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Two New Alternative Health PLR Reports here:

I just released my newest alternative health pack. This has two reports in it as follows. Just so you know, I also packaged up $149 worth of additional alternative and organic health PLR for the “one time offer” page you see if you purchase this $7 pack – and the OTO is just $10 more.

Report #1 - The 5 Most Popular Alternative Health Practices

More people are beginning to investigate alternative health options. This 5 and a half page, 2,291-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- Reiki
- Neti Pots
- Acupuncture
- Yoga
- Chiropractic Medicine

Report #2 - A Guide to EMDR

During my divorce, while getting over a traumatic and abusive situation, my counselor used something similar on me called ETT, which uses eye movement as EMDR does, but with a light box. It was an amazing process that I went into not believing in, and emerged healed from this one particular issue in just a single session. This 5+ page, 2,201-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- What Is EMDR?
- What Problems Can Be Helped by EMDR?
- What Are the Phases of EMDR Therapy?
- How Does EMDR Work?
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Any of my readers learning Internet Marketing, this is a killer topic that you need for YOURSELF - forget that it comes with PLR rights. Justin does a fantastic job at affiliate recruitment so his tutorials will help.
Starting An Affiliate Program PLR Special
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Tiffany Lambert

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Hi everyone! New sale: - what I did this week was tune into the news and I jumped on two specific topics in the diet / weight loss niche that caught my eye. I whipped up two PLR reports for them.

The first one was about that freaking cholesterol study years and years ago that had people fearing dietary cholesterol - just like they flip flop on coffee, eggs and everything else. One day it's good for us, the next day it's bad. So the first report is about instinctive dieting and nutrition. 

Report #1: Creating Your Own Dietary Guidelines

This 5 and a half page, 2,372-word report starts off with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Scientific Research About Dietary Guidelines Are Wrong
- Using Common Sense to Create Dietary Guidelines
- Listen to Your Biological Instincts
- Making Choices with Your Own Dietary Guidelines
- Denial Shouldn’t Be Part of Your Dietary Guidelines

Report #2: Shed Fat with a Focus on Fiber

Saw a news story that said people who ONLY add a focus on fiber to their diets lost almost as much weight as dieters did! This 5+ page, 2,213-word report starts off with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Do You Get Enough Fiber?
- Why You Need More Fiber
- How to Sneak More Fiber into Your Eating Plan
- Fiber Is a Natural Appetite Suppressant
- Fiber Helps Fight Belly Fat

This sale runs until March 3rd at 9 AM CST. I will tell you that there's also a single OTO (one time offer) page where I listed $211 worth of my diet PLR for just $17. You may want to grab that, too!
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Tiffany Lambert

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Part 3 of My FREE Tangible Affiliate Tutorial Is Ready – Writing Reviews!

I got spurred on to finish a portion of a project today – thanks to some online friends inviting me to a private action taker group. I made my statement of what I’d finish and just went after it. 

So here it is – part 3 of the FREE Tangible Affiliate Tutorial:

You get to read the lesson on how to write reviews without a single penny of expense to you. I DO sell a PLR pack on that page if you’re in the toy niche, and the OTO page has an additional lesson for those buyers. 

This lesson (part 3) was the longest one due to the sheer volume of questions asked about how to write reviews. 
Welcome Back for Lesson 3! Hope you enjoyed part 2 on site set up decisions decisions. This time we're heading into the big questions about how to actually write the reviews of the products you're promoting. This section had more questions than any other, so read the text below.
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Tiffany Lambert

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GRID and Top 10 Group Fitness Bonuses for New PLR Fitness Release

Crossfit and Group PLR with My 2 Exclusive Bonuses

JR Lang just released a new huge pack (she’s the one who made us all pale in comparison to the enormity of her offers). This time she went way overboard with two full eBooks and a ton of other content you’ll see listed below. 

I created two new and exclusive reports as a bonus to go with this if you buy through my link. So first let me tell you about her pack and then my bonus.  In JR’s offer, you get:

- eBook: The Complete Crossfit Handbook (60 Pages/10,300 Words, with editable graphic covers, sales pages, etc.)
- eBook – Group Fitness (45 Pages/9,971 words, with editable covers, a squeeze page, etc.)
- Opt In Report: How To Bust Out Of Your Workout Rut (16 Page/3,806 Words w/editable covers and squeeze page)
- 15 Quality Articles
- 2 Editable Infographics
- 21 Viral Images: Boost Your Fitness Level
- Image Collage: Boost Your Fitness Level
- 27 Crossfit Moves Instructional Flash Cards Images
- 5 HD Quality Editable Videos
- Foundational and WOD CrossFit Moves With Personal Trainer
- 10 Fierce Training Moves (Trainer Demonstration)
- 23 Group Fitness Training Tips
- 21 Crossfit Do's And Don'ts
- Crossfit In Motion: 27 Essential Moves
- And Bonuses

That’s a ton of content as it is. But my reports give you even more. I researched something that would help you have a unique angle. 

