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Tiffany Lambert
Blogger| Ethical | Marketer | Mom (best title) | Niche Enthusiast | Motivator
Blogger| Ethical | Marketer | Mom (best title) | Niche Enthusiast | Motivator

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Brainstormed a niche for you...

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Learn how to be persuasive

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Gullibility is rampant in IM on BOTH sides.

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Golf and IM have a lot in common.

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Sell a Fort Worth Home Fast!

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Best Fort Worth Neighborhoods for Families to Buy a Home In

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Got this yesterday for my lower legs and upper arms (painful fascia) and rolled them last night and felt pain free all night and this morning woke up pain free - SO happy with it!

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I just created a mega bonus for a sale where I did a private brainstorming session and created an exclusive (won't be sold elsewhere) PLR report and pack of product reviews for people who buy through my link.

The topic of Rick Warid's launch is the TLC Diet Transformation (cholesterol) and this is an AMAZING lucrative niche because of the way it can be profited from.

So first let me share the link and the details of Rick's PLR bundle and then I'll show you what's inside my private bonus! You can grab Rick's TLC Diet Transformation pack on a dimesale ($7-9.95) here:

(AND I have special time bonuses as well as the one everyone gets who buys - so hurry to get the extra savings). Now inside the pack, you get:

- "TLC Diet Transformation" Brand New 5,000+ word, 43 Page Ebook On the TLC Diet & Its Benefits- Full Ecover Graphics
- List Building Giveaway Report "10 Steps To Better Health With The TLC Diet"
- Lead Capture & Thank You Pages
- Sales System Comprising Of Salespage With Copy Written Salesletter And Thank You Page
- Set Of 5 Eye Catching Promotional Banners Optimized For The Most Popular Sizes
- Full Source Files Including All PSDs
- Premium Print Quality License Packs
- Detailed Keyword Reports
- Exact Match Domain Name Data
- 5 Premium Articles
- Extra Bonuses from Rick

He DOES have an upgrade available for $27 if you want it. It includes:

- The TLC Diet Transformation MP4 Video Course Of Ebook- Upsell & Downsell Sales Funnel Pages
- Legal Pages
- 5 Part Email Series Promoting Upsell Video Course
- MP3 Audio Version
- Animated Flip Version Of Ebook
- 1000 Word Amazon Physical Product Review
- 5 Banners Promoting Amazon Review
- 10 Tweets
- 10 Social Media Updates
- 10 Social Media Quote Posters
- TLC Diet Infographic
- Many Extra Bonuses from Rick

Everyone can get the bonus from me buying just the front end here:

So let me share what's in that...

First, I went through and brainstormed what I discovered about the niche - including a few available domains, what products you can promote, demographic ideas, and research as well as sample text you can also use for an article on your site.

My bonus also includes (inside the private bonus area), access to the following;

A 6-page, 2,487-word report called How the TLC Diet Compares to Others

It starts with a short introduction and then covers:
- The TLC Diet versus the Biggest Loser Diet
- The TLC Diet versus the Engine 2 Diet

- The TLC Diet versus Mediterranean Diet
- The TLC Diet versus DASH Diet
- The TLC Diet versus Mayo Clinic Diet
- The TLC Diet versus Vegetarian or Vegan Diet
- The TLC Diet versus Flexitarian Diet
- The TLC Diet versus Weight Watchers

- The TLC Diet versus the Dean Ornish Diet

And last, the bonus includes product reviews for five products that can help with cholesterol issues, including:

- Treadmill to Help Lower Cholesterol - 432 words
- Psyllium Fiber Supplements Help Lower Cholesterol Numbers - 412 words
- Use This Whey Protein to Lower Your Cholesterol - 422 words
- The Best Plant Sterol Supplements to Lower Cholesterol - 436 words
- Track Your Cholesterol Improvements with This Kit - 408 words

PLUS, I also have special TIME BONUSES for my buyers:

- The first 50 buyers through my link to pick $100 Worth of PLR from my store PLUS access to any 2 of my challenges
- Buyers 51-100 get $50 worth of PLR from my store plus access to any 1 of my challenges
- Buyers 101-200 get $25 worth of PLR from my store.

It's first come, first served. So email me your receipt as soon as you check out and I'll let you know which of the time bonuses you get to choose.

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So today I bought a neat little course for under $9 on a traffic method that's a cheap paid method (can be $5 or $10 or whatever) using social networks that aren't FB ads (which confuse me).

I started going through it and like what I see so far (video 1 was basic stuff, but after that when Jeremy Kennedy starts going into it, it gets good) but I'm not totally done yet.

I plan to try this in a few of my niches! So cheap. And effective. I know my son's seen some cool stuff with this type of technique but it was natural by coincidence.

I'll go ahead and tell you about it because James and Jeremy have it on a dimesale here:

I'm not finished going through it but I will - and then I'll be implementing it. Wanted y'all to save money. The tutorial is mostly Instagram but I can see this working elsewhere too if you find the right people (Pinterest, FB, etc.).
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