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Tiffany Lambert

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Triple “Gain More Customers” PLR Bundle Sale

Alice Seba has just released a triple bundle that’s all about getting (and keeping) more customers and it’s on sale for a few days here:

You get:

-       5,837-word report called Crafting Product Offers That Your Customers Can’t Wait to Buy
-       4,296-word report called Creating High Converting Offers and Product Funnels
-       4,178-word report called Customer Service and Retention
Limited Licenses Now Available: Get More Customers Mega Pack: Including “Crafting Product Offers That Your Customers Can't Wait to Buy, Creating High Converting Offers & Product Funnels, Customer Service & Retention“ for Just $17. Licenses Available: 175 116. Offer available until October 22nd ...
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Tiffany Lambert

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Niche Specific Traffic

Many of you fell in love with Cavyl Stewart’s unique Niche Traffic Recipes and she’s just added even more (you get to pick and choose WHICH niches you want – you don’t have to buy the whole bundle). 

So she has these niche traffic recipes (recipes meaning the formula for traffic, not actual food recipes – just to clarify) in these niches:

- Gardening
- Woodworking
- Weight Loss
- Fitness
- Nutrition
- Survivalist/Prepper
- Weddings
- Yoga
- Photography
- Golf

And in each bundle you get:

- Report
- Keywords
- Article or Blog Post Ideas
- Content Upgrades or Lead Magnet Ideas
- Social Media Graphics

I love how it’s kind of similar to my niche outlines where no two buyers will end up with the same final product.   
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Tiffany Lambert

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Teach Me How to Series

Today’s question asked me if I would teach someone how to get money coming in fast and steady. So here’s my answer to that:
Hi everyone! We're back with another in my series of “I wish someone would teach me _____” where you guys fill in the blank and I do my best to help grant your wish. Someone out there asked me to teach them how to get money coming in quickly and steadily. So let's look at that process.
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Tiffany Lambert

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The Not So Baffling Explanation of Bad Products Selling Tons

A couple of days ago I was discussing serial refunders or blatant thieves with some people on Facebook and someone mentioned to me that he’d actually had his PayPal shut down as a BUYER of products because he refunded so much. 

He said it was because so many products were crap. 

That got me thinking. I’m HUGE on personal responsibility. I don’t refund. I rarely ever have felt the need to. I always gain some nuggets out of what I purchase, even if the product didn’t knock my socks off. 

But I wondered what made this guy buy all of that in the first place? And what makes so many reallllly bad products top leaderboards and win product of the day in various places when the quality of the actual product is not at ALL impressive?

Sales copy.

That’s what it ALL boils down to. Copy – NOT just sales copy, but JV page copy (this is HUGELY important), and even download page copy is all what determines success for a product. 

So should you slap together a crappy product and learn how to write copy REALLY well?

Of course not. You guys know I would never advocate that! But you SHOULD learn copy to PAIR with your quality product. And copy shouldn’t be discounted because you have a little product, either. 

You can sell a LOT of a cheap little product, so don’t put off learning copy until you think it matters with a big ticket item. 

If you haven’t yet signed up for this FREE mini copy course, do it now – it’s NOT open forever:

This is the same guy who got my conversions and EPCs doubled for a little toy PLR launch. Several on my list have emailed me saying the first 2 videos really impacted their thoughts on copy and they already learned a lot. 
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Tiffany Lambert

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WordPress Product Comparison Plugin (Toy PLR Buyers Pay Attention to My Tutorial):

There was a time when plugins scared me to death. Sounded far too technical for me. But Kurt Chrislar changed that for me. His plugins are always simple and easy to use. And at launch time, he always offers them up so cheap. 

Look at the one he just released – check out the demo video – I love this! Tables have a tendency to look ALL messed up. And the way we can put HTML in there with images and all – should make for some nice commissions. 

