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Speak their names, over and over. Such a powerful, moving tribute!

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I am so proud to have taken part in this project honoring our veterans. The students at UW-Milwaukee did a fantastic job!! #MemorialDayWeekend #Veterans #VietnamWall

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I have a similar situation in my family tree. The Forsh surname has been listed as Force, Forch, Forshay, etc. depending on which family member you ask. When I began my research some of them didn't even know the other families with spellings different than their own. Although it has made it very confusing at times, I have to admit I enjoy finding new branches of the family tree. Thanks for your post!

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One of my biggest accomplishments in 2014 was making my blog go live after years of trepidation and anxiety. It took less than a few days of encouragement from +Luckie Daniels and the rest of my new friends and fellow bloggers in the AAGSAR to feel comfortable enough to share it with the public. Now my ancestors will be heard for years to come! I am so thankful for the connections I made both in the group, and from readers who found me through my blog. I plan to continue to challenge myself in the upcoming year to make the Wisconsin Association of Black Genealogists equally as successful. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!!
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