??" I can bet my money on your victory at the Memorial??
Hey Tiger. What'd you do on number one on your practice round...the ridiculously long par 4..?
Hi Tiger,
I'd like to know the latest developments with the Tiger Woods foundation and whether or not you will ever think about opening a center in the Bay Area.
Tiger I hope you can make it to Ryder's Cup. The cup is not the same without you .Competiton is tough
Hey guys click the link by Tiger and watch the hangout live.
Tiger, we need you in Ryder Cup action. USA needs to take back the cup. 
How does Olympic compare to Harding Park? You had success there at Presidents Cup. 
FORE!!!!!! LOL tiger u the shit man!!! i love u... no homo !!!
I bought TW Nike caps in Nike Town London, it's almost worn out though, best caps ever ;) no kidding fits my head beautifully and surprisingly well ;) It is definitively The ONE for me :P You Tiger Woods fans should try it, personally I'm not that into golf...
Does it look like Tiger is standing farther from the ball than normal?
i dont realy like tiger woods
He had a good night, lower back pains. LOL!!!
Dumbest thing I've heard today!! ^^^
no id rather not u can go frist and ill go never wats fun about golf any way all u do is be quite and try and look through the crowd and then nothing happens the ball  just sits there and moves just like ur mom just she jiggles not moves she can move shes to fat!!!!!!!!:@
i know im just tht awesome
Yeh tiger well done son and I stayed up into the wee hours and watched your latest win...Dylan is 8...going on 25 LOL and enjoys coming with me to the driving range. He's on his 3rd set of clubs..he's kicking me in the shin at the moment telling me to say hi to you..LOL
hell to the nall. TIGER WOODS is not amazing.
Jarrett Timmons is a fucking idiot

hey don't talk to golf people like that
C.j. hicks and Jarrett Timmons are both duking idiots and should to go suck each other off.. of either were standing in front of me I'd smack them with my nine and I don't mean golf club...
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