Because a lot of you just bought my new toy PLR bundle, I made my OWN demo video showing you how to put this into effect using the Barbie article you just got as an example… 
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Tiffany Lambert

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When I left for the concert last night, my inbox was empty (on purpose - I was caught up). A few hours later I had hundreds of emails - PayPal notifications.

I went and checked and that freaking toy funnel I set up using Ray Edward's copywriting tips has sold almost 800 copies in the funnel.

My next closest ever was a couple hundred. The sale ends tonight before I go to bed, and afterwards I'll be doing a review with y'all to show you what I did differently to some degree, but aside from the specific funnel, this is the guy who I learned my copy from for this launch:

That is a FREE mini copy course. FREE. As in no money required. And in it, you get:

- 4 quick videos under 30 minutes each (i love his video tutorials)
- 3 PDF guides for implementing his tips
- 3 Email templates he gives you to use
- 100 of his tested TOP email subject lines

I achieved all those sales - with a narrow niche PLR topic - and had a funnel that's converting at 27.92% and EPCs at $4.56 - making ME personally over $6,000 (not including what affiliates earned - and that's with a $7 front end giving 75% commission).

I even had a fellow PLR provider tell me she knew something was different about the copy because it made HER want to buy it (and she's a competitor). LOL!

This is ALSO the first funnel I've ever had where 5 people (regular customers) emailed me THANKING me for the OTO pages - and we all know OTOs usually get complaints, not compliments.

Okay so sign up for the free mini course here and see what you can learn:
Watch The Free Training And Get Your Free Email & Headline Templates Now! Watch the Free Copywriting Training now, and get 2 Free Gifts: 1) 3 Email Templates that will help propel your email marketing into overdrive... 2) 100 Headline Templates that "grab your readers by the eyeballs" every time ...
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Tiffany Lambert

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3rd Mini Copy Lesson Released and Ending This Week!

That Ray Edwards FREE Mini copywriting course I’ve been begging you guys to look at (since his lessons more than doubled my conversions and EPCs) is going to be closing this week.

If you haven’t signed up, you won’t be able to get these after he closes it and that will be a big loss – especially because so many people complain that nobody ever gives anything for free. Well he IS, so go watch while you can!

Here are the video links:

Video #1:
Video #2: 
NEW - Video #3: 

He gives you free templates you can use in your marketing, and I used one of his templates for my toy PLR launch that converted at over 27% with $4.50+ EPCs. So they DO work – and his template was health based and I just used the ideas for TOYS! So it’s REALLY easy. 
Watch The Free Training And Get Your Free Email & Headline Templates Now! Watch the Free Copywriting Training now, and get 2 Free Gifts: 1) 3 Email Templates that will help propel your email marketing into overdrive... 2) 100 Headline Templates that "grab your readers by the eyeballs" every time ...
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Tiffany Lambert

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Copy Skills

Now that my work the day is done, I’m continuing on with my favorite Copywriting Teacher – Ray Edwards. 

He has already put out two free video tutorials for his complimentary mini copy course: 

This Friday I have a new launch for a PLR pack that my son acted as an advisor to me on – it’s all preorder hot video games with a backend of console and accessory reviews – and I told him I would let him have HALF the revenue (he wants it for college). 

I put a ton of pressure on myself now because I want it to perform so well. So I’m studying what Ray says intensely. Last week’s launch doubled conversions and I want this one to work just as well, if not better, so I’m moving forward in his lessons and I love the templates!

I also plan to carve out some time before the year ends to update all of my sales copy for every product I have out there and implement his tips. There’s a reason why, as an affiliate, my conversions were 30-50% but as a seller, just 12%. 

It’s because the other guys knew copy and I didn’t. 

Actually, I underestimated it. I think that’s a better label. 
Watch The Free Training And Get Your Free Email & Headline Templates Now! Watch the Free Copywriting Training now, and get 2 Free Gifts: 1) 3 Email Templates that will help propel your email marketing into overdrive... 2) 100 Headline Templates that "grab your readers by the eyeballs" every time ...
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Tiffany Lambert

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New Narrow Senior Health PLR

So funny thing – or not so funny – but when I was 7-9 months pregnant with each of my children, one thing that drastically altered was my balance. I remember bawling because I’d fall and it was a real crippling feeling to not have my balance together. Stability was not my forte during those months. 

