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Tienie de Coning
life is a journey, where are you going?
life is a journey, where are you going?

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Take a look at My Game Collection. The most popular game, hardware, amiibo & skylanders collection tracker on Android:

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I would love this ebook for my birthday...

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This is Peaches :) 

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Introducing: Music Mondays
YouTube can be a giant waste of time, but there are also some awesome music videos to be seen. Music is one of the most powerful forces you can encounter. It has the power to help lighten your mood and can give you a new perspective on a situation. In Acts ...

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Money - Part 6
I love quotes, one liners, call them what you like. The quotes here have been collected by pastor Croft
M. Pentz, from a book he compiled called: “The complete book of Zingers”. Printed by
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton Illinois. He spend years

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Money - Part 5
Proverbs on money The
book of Proverbs has three main authors and has quite a lot to say
concerning finances and managing them. This is one of my favourite
books of the Bible. This is the second last part of the series, we are close to the end now.  Comment...

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Money - Part 4
and finances He
m inistered all over the
known world and he never mentioned that he did not have enough money,
not did he take offerings where he went. Romans
13:7-8 “ 7
Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes to whom taxes are owed,
revenue to whom rev...

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Money - Part 3
on money Jesus
was always outspoken when it came to money. Nobody could challenge
Him or surprise Him.  Jesus
said where your treasure is there your heart will be also. God wants
to be your treasure! Matthew
6:19-21 "19
"Do not lay up for yourselves t...

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Money - Part 2
in the Bible In
Israel there was no welfare grant or help from the government for
widows. You were financially destitute and reliant on the goodness of
others. Here are some verses to show us how widows were cared for: Deuteronomy
24:19 "When you gat...
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