Bonus Report #1 – Crossfit Addicts Going GRID

I love this concept. Once you’re catering to your crossfit crowd, you want something to keep them tuned in. GRID is that next level – and it’s competitive for the everyday man and woman of any age. This 5+page, 2,245-word report starts out with a short introduction and then covers:

What Is GRID?
- The Benefits You Can Get from the GRID
- What Is GRID Training?
- Tips for Excelling When Going GRID
- The Fun of the Grid

Bonus Report #2 – Top 10 Group Fitness Workouts

This report is perfect because it allows you to capture a list of subscribers with a wide range of interests – tons of promotional opportunity here! This 5 and a half-page, 2,262-word report starts out with a short introduction and then covers:

- Yoga
- Cycling
- Zumba
- Pilates
- Aqua Aerobics
- Belly Dancing 
- Weight Loss Bootcamps
- Core Workouts
- Strength Training Groups

So grab her report through this link and get my 2 bonus reports as an added freebie!
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#1 baby toothbrush and teether - unboxing review of the Baby Banana Bendable Toothbrush for Infants
Hi everyone! Tiff here ;) On February 13th I got the mail and my Amazon order of the Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush for Infants was in there, so I decided to do an unboxing review of it for you, show you what it looks like in live form rather than a still picture, and talk a little ...
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Teach Me How to Affiliate Blog Cheap

This is a continuation of the “Teach me how to” series where I’m taking your requests and answering them on my blog. This person wanted to know how to make a decent affiliate blog cheap, for beginners. I topped out at just under $11. Here’s how: 
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NEW Stress PLR Reports Are Ready!

Report #1 - Handling Stress Before It Happens

One thing I read recently was about how people prepare for stress - for some, it's helpful, and for others, it's detrimental. So I wrote about the positive way to prepare for stress in your life. 

This is a 5 and a half-page, 2,403-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers:
- Stress Happens to Everyone
- Worrying About Stressful Situations Affects Your Health
- The 4 Types of Pre-Meditated Stress Analysis
- How to Make an Action Plan Ahead of Time to Handle Stress

Report #2 - The Stress-Confidence Connection

I read a news report talking about how the way we handle stress can determine whether or not we're successful because it has a direct impact on our confidence levels. 

This 5+ page, 2,359-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- The Confidence-Success Connection
- Anxiety and Stress Are Two Different Things
- How Anxiety Levels Affect Your Ability to Handle Stress
- Tips on Lowering Anxiety Levels
- How to Wield Stress as a Great Tool When You Encounter It

Also, heads up - there's a single OTO page with over $296 worth of mental health PLR for just $17. 

Grab it here:

More to come! Just so you know, the next two 72 hour sales will be Alternative Health and Making Money Online!

Tiff ;)
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Tiffany Lambert

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Getting a little more in depth about the niche Clone stores for Amazon Associates. I got Coolice to do a big discount for you, too. But it's only for 72 hours! Read my tutorial here:
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Tiffany Lambert

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LAST Hours to Grab one of my Full Content PLR Niche Funnels at Over 70% Off!

SHTF Survival:

Anti Aging:

Fight Disease with Food:

Elite Power Fitness:

Niche Funnel Riches:

Sale closes at 9 PM CST tonight!
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Tiffany Lambert

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I got a TON of requests for that free tutorial on how I create those easy sales page graphics using just Paint, PowerPoint and FrontPage. 

Of course, you can substitute any of the above if you prefer something else, this is just what I use. 

So here’s that free lesson – complete with text, screen shots and 3 implementation videos for you…

And if you want to see it in action, here’s the product I am selling with what I created – it’s my BRAND NEW pack of 4 separate social media PLR reports (on Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Facebook) for marketers.

I priced all 24 pages (which means it’ll sell for $24 on my PLR store) for just $7 for the next 72 hours. Enjoy! 

It includes:

- 3 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Up Your Income
- Advertising Versus Social Networking on Twitter
- Get More Engagement on Google Plus
- Niches That Are Perfect for Instagram
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Tiffany Lambert

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Unboxing video and text review of the Barbie Style Midge Doll - she's underrated according to both myself and my daughter, Scarlett!
Hi everyone! I've started doing something a bit differently here on – ordering the products and doing unboxing videos of them with my daughter Scarlett! So we started with a series of dolls, which I'll post here – but there will be toys for all ages and both genders reviewed ...
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I teach people how to make money online with their ethics intact - that's what sets me apart.
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I'm on G+ to get to know people on a personal and professional level. I tell you this because if you circle me for marketing, and ONLY share your marketing stuff with me, I won't feel a connection. That's not personable. I like people, not products :)

So let me tell you a little about me and if you feel we'd get along great, circle me and I'll circle you back!


I'm a divorced mother of 3 angels, ages 21, 14, and 9. Everything I do is because I worship my kids. I'm protective of my kids, so you won't find me posting pictures or videos online of them. 

I get angry with parents who mistreat their kids or don't put them above all else - they are our precious gifts.


In 1999 I had a sweet little boy who was diagnosed w/RSV (a respiratory illness). I had pursued Journalism in college but nobody told me newspaper writers don't get paid much :) so I was working at a bank. I walked out the day he was diagnosed and starting working from home with NO clue how I would make ends meet.

The first few years were a struggle - I was freelance ghostwriting for other online marketers. Six years later, I ventured out on my own and not only learned what vast opportunities there are in online sales, but started teaching others, too.

I get my most fulfilling moments helping people who are fed up with scumbag ethics and finally find me and realize that not everyone's out to rip them off.

I help others gain their footing on my Online Business Blog. That's a separate blog from my personal stuff, where I talk about fitness and finances - and just life in general. You can find that on my Claiming My Power blog. 


I am sweet - until I'm not :) That's if and when you cross me, and I have to turn into a Honey Badger. And by crossing me, I don't mean disagreeing with me. 

I can entertain a debate or argument all day long. I think no two humans are cookie cutter replicas, so we're bound to disagree and agree on many things. 

I love reading things like Jodi Picoult. I am a TV addict - Netflix, really - love Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, but I also like Sons of Anarchy and so many other shows. I have a sweet baby chihuahua named Honey. 

I love to cook and a couple of years ago I grossed myself into being a vegetarian for five years. I recently had to quit because I became anemic (not due to vegetarianism), so now I eat meat part time. 

I have the ability to get into intense arguments with someone one minute and make a truce and laugh about it the next - it's called "getting over it." 

If and when you circle me, feel free to shoot me a message and tell me why, so I can put you into a proper circle.
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