So imagine, when you start aging, that your stability declines. I know with my own dad, he has a certain amount of numbness in his feet, so he has to be very careful when walking or he’ll tumble. 

Rick Warid just released a new big PLR bundle on Stability for Seniors – and I love that it’s very narrow in a broad niche. 

You get:

- A 45-page eBook
- HTML minisite with sales letter
- 15 Promo banners
- PSD source graphics
- Keyword report to help you target the demographic
- Set of social media images
- Tweets
- FB Updates

He has it on sale for 5 days but it’s a dimesale, so the sooner you grab it, the less you pay. 
No Stress, No Product Creation Headaches...Just Profits! Hey fellow PLR Lovers! Rick here again with another brand new, high quality health bundle which you can put your name on and sell for 100% profits week in and week out and I'm excited about this one! If you don't know I love.
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Tiffany Lambert

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Success Tools PLR Bundle

Many of you don’t know this, but part of why I am capable of motivating myself for productivity is because I’m always taking courses or reading books that either teach me a skill (like speed reading or copywriting) or change my mindset (like how I manage my time).

Justin Popovich put out a great motivational memory tip bundle that ONLY lasts for 4 days (starting today) with a $60 discount here: 

It includes:

- Mastering Memory eBook: 6100 words
- 10 Memory Tips Articles
- Memory Intro Report: 1500 words 
- Squeeze Page 
- Mastering Memory Checklist 
- Trainer’s Slide Deck
- Memory Infographic
- 20 Quote Posters For Social Media
- Sales and Download Pages
- 10 Part Autoresponder Sequence

I’ve taken a lot of study tip courses and memory courses over the years, and they help a lot! 
Do You Sell Expert Advice Or Coaching Online? If so, I'd like to share a great tool you can use to to help with your marketing, lead generation AND revenue generation. As you scroll down this page, you will see the details of a completely done-for-you personal development information product ...
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Tiffany Lambert

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MY Analysis and Tutorial of Sale

The sale ended with 812 items sold, and in just ONE WEEK, I earned $7,378 (not including what affiliates earned), the conversion rate ended up at 26.52 and the EPCs at $4.37.

With just toy product reviews! Now I know a lot of you out there are thinking you wish you could make $7,378 in a week. That would provide a LOT of relief, right? So let’s dig into a plan for you RIGHT here – and even if you DON’T plan on selling anything as PLR, I guarantee you’ll get some good tips out of it…
Hi everyone! You are going to LOVE this blog post. Why? Because I'm going to share everything I did just now to earn myself (not including affiliate earnings) $7378 during the past week in sales of my own product. What I'd ideally love for you to do is follow this blueprint and implement it.
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Good job
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Tiffany Lambert

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New great weight loss PLR provider just came onto the scene. His name is Sean and he's selling some lengthy, meaty articles for $10 here:

You get:

- 6 Simple and Easy Weight Loss Tips – (619 Words)
- 7 Secrets to a Healthy Diet to Get in Better Shape – (658 Words)
- Compare 3 of the Most Popular Diet Plans and Choose the Right One – (611 Words)
- Discover the Most Effective Weight Loss Exercise – (689 Words)
- Fast Weight Loss How to Drop 5 Pounds in a Week – (610 Words)
- Find Out if Weight Loss Pills Really Work – (624 Words)
- Foods to Avoid for Healthy Weight Loss – (616 Words)
- How to Pick the Right Weight Loss Diet for You – (625 Words)
- The 5 Top Tips for Sticking to Your Diet – (623 Words)
- What You Should Know About Weight Loss Surgery – (622 Words)

He has a sample article on the sales page if you want to check him out.
Visit the post for more.
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