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Social Videos – The Ultimate Protein Edition w/ $200+ Value Bonus

Social Graphic Videos aren’t the live person version, but they still engage your audience on sites like Facebook better than a still image – or worse - text only! Casey Anders just released a new set of 10 protein social videos on a $7 dimesale here:

They cover:

- Chicken
- Salmon
- Eggs
- Almonds
- Whey Protein Isolate
- Cottage Cheese
- Chickpeas
- Chia Seeds
- Pumpkin Seeds
- Greek Yogurt

This is one of those sales where the OTO (a $37 one time offer) is a great deal because it gives you tons more content to complete the package. 

You get:

- 20 more protein social videos
- A 12,533-word eBook called “The Ultimate Protein Cheat Sheet” 
- Ecover for the eBook
- 10 Protein articles
- 10 Protein rich food emails

Now, when you buy it through my link, you’ll also see my bonus inside the purchase area. It’s valued at $204.50 total on my PLR store.  Here’s what all you get:

- Gain Weight PLR (Value $15)
- How to Read a Food Nutrition Label (Value $5)
- Building Muscle Mega PLR Pack (Value $58)
- Diabetes OTO (Value $30)
- Say No to Fast Food and Yes to a Healthy Diet PLR (Value $5)
- Healthy Nutrition Niche Starter Outline  (Value $8)
- Intermittent Fasting PLR (Value $5)
- 2014 New Year Diet Success PLR Bundle (Value $52)
- Customized Fat Loss Presell PLR Report (Value $6)
- Xtreme Fat Loss Presell PLR Report (Value $8.50)
- Muscle Maximizer Presell Report (Value $6)
- Truth About Abs Presell PLR Report (Value $6)

It’ll be right inside JVZoo under “My purchases” along with Casey’s product beside it. 

Speaking of protein, I used my new Hamilton Beach Turkey Roaster last night to make chicken and it was SO good!  They have some “beer can chicken” seasoning out so I made it with that – and cooked twice baked potatoes, corn and 7-up biscuits along with it. 

Have you ever made those? Okay quick recipe – take a stick of butter (I use margarine against everyone’s advice) and melt it in a 9x13 pan. Then in a bowl, mix 4 and a half cups of Bisquick, 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup 7-Up. Roll it out (with a sprinkle of flour so it won’t stick) and cook it for about 10 minutes at 425. They soak up the butter. We add honey on top. Yum! 
High quality, licensed, HD videos that you can use to grow your business.
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Tiffany Lambert

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Electric Grill PLR and End of Unlimited Annual Membership

Casey Anders has a new electric grill PLR bundle you should check out if it suits your niche here: 

Why grills? I know I use mine year round. I also like to replace it. Mine isn’t electric – but most of my friends have electric ones. 

And with the New Year coming up, guess what? All those “new year diet” people will be asking Santa for an indoor electric grill to help them lose weight. 

Also, her unlimited PLR annual membership ends in 3 days here: 
A pack of reviews which cover the features, plus points and things to consider for 10 of the most popular electric grills on Amazon. The reviews have a total word count of 7,091 words and are delivered in a Microsoft Word format.
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Tiffany Lambert

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Christmas Affiliate Commissions

I was reading more of Jennifer Ledbetter’s What Works Now course (a new one) about increasing your affiliate commissions, whether you use Amazon or other platforms. 

I loved tip #14. This is why she rocks. She sees a strategy that Amazon has, but they tweaked it so that it’s NOT what affiliates prefer. What does she do? She figures out how to tweak it right BACK to what we want. So it has the new stuff they provide AND the old stuff we wanted left in there. 

She’s selling the course here:   

Use the coupon TIFF10 to get $10 off for 4 more days! 

