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Tiffany Lambert

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NEW 5 Day Dog PLR Mega Sale

I got a lot of requests for more dog PLR, so I whipped up some new content AND bundled it with my existing dog PLR for a big sale for you. In this 5-day deal, I wrote 10 NEW PLR articles, some of which have opportunities for you to include affiliate links to products on Amazon and other networks. 

Here are the 10 topics covered:

- 10 Great Gift Ideas for Your Dog – 652 words
- How to Travel Well with Your Dog – 528 words
- Dog Accessories That Make Life Easier – 466 words
- What to Buy as a Starter Kit for New Dog Owners – 569 words
- How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Getting the Right Nutrients? – 516 words
- Signs Your Dog Might Be Getting Sick – 548 words
- Dealing with the Loss of Your Dog – 458 words
- What to Do on a Short Getaway with Your Dog – 499 words
- What You Need to Know About the Dog Flu – 567 words
- Fostering a Dog Before You Become an Owner – 466 words

Now this will sell for $10 on my PLR Mini Mart, but you get it at a discount – PLUS, you get these additional existing PLR packs included in the bundle as well – a total of 69+ pages of content, worth an additional $69.50:

- Dog Ownership $12
- Dog Potty Training $12
- How to Curb Annoying Dog Habits $5
- Helping Your Dog Deal with Change $5.50
- How to Breed Your Dog to Have Puppies $5
- Dog Agility $5
- Dog Health $5
- Dog Grooming $10
- Dog Costume $5
- Dog Bed Resell $5

So the total value of this 5-day deal is $79.50 and you get it for over 90% off at just $7 from now until June 8th at 9 PM CST here: 
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Tiffany Lambert

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NEW Muscle Building PLR MEGA Sale

This is a great time for a muscle pack, with summer right around the corner and everyone having abs and flab on their mind. So I have two new reports, plus a big pack of my best muscle fitness content from my PLR store, all bundled into one low cost pack. You get:

Report #1 - A Guide to Muscle Building Relief and Recovery

This 5 and a half page, 2,293-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

-       Why Your Muscles Hurt After a Muscle Building Workout
-       Treating Sore Muscles From Your Workout
-       Your Muscle Building Schedule
-       Your Muscle Building Diet

Report #2 - How to Build Muscle for Your Sport

This 6-page, 2,350-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

-       Building Muscle for Golf
-       Building Muscles for Walking or Running
-       Building Muscles for Rowing
-       Building Muscles for Volleyball
-       Building Muscles for Basketball
-       Building Muscles for Football
-       Building Muscles for Soccer

Not only do you get those two NEW pack, but I also added 15 of my other fitness and muscle PLR packs (Value $188) from the PLR Mini Mart, bringing the total value of this bundle to $199 - and you get it for just $7 (over 96% off) for 5 days only here:
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Tiffany Lambert

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#3 – Kindle Fiction Progress

As many of you know, I’m adding another online branch to my business in Kindle fiction. Wanted to share how that’s going! Should have my second one live tomorrow or the next day I guess.
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Cool!  You are doing a great job.
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Tiffany Lambert

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New Vlog – Current State of My IM Business

People are asking where I am, what’s going on. So I thought I’d make a video blog and fill everyone in. It’s all good!
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Tiffany Lambert

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Fiction Crossover Moment

Just an update on the Kindle fiction journey, a little moment I had yesterday…
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Tiffany Lambert

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Alice Seba’s Website Traffic Double Bundle Sale – Ends April 30th  

This is priced like a 2-for-less-than-the-cost-of-1 deal. You get - A Beginner's Guide to Website Traffic (4,531 words, An Intermediate Guide to Website Traffic (5133 words), 2 ecover sets, each with an editable PSD files, 50 tweets  and tips, and a list of 50 traffic ideas.
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Tiffany Lambert

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-->Exclusive Resell PLR Bonus for NEW List Building PLR Launch<--

Oh this is a GOOD one in terms of both dirt cheap pricing and top quality! In fact, it’s SO good, I had to make my OWN bonus to accompany it – and it’s based off of what YOU guys told me you needed in terms of list building and catering to your customers.

Aurelius Tjin just released this new mega pack on list building (with a slant on 1,000 subscribers in 30 days and profits off your newsletter) and it’s a complete business in a box setup – everything included to set up and start selling as your own. PLUS, I know we can all use the information for our own personal insight, too. Find it here:

Here’s what’s included in the pack:

- Module 1: List Authority eBook that’s over 65 pages and more than 10k words
- Module 2: Printable Checklist
- Module 3: Resource Cheat Sheet
- Module 4: Mindmap (I like this one because it’s a visual planning tool)
- Module 5: Ready-Made Salesletter & Thank You Page
- Module 6: Lead Magnet & Opt-in Page
- Module 7: High-Quality Professional Graphics
- Module 8: 10 Top Quality Articles
- Module 9: Promotional Email Swipes
- Module 10: Social Media Viral Images Pack

Plus there are a couple of fast action bonuses for early buyers. And I want to point out an important part of his sales letter for this PLR bundle. Go to the part that says 18 smart ways to use this PLR. Those are some GREAT ideas you can implement.

Now let’s talk about MY exclusive Resell PLR bonus!

Awhile back you guys answered a survey for me about what you needed to know about list building and managing a list. So I packaged up 7 NEW articles that tackle all of these issues:

-       What Do You Put in the Emails to Your List? – 404 words
-       How Do You Write Casually Without Sounding Stupid or False? – 410 words
-       Dos and Don’ts of Email Frequency – 410 words
-       Newsletter Versus Connection in Email Marketing – 406 words
-       Secure Relevant Offers at Discount Prices for Your List – 416 words
-       Bandwagon Promoters Don’t Build Trust with Their Subscribers – 423 words
-       3 Ways You Can Set Yourself Apart with Your List – 404 words

And you get Resell Rights to this PLR – plus, it will NEVER be on my PLR Mini Mart, so only buyers of List Authority through my link below will get it!

