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Judging books by their (foreign vs USA) covers:
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I love the comparison, Tiana. I have to say that I hate the Hunger Games cover for the U.S. It looks corporate, if anything. I like the green and red leaves both, where the second from the right looks like some sort of horror book (or shooter game...)

The pink Paranormalcy book looks like it's going to be a book about fun relationships and young springtime romance. I'm going to go ahead and assume that's not what the book is about.

Good stuff.

BTW, your blog comment system hates me.
Thanks Carson. I think the red leaves is my favorite for the Hunger Games. And the middle black one does look like a shooter game. I was trying to think of a word to describe it, and I think you've nailed it. And yeah, Paranormalcy has a romantic element (as do most YA books), but I wouldn't say it's all fun and springy. It has it's darker side. It seems my commenting system has been a little wonky lately. Thanks for trying though :)
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