Oh and make SURE that when you create your reviews, you use tip #15. I love the way she uses a real life example to teach you this. I see TOO many people who slap up affiliate websites with boring broad keyword phrases that do NOT help you get traffic and sales! Listen to her advice here. 
My Best Amazon Affiliate Conversion Tweaks and Strategies from 2015 Testing for 2016 Use and Beyond. jennifer-ledbetter-author Hello and welcome! My name is Jennifer Ledbetter – known online as 'PotPieGirl'. I've been an Amazon affiliate since 2007 and I LOVE it.
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Tiffany Lambert

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New Amazon Course! (Works for other places too – not just Amazon)

Jennifer Ledbetter (aka: PotPieGirl) is someone I follow online for Amazon insight. She’s been doing tangible affiliate promotions for years, and I’ve taken her courses in the past, always getting some good nuggets out of them. 

She just released a new “What Works Now” course for 2015-2016 based on her actual implementation strategy of testing and tweaking for higher conversions as a tangible affiliate.

I got you a $10 OFF coupon code – TIFF10 – that will work until 11:59:59 PM on Wednesday the 25th here:

I went through the course. Some things I noticed:

The second tip she has is a big gripe I have when I land on affiliate sites. In fact, I noticed almost every blogger promoting my big fiction group’s launch today did this exact same thing – tons of lost revenue. 

The third tip was something I have never seen before and it’s a GREAT strategy! Read through the 4th tip, because I ALMOST skipped it until I noticed the image wasn’t what I thought it was - a strategy I didn’t know about. 

As I went down the list through each tip, Jennifer was doing something fresh or with a twist that I hadn’t done yet. I am LOVING this course – and it’s all text, which I love because I still don’t enjoy sitting through video a lot. 

If you’ve never taken one of her courses, you’ll enjoy it – conversational, casual and friendly – EASY to implement with screen shot to walk you through it all. Don’t forget your coupon code for $10 off – TIFF10 – here:
My Best Amazon Affiliate Conversion Tweaks and Strategies from my 2015 Testing for 2016 Use and Beyond. jennifer-ledbetter-author Hello and welcome! My name is Jennifer Ledbetter – known online as 'PotPieGirl'. I've been an Amazon affiliate since 2007 and I LOVE it.
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Tiffany Lambert

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Only 5 Left

Yesterday I announced a special deal where only 20 buyers could purchase a $25 voucher and pick out any $250 worth of PLR from my PLR Mini Mart. 

There are only five left now, and if you want one, you can rush over and grab it here:
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Tiffany Lambert

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I'm SO happy to see you guys excited about getting into PLR. You only have just over TWO more days to get in on Alice Seba's Content Cash Flow course here:

This is my #1 source of income. It's extremely profitable and easy to do. You can even launch a PLR business without your own store, without ANY following of your own (remember what I always say - being a newbie is a PERK to buyers because it means they have less competition with your content!).

I'm thinking about doing a challenge with you guys who buy through my link. A private one where we do a challenge from brainstorming to launch at the same time. Want to?

If enough people would enjoy that, I'm game! Let me know...use the content form at and let me know if you'd be interested. I don't mind hand holding through a launch. It'd be fun! We'd be doing it my way, but you could apply whatever lessons in Alice's course that you wanted to. So it's like double the help at your side.
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Tiffany Lambert

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Ever Considered a Micro Niche?

With niches, you have broad and narrow (micro) topics. Today we’re going to take a look at how to reverse your business plan from one of tackling a broad topic, to one of approaching the smaller ones FIRST.
Hi everyone! We haven't talked much about this, so I wanted to mention it because many of you get overwhelm thinking about trying to break into a niche like “beauty” or “health.” And you're right – it CAN be intimidating. But you might also consider growing your income backwards.
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Tiffany Lambert

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An After Holiday Perfect Niche PLR Bundle - We'll All Need It!

I'm about to Walmart soon and I dread it. It has to be done though. I still need some turkey, and every side imaginable. I hope I haven't waited too late because normally, I'm not a last minute kinda girl with Thanksgiving feast planning. 