After you buy the package from Aurelius, log into your JVZoo account and click on My Purchases. You’ll find the file there from me as a bonus!
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Tiffany Lambert

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New Vlog – Current State of My IM Business

People are asking where I am, what’s going on. So I thought I’d make a video blog and fill everyone in. It’s all good!
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Tiffany Lambert

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Huge Emotional Eating PLR – Well Written and Dimesale

I saw Rick Warid’s new sale and I grabbed it for myself. Emotional eating is a big one for me personally. It’s odd, though – I eat during stress and happiness. I can’t emotionally eat when I’m sad. Stress has to be a certain kind, too. Some stress is so bad, I can’t eat during it. I use food mainly as a crutch to give myself a break during hectic times. Still, all emotional eating. And it’s a habit that’s been long ingrained.

So let’s talk about Rick’s pack. I downloaded the main package here: 

I opened it and started reading the main eBook. It made me cry. Touched on the feelings you go through before, during and after emotional eating perfectly. Now here’s what I suggest. In certain chapters, there’s an emphasis on facts (which are great), but this is an emotional person, so ADD (don’t exchange), some emotional insight to it. 

For example, when he talks about shopping for healthier ingredients, etc., add something about the mealtime itself. How to make it special and last (so you’re not gorging quickly), how to not allow yourself to be distracted or numb, but savor the meal, and so on. I loved his tips – lots about stress relief. 

Aside from the main eBook, the pack also has web copy, promo banners, source graphics, keywords, social media images, Tweets and FB updates, and a Mindmap. Loved the content. All top notch. This is a great one for the diet niche and stress as well!
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Tiffany Lambert

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PLR Mindful Mega Pack Sale – Details on FE and OTO

Dianne Humphries is a great writer. She’s also one of the closest people who reached out to me to help me get through my divorce. I tell you this because it’s important in terms of what she’s teaching in this PLR Mega pack today – mindfulness. She knows her stuff. 

Whenever I would “what if” myself to death, she’d be right there to anchor me into a calm, peaceful (sensible) place. So I was REALLY glad she was making this pack – because mindfulness is what helps me with everything in life now. It’s made a huge impact on my own happiness and that of my childrens’. 

So let’s look at the pack itself, here:  

The front end is $17 temporarily until the sale ends and she raises it to $67. You get:

- 25 Page eBook called A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness: Uses and Benefits in Everyday Life
- 6 Page Sales Copy
- 15 Page bonus report
- 7 Amazon Meditation Product Reviews
- 10 Amazon Digital Product Reviews
- 5 Articles
- 10 Page opt in or viral report called Practicing Mindfulness to Its Fullest Potential
- Cheat Sheet 
- Domain Name Suggestions 
- 4 total eBook Covers with editable files
- 7 Email Autoresponders
- 10 Website Headers
- 2 InfoGraphics
- 3 Keyword lists
- PowerPoint Presentation
- 10 Social Media Quotes
- 1 WordCloud

Her OTO (one time offer) that you encounter is something truly complementary to the front end – it’s a 23-page workbook! I know whenever I buy a book at Barnes and Noble, and it has a workbook with it, I ALWAYS grab that, too. I like the implementation process of it. 

Now how can use the mindfulness PLR? Well this is a topic that’s great for all sorts of niches, such as:

- Dieting
- Relationship problems
- Career productivity…and more.

I would use the book as your product for sale, and the other elements to help drive traffic to your offer. Check out all of the details of the offer (like each article, TOC, etc.) here:  
Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness
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Tiffany Lambert

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Teach Me How to Focus

Boy this sure is a good one. That’s the only word someone put in their survey response: focus. And it sums up what many of us struggle with. Me too! But I am doing better and I do find that certain tricks help sometimes, so let me share the 6 methods I know of with you… 
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Tiffany Lambert

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Ruth Pound’s Self Esteem PLR Sale for 5 Days: 

You get an eBook called “Believe in Yourself - How to Identify and Overcome Low Self-Esteem," Editable eCover, Social Media Graphics, Tweets, and Behavior-Challenging Worksheets
This eBook packages focuses on on physical and mental exercises that can help people overcome low self-esteem, a problem that affects a huge number of people (“low self esteem” gets 1,000+ searches per day!). *$10 Early Bird Special Ends Wednesday, April 29* Scroll down to see full titles, bonus details and screenshots…
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The first few years were a struggle - I was freelance ghostwriting for other online marketers. Six years later, I ventured out on my own and not only learned what vast opportunities there are in online sales, but started teaching others, too.

I get my most fulfilling moments helping people who are fed up with scumbag ethics and finally find me and realize that not everyone's out to rip them off.

I help others gain their footing on my Online Business Blog. That's a separate blog from my personal stuff, where I talk about fitness and finances - and just life in general. You can find that on my Claiming My Power blog. 


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I can entertain a debate or argument all day long. I think no two humans are cookie cutter replicas, so we're bound to disagree and agree on many things. 

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I love to cook and a couple of years ago I grossed myself into being a vegetarian for five years. I recently had to quit because I became anemic (not due to vegetarianism), so now I eat meat part time. 

I have the ability to get into intense arguments with someone one minute and make a truce and laugh about it the next - it's called "getting over it." 

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