Speaking of feasts, there's a niche that's perfect for post holiday promotions. As we're all sitting around with the top button of our pants undone so we can breathe after stuffing ourselves, our thoughts start to stray with regret. 

We see the gravy dripping off the gravy boat...the cranberry stains on the white tablecloth, and as we roll ourselves down the hallway to bed that night, we think, "I've got to get back in shape."

Of course thick gravy and a tray of desserts won't do, so that would?

Clean eating. 

It's a great after holiday, post pig out niche that will convert easily in the coming months  as people prepare and launch their New Years' Resolutions to shed fat. 

Ruth Pound has a NEW MEGA pack of PLR for that niche that's on sale for a week here:

You get:

- 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge eBook 
- Checklist & Workbook 
- Food Planning Short Report & Checklist 
- Mini Challenge Email Presell Series 
- 3 Clean Eating Blueprints 
- eCovers 
- Royalty Free Images 
- Infographic 
- Social Graphics 
- Tweets 
- Articles 
- Keyword Research 
- Bonus Access to her Upcoming "Use Your PLR" Email eCourse

So it's a full kit - everything you need to get going.

How about a domain? You KNOW I always come through for y'all with a few available domains. Here are some available right now:

- EatCleanShedFat (my fave)

There are tons of them out there!

So what do you do with it? 

Download her PLR. Grab one of those domains or a different one. Get hosting set up with a blog. Start posting the articles up. Set up your sales letter to sell the challenge OR use it as a free giveaway to build your list OR break it up as a bunch of blog posts and promote OTHER courses and tangible items. 

What tangible items?

Stuff like kitchen gadgets that are used with vegetables and fruits, and kitchen scales, too! Don't forget a weight scale. 

This is an easy niche to be in because it's just about eating healthy. There are tons of affiliate offers for healthy nutrition, too!


Buy the Clean Eating pack through MY link and I'll let you pick out $100 worth of nutrition, weight loss, or health PLR from my PLR Mini Mart! ANY of them (including full content funnels). 

Just shoot over your receipt proving you bought it through my link below using my contact form at the top of my blog at and tell me which $100 worth of PLR you want! 

That should help you get a NICE foothold in the niche, and give you more stuff to sell or use as traffic fodder.

This sale is a dimesale, so grab it early:

Okay I'm off to be a hypocrite and gather up a Thanksgiving Feast that will make me regret eating it later this week. 

Tiff ;)
Clean Eating Challenge PLR mega pack discount
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Tiffany Lambert

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Details for Private PLR Launch Group (and Attn: Cam Miller)

I LOVE how many of you are doing this! So for those who missed it, here are some details:

What is it? It’s a private group that will be conducting our own individual PLR launches and I will guide you from the initial brainstorming period through the launch day. 

What do I need to participate? You have to own Alice’s Content Cash Flow course (since we may discuss some of her tips). You can get access to her course and send me your receipt for access to my private group here:

What happens if I accidentally already bought the course through someone else? Then you can send me your receipt to prove you own it, PLUS you have to buy access into the private group, which is $25 sent to me at writeconsultant @ (remove spaces). 

What’s the timing of this group? I’m going to begin November 30th and I put the members on a private list (no promos, just links to that day’s lesson). However, the content will always stay up – so if you’re busy, no worries – you can log in whenever you want and go through the lesson. 

Do I need my own PLR store? Nope! You WILL need a place to house your sales copy. You can do that on a domain (you don’t need a whole PLR store) or on Warrior Forum or whatever, but you have to have a place to put your copy. 

What can I do between now and Nov 30th to prepare? If you have extra time, just go on JVZoo and under Affiliates, go to Find Products and type in PLR in the search box. Just scroll through the pages and see what TOPICS people like. Weight loss, nutrition, marketing, Amazon reviews, coffee, etc. 

You might start thinking about what you could launch for 2016 that would be hot. Everyone likes new guides for the year, whether it’s about weight loss or career or relationships – it’s a good topic to launch right before or right after the Dec-Jan months. 

I’ll be there in the group to answer questions, help you brainstorm, etc. And hopefully, you’ll all chime in with support of your own. Those are the BEST challenges, when we all speak up together. 

Cam Miller: Your registration email keeps bouncing back to me. Please contact me.
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Tiffany Lambert

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Definite Private PLR Challenge

I had a huge number of requests for the private PLR challenge, so we’re ON! This is for people who buy Alice’s Content Cash Flow product (since we may discuss here and there) through my link here: 

Someone ran into an issue where they accidentally bought it through someone else’s link before hearing from me. For those people, since it is a paid challenge (the affiliate commission paid for the others’ way in), you can pay a $25 entry fee into the challenge. 

This is less than half of what the commission would be, but you STILL MUST own the course and provide a receipt proving that. 

Because next week is Thanksgiving week and I’m already booked with projects and plans, we will begin the challenge the following Monday on November 30th. 

I will need you to get into the group by using my contact form below to send me your transaction ID or receipt for Alice’s course, and/or your additional entry fee if needed (paypal is AND an email address you want to use to be notified of the new private posts for the challenge. I’ll put you on a separate list JUST for that challenge (not for promos). 

Contact form: 

We will cover things like:

- Brainstorming a niche pack
- Mapping out your funnel
- Creating content (different types – I’ll do a variety pack to help show you)
- Setting it all up on JVZoo
- Contacting PLR sellers as JV possibilities

Things you can do between now and then:

- Get a JVZoo account
- Get a PayPal account if you don’t already have one
- Do a little basic research on PLR so you’re educated
- Have questions ready 
- Figure out where you’ll launch your PLR (I have a domain – you can do Warrior Forum or whatever but I won’t be covering domain setup.)
- Decide how you’ll do graphics. (I use Frontpage and HTML files from a graphics guy whose name and contact info I’ll share)

This gets you semi ready for what we’ll be doing. By the end of it, you should have a product ready to launch and hopefully, people in the group will want to promote you! 

Okay grab Alice’s course, spend the next week or so learning about the PLR biz, and send me your info so you’ll be in on the private group when it begins.
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Tiffany Lambert

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Special Voucher Reserved for Only 20 Buyers: $250 PLR for $25 - 90% Off.
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Tiffany Lambert

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Black Friday Content Usage

So yesterday I launched my Black Friday, Cyber Monday PLR sale here:

But I wanted to talk to you about HOW to use it. It's created in a way where most of the content can be used to promote whatever you want. Some have more of a slant on a specific product than others.

So let's take the Black Friday Online Internet Deals article, for example. Here's a paragraph in that article:

>>Check out online sites of Walmart, Target and Amazon to quickly see what’s offered from day to day and sometimes from hour to hour. For example, click on Walmart’s site and you’ll see discounts on the PlayStation 4 Call of Duty Black Ops III Limited Edition 1 TB Console (PS4) and PlayStation 4 Star Wars Battlefront Stand.<<

Now if you had a fitness site, how could you use that? Simple! You keep it intact until you get to the Playstation word and just sub in whatever item you want. Look up the Walmart Black Friday 2015 ad and plug this in so that it reads like this:

>>Check out online sites of Walmart, Target and Amazon to quickly see what’s offered from day to day and sometimes from hour to hour. For example, click on Walmart’s site and you’ll see discounts on the Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker where you save $20 and the Fitbit Charge HR with $30 knocked off.<<

It's so fast and easy to tweak this content, and you do NOT even need to go get a "black friday" domain - just tweak the content to fit your niche blog!
Well they will on November 27th and 30th - the two biggest shopping days on the Internet, filled with men and women surfing the 'net, trying to figure out who has the best deals. ...and that's where you come in. The Simple 4-Step Selling Process That Makes It Easier for You to Earn Commissions!
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